How Have We Never Seen This Before?
How Have We Never Seen This Before?

Season 1, Episode 6 · 1 year ago

Booksmart: "Prepare to Get Consensually Bashed!"


In Episode 6, Isabel and Lauren discuss the 2019 highschool comedy, Booksmart, directed by Olivia Wilde. 

Join us as we talk about how every movie is sponsored by Volvo, Lauren's own personal positive affirmations, and our best friend duos.

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Hey everyone, welcome back to howhave we never seen this before? This week we watched book smart. Staytuned to hear US talk about how every movie is sponsored by Volvo, Lauren'sown personal affirmations and how we relate to every best friend do. This isa podcast where two best friends talk about movies they've never seen before. I'mIsabelle and I'm Lauren, and this is how have we never seen this before? Shout out to our friends Aidan O'Brien and Kate harcom for being the firsttwo people to correctly guess this week's movie. AIDEN has one before, so wedecided that we wanted to have two winners this week, and if youwant to be the winner on one of our episodes, make sure to followus on Instagram at how we never podcasts. All right, let's get into theall right, let's get into this episode. So I don't even knowwhere to start with this. Okay, I could start this time if you'dlike. Okay, cool. So, book smart basically opens up with themain character waking up and doing some affirmations. And, in case you didn't know, I don't think I told you this, but recently I've been doingaffirmations. I have this APP and you basically say I'm worthy, I'm worthy, I'm whatever, and stuff like that, and it plays us like inspirational musicand like I kind of want you to listen to it because it's prettyfunny. Yeah, I don't think I could take that seriously. Wait,do you want me to play it? Yeah, okay, this APP iscalled think up, and this is my affirmation. I deserved to be happythat you I love myself and accept myself exactly as I choose to honor mybaby, my string. That basically just repeat for forever, because you onlyhave three free affirmations that you could record. Why? I'm trying to manifest myemployment. At least I have another year for that, right. Butyeah, so molly is doing affirmations. Hers are a little more empowering thanwhat you just heard. But as she like, then she like walks outand she meets her friend, a me. But as she walks out, Ihave the same backpack. Is Her like it's right next to me.You know what I think is funny? When I was watching this film,I kind of like compared us to them. That's what I was doing. Yeah, definitely think that you're a me and I'm molly. I don't knowif you agree with me or not. Yeah, yeah, but then thenthey had that fight and I was like, but we both can't make decisions,so that part's not us. Yeah, I mean it wasn't completely, likea hundred percent, but in the best friend duo, I think Idon't like molly, but I guess I'm Mollie either. But like I feltlike when I did kind of like her, I felt like she was more you. Oh, it's so dight. I like I was telling my mom, like how we're talking about how we can always find ourselves in duo's.I think it's cute. So I wait, we should tell the audience the bestfriend duo's we have so far. Okay, so first one, thisis important because it comes up. I'm Sean and your gusts from Psych,Yep, and then I'm nick, your Schmidt from new girl, YEP,and then from Teen Wolf. I feel like that's like a very niche show, not like tons of people watch it, but like your sky at and I'mstyles. Yep. More is that it? Oh, share and dionover verb right, you're you're Dan and I'm share. Yeah, I don'tknow how we determined that, but you're sharing. I'm dion. I don'tyeah, I don't remember. Maybe it was like at a time where Icouldn't drive. Oh yeah, version, who can try? HMM, okay, yes, but Oh, you also find out that molly is the Valedictorianand that she and amy are kind of weird. Yeah, they're pretty weird. She's also the the soon buddy president.

Oh yeah, also, I wasthinking, like Amy Drives Molly to school and I was like we shoulddone that. But the thing is is that your house was five minutes awayfrom school, in the opposite direction. I know, like it would beso counterproductive for me to drive to you or you to drive exactly. Butthen it's also the last day of school and everyone starting in the hallway.I don't like a public school thing, like my privilege was about it.Like I've never been to public school and I would love to know. Butwell, neither view relate. I've never been to public school. I actually, Um, I don't know. I don't think that's a thing. Some, I mean, I was wouldn't ta get in trouble for vandalizing the school? I don't know, I don't know, but Oh, we find out thatthey walk into the principal's office and of course the principle is Jason Sedays. I love him. He's like, I hope I never see any ofyou ever again. Yep, but also she's like I want to run thebudget numbers with the next student body present. Like are they budget? Like that'snever a thing we had. We don't see the budget or I Ifeel like these elections, like for us at least, were always a popularitycontest and ragged and they never actually did anything, like they just led morningmeeting. Yeah, but maybe that's a private school thing. You. Ihate saying that. Yeah, I feel like I really hate myself. Butanyway, after they talked to the principle, they go to their first class andtheir teachers missed. Fine, and they're like best buds with a teacher, which, like, did people like really have teachers that they like thatmuch? Yes, for you, you are like related to some of yourteachers from high school. Their family, I'm your mom was a teacher.I know, but it's not like I didn't want to be like Hey,can I have your phone number? I don't know. Aren't you friends?I've I'm friends with a bunch of my teachers from high school and Facebook,but that's different. It's not like having their phone number to text whenever youor you need a ride to a party. Like, yeah, I think they'rereally forward for high school ors. Yeah, but at this classroom thiskid walks in, jared. He's super rich. He wears like Gucci shirtsand stuff with the things around the collar. But anyway, that kid, jared, plays Young Sean in psych in the later season. He does.How did you know that? Because I just watched it. Oh, Ijust watched season sixty three eight and the music. That's so funny and Ilove him. He's so funny and he's my favorite character in this whole movie. Really. Yeah, I love him. He's so good. You're not agree? No, I like him. I'm really happy with the ending.Yeah, but yeah, I guess he if I had to pick one favoritecharacter, I I'd say him or Jason's. The day is all right. Also, at this point I double checked and I got all their names right. So like, and I went back and I wrote in their names inmy note so I wouldn't have to forget. So please be proud of me.I'm so proud of you. Oh wait, wait, there's also somethingthat I was going to mention back at the beginning. Yeah, so atthe beginning amy picks up molly in her vol though you and they drive toschool Volvo. Ever since we talked about twilight last week, I've been seeingVolvos everywhere. I just remember one of our teachers in high school. Hehad a Volvo and that's the only person I think of when it comes Idon't know why, but you don't think of Robert Pat Pattent Patterson. Howdo you say? Is last name? It's Pattinson. There's no Pattinson.Oh, I don't know. It's definitely not Patterson. Okay, let's justcall him Robert P Rob Rob. But also, at this point, George, who's one of the the kids in class. I don't know the UP. Okay, I don't know that. His friend's name? Which one?The black friend? I don't know who. Who? Well, which, likeGeorge, is the kid with the glasses who's like a few angel andAlan, I was rinsings allent. Okay, yeah, so I'll say like,like they go up apparently high schools like in home, and they havea stage apparently in every classroom. Reminds... of high school musical. That'sexactly what I'm thinking. They're my favorite. But he like goes up on thestage and he's like talking about something and says, I know this frommy time in Bartholona, and I hate when people say that, like weget it, you studied abroad in Spain, my time in Barthlona. He alsolooks super familiar, but I like the only like face I could picturehim as is the kid from vine who's like, what up, my name'sjared of nineteen, and I never wait, what's his name? His name init is Georgeorge. Yeah, let me look it up. He's onlyin three things. That's assassination nation, book smart and the Real O'Neil's.That's where I've seen him. What which one the real annals at the TVshow about like an Irish Catholic family or something. M Yeah, okay,thank you for you all right. Oh, this girl named hope is rude tomolly because molly is judging everyone for I never got her name and Iwrote bathroom girl waiter. Yeah, her name is hope and she's kind ofmean to molly, but also molly is mean to everyone, so I hatethat. She like the only thing she wants is to be better than everyoneelse. Yeah, she dishes it out too, but she can't take it, I know. But anyway, after class they go out to lunch andthey get stood outside and man, I was jealous. That's the one thingI wanted, like only a senior could you eat outside at our school.Oh yeah, so then molly and a you're talking and molly's like you shouldgo and talk to Ryan, like you have to go talk to Ryan,and I was confused at first because when amy walks over to go talk toRyan, the person who actually is Ryan, it seemed like she was just walkingpast her. I know. I was like we but who is Ryan? But then it turns out Ryan is this skater girl that amy has acrush on, and then everything makes sense. I thought it was kind of Nicethat they subtly throw in like lessons to learn. So, basically,molly says something ignorant. Okay, so amy is confused because she doesn't knowif Ryan is gay or not, and Molly says, Oh, come on, she wore a polo to prom, and then amy basically says that's hergender. Performance has nothing to do with her sexual orientation. I kind oflike how this movie just Throz in educational things for people while also remaining prettyfunny. Yeah, I felt like this movie was super progressive and I likethat, but at the same time it also seemed very, I don't like, unrealistic, and I I was like, I don't I don't know where Ifall on that line. I like that it's progressive, but it's hardto kind of identify with because this right now, this would never happen inhigh school, maybe in La but over here on the East Coast, inrural Pennsylvania, yeah, that's a pipe dream. Yeah, this move.Have you ever seen super bad? No, but when I looked up this movieit said it was like very, very minutes. No, Super Bad. It reminds me of a girl woke version of Super Bad. But Ihonestly liked super bad a lot more than I like this movie. That's justbecause do you know who mclovin is? Yeah, the license plate, right, I'm yeah, license, late, driver's license. Yeah, but yeah, so this movie reminds me so much of super bad. Maybe I'll watchthat and they'll agree should watch it. It's really funny. So after amygoes over to talk to Ryan. She actually like runs into Ryan as Ryan'strying to skate around her or past her something, and she immediately runs backto molly's like that was a complete disaster, like we're so like, I'm soweird. We're so weird, like why are we? Like? Idon't know. It was just like why am I like this? And she'slike I gotta run to the bathroom and it's like a graffiti bathroom. Ialways wanted one of those. That seems so cool. People just ride allover the walls, but they're also like gender neutral bathrooms. Yeah, Idon't know, any cool. I didn't know if that was on purpose orif they just like went into the bathrooms, but the fact that there wasn't anybacklash, I guess, kind of that you could tell like it wasjust normal for them, was pretty cool. Yeah, but I thought was funnyabout this scene was that the one of the drawings on the bathroom saysyou're ugly, but they use the wrong your and Um, molly goes ina fix. Is it? That's your percent something I would do, Iknow it. But while she's in the bathroom, there these two guys andanother girl in there and they're actually talking about molly and how they would orwouldn't sleep with her because she's too much... a forty year old woman.But also like that's kind of cool, but also it's not. Then theywere just like making fun of Molly, and then she this she could kindof take it here, though. She like walked out of the bathroom,about out of the stall and like wash your hands, like no, don'tstop on my account, like keep talking, like keep saying what you're going tosay about me, because if you can say it without me knowing Iwas here, like you should be able to say it right now. Idon't know. I was at that point I was like I'm kind of glad, like he knows who she is and she like sticks to that. HMM. But then also later I was like, but you're like only thing is,like you want to be better than everyone else. Yeah, the onlyreason why she knows who she is at this moment in time is because shedoesn't know that all the other people got into amazing colleges, which is totallyunrealistic for yeah, we forgot to mention this, but molly is going toYale and amy is going to Columbia. Yeah, and while she's in thebathroom she finds out that this up, this mean girl, she's also goingto Yale and this other guy's going to Georgetown and someone's going someone else isgoing to Columbia and someone's going to Stanford, and it's it's like, oh well, maybe I'm not as good as I thought I was. And alsothis, this mean girl that she's talking to, who's also going to Yale, is the same girl that previously she sludge shamed by calling her a nickname, which was, I think the nickname is. It's either roadside assistance ortriple A. I think they they b both. Yeah, yeah, andthat comes up later. Yeah, yeah, and then she kind of freaks outand she's running through the halls asking everybody where they they're going to school. Oh, and the vice president, who she deemed as being totally incompetentand just a dumb jock, is actually going to Georgetown, for example.And then Gig this crazy rich girl who is close friends with jared, isgoing to Harvard. She's like it's my fifth Jos, I wouldn't want togo to Harvard, but like I wish Harvard could be my fifth choice,I know. But then she's like completely crushed because she realizes she's not betterthan everyone else, which, I don't know, maybe that's like a goodrealization. HMM. She prides herself on making the decision to not go outand party and have fun or do anything besides go to the library with amy, and she thinks that's the reason why she's going to a good school.Meanwhile, people who do have fun or slack off sometimes are going to justas good schools, if not better. Yeah, it's like well, likeif everyone else could do both, like why couldn't I do both? Ishould do both so I can be just as good or better than everyone else. HMM. So then she decides that her and amy are going to breakall of the rules in one evening, the evening before graduation. So whenthey ride after they decide that they're gonna go out and they're going to goto parties and they're going to be cool. I guess they're getting ready in amy'sroom and they like put on these matching braves and stuff, and thenthey have a fanny pack that they fill with hand sanitizer and their fake collegeids so they could go to the college library. But then for summer.I don't know what made them bring this up, but then they start talkingabout masturbating or something. Oh, yeah, I don't know like where that camefrom them. Oh, because molly wants amy to lose her virginity thisevening. Oh, I must like miss that one part. But yeah,and they're talking about and she's like she, I guess like practices or something.We why did this remind me of the Black Swan, the scene withthe stuffed animals watching? Only I didn't even think about that, but yeah, it's like exactly the same. That is all I could think about atthis time. Oh, but yeah, like she practices with this panda stuffedanimal. I don't know. And then they're talking about how amy's parents actuallythink that her and molly are dating, because I spent much time together,and amy's like yeah, whenever I tell them that I'm going to meet youat the library, they think I'm like going over to your house or likewe're going out, and we're actually just going to the library. Yeah,so then they go downstairs and we find out that amy's mom is played byLisa Koo Joe. I'm like yes, and the they're like they have allthese snacks out that they've prepared for their graduation, and I feel like that'ssomething your mom would do. Oh yeah, like a hundred percent. Like atyour graduation party she had all those things. You were at my graduationparty. What do we have? I don't remember, but there are lotsof snacks. That was four years ago.

My God, they grow up sobad. Now I just graduated college and I'm unemployed. I love it. Gotta love US state of the world. Gotta love having all this time tomake podcasts. Yes, we do love it. If you'd like tosponsor us, please list an income. Moving on, then they amy asksher parents if she can just spend the night at Molly's and they have thesemassive winner coats on, like why do you have those winner coats in LaFirst of all, but like that's not convincing or anything, and she says, well, it's gradual Suation, like you got to be here. ButMolly says like her parents will drive them to the ceremony in the morning andthey go sit outside, acting like we're going to go to the party,but they don't have the address. And that's like kind of the huge partof the movie is that they don't have the address of of this guy's aunt'shouse. Okay, I don't think that part makes any sense at all,because they decided in the middle of the day that they were going to bedoing this and so their excuse was that everyone was already drunk and having fun. But how was that possible when they probably texted them in the middle ofthe day? I know, I like. I don't understand why they couldn't haveasked them on a school so then they're on there on the side ofthe road and they're just watching videos of the of the party on like sapchat, and the first person they call that they think would have the addressto this party is jared, but also his car. When he comes topick them up, his car looks like the mystery machine. Oh yeah,kind of doing do oh my God. So when they get into the car, he calls it the SS lit as fuck, and then he goes tostart the car and it starts playing a feminist audio book, and I lovethat. I love jared. He's just like all around the great person.I think he is a good guy. And then gg calls, who's thesuper rich girl who's going to Harvard, and she's like, I left mytin of special things in your car. Amy and molly like see it andthey're freaking out. They're like, Oh my God, it's drugs, likeit very much looks like drugs, but turns like no, it's actually hervitamins. She likes to crush them up and snort them. I do notbelieve that. And then they decide to start speaking in Chinese because jared tookSpanish and he wouldn't understand them. Did you understand anything that they were saying? I mean, I don't remember what they're saying. I think I likeunderstood like some words. In case you didn't know, Isabel took Chinese forlike two years. Now only took it for a year and then I quithesstery. But then, instead of actually taking them to the party that theywanted to go to, jared takes them to his yacht and at this oneI was like, I don't know what I thought this movie was going tobe, but this is not it. M Like, I don't know,this is not what it's it at all. It's kind of like super bad becausethe whole movie they're trying to get to this party and they end upat all these random places. It's like almost a direct rip off of offof Super Bad. Maybe this would make sense if I had seen it.Maybe I'd like this more. I don't know. Yeah, but jared basicallysays prepared to get bashed at Jared's party, but get consentually dead. But hesaid consentually bashed, so it's okay. Yeah, yeah, so no one'sat this party except Gig. She comes up to amy and smells herand she's like you smell like my wife, and then all of us. She'slike you're my best friend in the world and she takes her up tothe roof of this yacht. and Oh but before that, I forgot,she put strawberries in their mouths. It's just like eat these strawberries. Theylike try not to, but that's it. And you're like, okay, thatwas weird, but you figure out later that they're they were dipped indrugs. Yeah, and GIG offers amy some of her weed to smoke,but then the security guard comes up and tells her she can't and she freaksout, smashes a bottle and threatens him. And while this is going on,molly is downstairs with jared and she tries to tell him that you can'tdo that, you can't buy people's affection, you can't like try and like throwall these wild parties you get people to like you, and that he'sjust trying too hard. And then Duran's like, but you try hard everything, and that's what I really like about you, which is cute. Andthen molly like freaks out and runs away and he's like, I gotta findam like we gotta leave, and they she eventually makes it up to theroof and at this point she's like about to jump off the top of theboat, like she tries to drag a me and molly with her and thenjumps off the boat and then they run...

...away. Yeah, but molly doesnot want the night to be over. She still wants to go to Nick'sparty. Yeah, and she calls a Malala. I don't know why theychoose that, like it means full support, no questions asked, but I didn'tunderstand why they used that name. I think in this movie they theyconstantly referenced feminist icons and because they look up to them so much. Sowhy not have a code word for arguably the best feminist ion is all?So then amy's like fine, because you said that, like you get onea year. Are you sure you want to do this? She's I guess. So they call a lift to go to this party, which they stilldon't have the address of, and the lift driver is is the principle.Yes, like, what is his car? There's I think are the lights thehanging lengths like Chili peppers? Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool.I always love decked out ubers. I also think it's funny. Itwas a nice touch that they said that they were taking a lift. Yeah, because UVER sucks. That's all I'll say. Yeah, I prefer liftover over and day. Yeah, and lift was kind of created for womento feel safe. Hm, I appreciate. While they're in the car, mollywants to prepare amy for what could potentially happen tonight. So they puttheir headphones in and they start to watch porn and the cart which is likesuper really, first off, you're in the car with your principle, likeI don't care that you have headphones and that's so weird. That is sobizarre. And while they're doing that, they're like, oh, Molly's phoneis about the time, and she's like Oh, do you have any phones? Are just like yeah, I got like twenty, and they plug itin and it's fine effort, like you know what's gonna Happen, but itas soon as she supposed doing. Nothing happens. But then the prince waslike, Oh, you want to listen your own music, I can justturn it on on there on the radio, and then this porn starts playing outloud. Yeah, and everyone freaks out. It's super weird. Andand then, once they finally get to stop, the principles like, Oh, is that Cardi B what? So then they show up at the wronghouse and it's a murder mystery party that is being run by George and Allen. First off, this doesn't happen. This second Geg is there and she'scompletely dry and no one knows how she got there because there's no way shecould have made it there before them. Well, when they get there,they also are assigned characters, because it's like clue, and molly is adead baron, a baron orthodontist, and amy is a farm girl who justmoved away from the farm. But when they see Gig she says she knowswhere next party is. Then she's like it's at his aunt's house, likewe already knew that. She doesn't have the address anything. But then shealso tells them that the strawberries were drugged and they start freaking out and somehowthey end up in George's sisters room and they collapse to the floor and whenthey wake up they think that they're like Barbie dolls and they're dressed as thecharacters that they were they were given when they arrived. So they go tolook at themselves in the mirror and molly's like, Oh my God, Ilook awful, this is so gross, the way that I don't have anyChub. She said Chub specifically, and amy's like, I don't know,I kind of liking it. Then they like come down the stairs and therethey like walked out of the house, but like they're still dolls. Theylike have completely stick straight legs and arms and they're like walking out of theHouse and then it's like over. One thing that annoyed me about the previousscene is that the representation for gay men in this film was they played offof stereotypes a lot, HMM, and I think it would have been goodto see like a gay character in the film who wasn't obsessed with drama andtheater and saying and stuff like that. Yeah, but that's my one critique. But yeah, so then they leave the house and they're they're fine out, and amy so like I want to I want to go home, likeI want this night to be over. And Gigi ends up outside and islike, but you can't go home yet because molly wants to go to Nick'sbecause molly is in love with Nick, and amy had no idea. Butthen they're sitting there talking to each other about how molly saying like Oh,like, I'm not good enough for like I degrading herself with an amy slapsare and is like no, you're all these wonderful things and it's it's nicecash give her a good pep talk and...

I could slap in the face.Yeah, and amy says she'll go to Knicks party because that's what molly reallywants. She likes him and she wants to to try and make a move, I guess. And to do that they do what they do best andthey do their homework. So they'd go to the library to try and figureout where knicks and lives in actuality. The library doesn't even help them.They find out a clue from their phones. Yeah, as wasted so much time. So once they get this clue on their phone and it's a videoof me, I think it's nick. He's like smashing pizza boxes from thispolice called Ludo's pizza. And so they go there and they this is weird. They like go into the back of the pizza drivers car, but theyhave their like they have a ponytail from like the very top of their headright above their forehead, and they make it a mask over their face.That's so dumb. It was like why would first of all, maybe youcould just ask inside and not getting this man's car and he's like reprimending thepizza drivers. He gets in the car. He's like reprimending them, like Icould be all these things, like I said, like I could takeyou to this place and like leave you there and record you. And itwas like what, like why are you saying? Why do you have thiswhole thing planned out? Well, we later find out. Yeah, wefind out, but they get the address of the place, but their phonesare dying and they can't call an uper. Oh and amy also left her phonein the driver's car. Oh Yeah, Um, this reminds me of whenwe were trying to get a lift back to center city. My God, and after the One thousand nine hundred and seventy five concert and we arestranded in Camden in twenty four degree weather. And it wasn't even that our phoneswere like actually dead, it was that it was so cold our phonescouldn't stay charged. Yeah, Oh, that's so scary. Like no one, even when we had full battery, no one would take our at wasit called, like our call or whatever. No one would drive US home ordrive us to our car. And, just to clarify, my uber ratingis four point nine eight and no one would take us. So theycan't call it over, they can't do anything, so they call their teacher. Miss Fine, what teacher would ever be like, yeah, I'm goingto take you no party where I know there's underage drinking and I'm going tobe totally fine of it. At the beginning of the movie I thought shewas so cool, but then once she she just is kind of creepy.Yeah, like I want to like her. I wanted to like her too,but then I was like, what, what are you doing? Yeah,you find. Well, we'll tell you later why. She also turnsout to be not so great. Yeah, and but she's also like take myclothes too. She's like, yeah, you can wear my clothes, butthere's no way that those clothes would fit either of them perfectly. Yeah, they all have different body shapes, like completely different, which is great, like different representation of body types, but like, you can't take herclothes because they wouldn't fit you. But anyway. So they're finally at theParty and at this point the teachers like wouldn't it be funny if I wentinside to and join the party? There's like, Huh, no, don'tdo that. Wouldn't she get arrested? If she would definitely get arrested ifever and there was underage yeah, like why would you go inside? Andshe's will get there. Um. But when they get into the party,amy, however, amy, no, I mean molly. Molly, seesnick right away and there's this weird dance scene between the two of them,like everyone else disappears and their modern dancing through the house or something. Youcan tell that they're trying not to laugh at this scene, especially when theydo the head bobbing thing. It was so weird. That was so bizarre. I don't think it was necessary at all. No, it really wasn't. I feel like there was no point in it. But Amy Sees Ryanas well and she goes over to talk to her. They also see Gigat the party, who knows how she got there, and you also seeine. You also see miss fine walk in and you're like, what are youdoing here? And then the guy who I don't know his name. It'sfine, we don't know his name, but he has really, really longhair but he hasn't embraid and then, as soon as he sees are,starts in braiding them and it's very uncomfortable. Yeah, at this point I wasthinking to myself, oh, there's no way he has any chance witha teacher. Yeah, yeah, you'd...

...think, but you would think.But then it cuts to amy, who goes to do Karaoke in a differentroom with Ryan and Geg and Nick Sees Molly at the same time it's like, oh my gosh, like I can't believe I got molly to go outto a party. It's kind of like cuts back and forth between like thedifferent scenes of amy with Ryan and then molly with Nick and in the KaraokeeRoom George's. They're singing Karaoke and Ryan tries to get molly to sing Karaokeand it's like, you mean amy. Why did I do that? Ikept writing, I kept switching her names around. Yeah, I definitely meana me. Ryan tries to get Abed think Karaoke and she's really good.And then Molly's with Nick and they're playing beer pong and molly, listen,nothing warms my heart, my party number one party school heart, then seeingsomeone playing beer pong with their crush and being their partner. That, likethat is best case scenario for someone. And it's like that when it's likein high school musical, the first one when Troy's like teaching Gabriel to shootbasketball, but it's like Molly's teaching nick how to shoot a ping pong ballinto a cup of beer. Like nothing makes two people fall for each othermore than being beer pong partners and winning victory. Yeah, it was.That was cute, like I was. I was rooting for them at thatpoint and then wasn't anymore. But yeah, so, anyway, we also seethe guy with the long hair. is like making a drink for theteacher and is like do I do? I want to sleep with her,like yeah, I do, and then goes over and gives her drink andshe's like wow, this is really good. She says you're twenty right, likethat matters. He's your student, I know, like he's still yourstudent until he graduate. But then nick is like yeah, I love hufflepuffs, and I was like Oh, huffle puffs. Yes, some huffulpuff representation in here, because everyone always hates huffle puffs and I don't knowwhy I'm not a huffle puff, so I won't say anything. I'm ahuffle puff and yeah, I don't like being a huffle puff. I amactually. This is funny, though, because I'm actually like raving claws.So they're in like molly is YEP, which is weird because I feel likeyou're a me and I'm molly. So I know it's weird. After helike accurately picks molly's exact Harry Potter House, he leads and says, I guessto go take care of something. He says don't move. Yeah,he's like don't move, I feel you're going to move. Don't move,and she's like I'm not going to move. But but then amy and Ryan likejump into the pool and Ryan kind of disappears, but amy swimming around. But then she sees Ryan making out with Nick, which is where NickI guess, went, and she freaks out and is trying to find mollyand is run around the house by me, finds her and calls her own Malalaand says like I like, I do not want to be here,I have to go and MOH and molly is standing in the same spot asbefore, saying that nick is gonna be right back and that everything is goingwell. Yeah, she hasn't moved at all, which is like you're like, clearly she's upset you. You can't do this for your friend. Likethat really bothered me. Yeah, but also, why wouldn't she just tellher? Yeah, that that also didn't make any sense to me. Iwas like just say it, like Ryan, like I don't know. She didn'teven have to say next. You could have just said Ryan was likemaking out someone else and like it made her really upset. Yeah, youcan't just say, I don't know. I think they were both in thewrong here, because she didn't say anything, any reason why she wanted to leave. She just said I I need to leave, like but also Ifeel like it shouldn't matter. I feel like if she like she was clearlythat upset and she's like I need to leave, you should be like,okay, we're going. Yeah, molly should have been asking what do youneed? We can go, just tell me like the reason so I canhelp you. And Amy should have said why she was upset, because shekind of makes it seem like she's just tired and wants to go. Idon't know, she seemed like pretty clearly upset to me. I felt likethere wasn't there didn't need to be like right then, that didn't need anyneed to be an explanation. Yeah, but molly thought that she just wantedto go because she got wet in the pool. Yeah, so I thinkthey were both at fault there. They should have communicated a little bit morethan just screaming at each other. Yeah, and like while they're screaming, Molly'slike in you always do this, you always talk a big game aboutthings and then you quit. And then Amy's like you're the one who forcesme to do everything, like I've spent this entire night out here with youbecause you wanted to do it. This is my one thing that I'm callinglike I want to leave and you're not whtting, you leave, and then, whiile, they're fighting. Amy says that she's going to Africa for anentire year. She was I guess we...

...totally miss this part, but shehad this plan to go live in Botswana for the summer and make Tampas,I guess. But yeah, but it was. And but then she comesclean and is like, yeah, I'm actually going for the entire year andcan gap year before I go off to school. And I really didn't likemolly at this point, but they are both default. Oh yeah, mollysucked at this point too. No need to scream. Yeah, it was. Molly was upset because not only because she didn't tell her, like amyexplains why she didn't tell her, because molly is so controlling. And Mollyproves that to be true because she starts screaming about how they're not going tograduate together, they're not going to live in DC together. All of Molly'splans, her whole future revolves around her dragging amy along with her. Twothings. Yeah, it was like I like, I don't know how Iguess Cusese like her, but like, how could you not see, likeby whistening off all these things? Like that's so that's exactly what amy wasjust saying exactly. But yeah, everyone recorded their fight and then amy likewalks off and goes to the bathroom and there's another girl in there, andthat's hope, the mean girl from before. Yeah, well, one of them. Yeah, and then they're arguing for a little while about like thetypes of people that they are and how, like, how they're, both ofthem are not the best version of the people that they could be,pretty much, and you could just see the the sexual tension climbing here.Yeah, and then amy kisses her. It was so sudden. She didn'tlike lean in give her room to give hope room to lean in a littlebit too. Yeah, it was just very like like you can't see whatI'm like shoving my head up, for that could have also ended really badly. Question was yeah, that's that is what it was. She's somewhat shorterthan her, but anyway through then they're making out and jared shows up atthe party at the same time and goes talk to molly about how, likeno one really knows him and like what he wants to do, except forgg like how maybe they're more than like what everybody thinks they are, prettymuch. But then jared gets up to leave to go find Gigi and wego back to amy and the girl in the bathroom. Hope on they're aboutto have sex, but then amy grows up on her and it's supergross.Molly, then, I guess. The next thing I have is that Mollysees nick and Ryan together and, yeah, finally understands why I am so upset. But it's too late, because there are sirens in the background andthe police are coming to bust the party. Yeah, and then everyone's running.Who knows where that teacher is and that kid? Yea, and yetanother movie where the police are present, MMM HMM. And it's so dumbthat they're coming into this party to arrest some underage kid for drinking the eveof their graduation. Also, no way they could do what they did toamy, like. But right before we get there, amy, like allthe people are in this like back room and they're like the cops are goingto come in here any second and or and get us all, and amy'slike, I'm not a coward all create a diversion and she runs out tothe cops and that's the last received amy. We all see molly start to walkhome because she couldn't find amy. And then, as she's like walkingacross this bridge, the one girl who's making fun of her before, butshe also called AAA, she offered her to ride home and at first andall he's like no, but then eventually she takes it and they have thosehearts, a heart about like being better to each other and being better twogirls and not it's not shaming and things, and she explained like why she gotthat nickname and things. What I liked about this was that she's saying, you shouldn't call me this, because because it happened and I enjoyed it. I don't know if I'm saying this in the right way. I thinklike she's saying it like you're calling me this in a derogatory way, likeI yes, I did it, but like it's not like I like,why are you shaming me for? Like there's no reason to do that.I think that high school films that portray this kind of heart heart moment wherea girl talks about being slut shamed. She explains that it didn't actually happenin that the boys are making it up, but in this movie she takes fullownership for it and says, even though I I did this and enjoyedit, you shouldn't slut shame me because you're not slut shaming the guys andyou're allowed to freely express yourself. Yeah, I thought this was a good moment. So eventually Molin gets home and...

...then it's she like falls asleep andwakes up and it's the next day. It's graduation, and she finds outthat amy got arrested and she drives to the police station and when she walksinto the police station she sees this picture of a guy and it says whilesangels strangler or something. All I could think of that was the Scranton Strangler. Yeah, but then you see that amy's like literally behind bars, andthey could never do that to a minor. She would have had a phone callanyway, like she would have called her parents or at least called someonebefore. I think the police would have let her parents know her police wouldhave taken her. The police would have taken her home, I'm pretty sure. Yeah, this is totally like this could never have happened. And theyalso decide to trade information to get her out of jail. She shouldn't bethere in the first lay, like that shouldn't have happened. But like theyall see the police and win. Yeah, but they say like, yeah,this guy's actually a serial killer and whatever. The Guy Turns out tobe the pizza delivery guy from before who was talking about all the things hecould do to them. Yeah, and once they're out of once amy's outof jail, we see that they have jared's car and they start their driveto graduation. First off, they like run a red light right in frontof police station. What do they not know about traffic cameras? Also,it's La that there. She was like it says eighteen minutes, but willmake it in seven. I'm sorry, LA, eighteen minutes means like anhour. Yeah. But so you get to graduation and Gig is, aconcert pianist, is just straight up vibing playing some song on the piano.I do not know which song it was. But and then miss fine, shewalks up to someone in a graduation gown with super long brown hair likethis boy had, and she like, I don't know how to like explainthose. Like she purs hurt, yeah, I guess, purs into this person'sear and it's not the guy, it's some girl who's just sitting there. Think about how creepy this is if the roles were reversed and a maleteacher did that to a female student. Um, I know that would beawful. People would have such a huge problem with that. Like know whypeople aren't talking about this. The this wholes that whole situation is just likewrong on so many levels. Why would they add that into the movie?Why? Don't know. Ad Like, what was the point of that?I could not tell you. Also, how is Miss Fine Not in jail? Why they have to make someone who is supposed to be cool so oncool? Yeah, I don't. I don't. I don't understand some ofthe choices in this movie. And then we see Molly and amy driving aroundLos Angeles trying to get to graduation and no one drives like that. Iwas like, what, like this is no, I'm sorry. So jaredis actually going to start the speech before molly gets there, because molly's deVledictorian, because and everyone's waiting for her, and so he starts off the speechby talking about he reads directly and he says hi, I'm molly,my mind man, I'm a woman, and straight white men BLABBLA, BlabbahBlah. I think is really funny because jared is indeed a straight white man. It's so good. I love great so good. And the then mollyand amy, like after he starts to speech, Molly and amy driving likedrag racers and they crash through the gate. I wonder if they got some oftheir driving moves from twilight. But I like I had such a problemwith this and I don't know why. I guess like it just seems sobag but it's a movie, I know, but I don't know. I likewhen high school movies are a little bit more relatable. I feel likeit's supposed to be like super bad. I think I get instead to seeit. I have to see it. Super Bad is not relatable at all. Wait after they show up, molly runs on stage. Amy's like,I'M gonna go grab my seat, but molly drags her up and everyone cheersfor amy because she distracted the police or whatever, and then molly kisses jaredin front of the whole class. And everyone's parent just do. It waslike weird, but also I was like yes, the yeah. Then mollygives a different speech than she had planned and she basically says like I'm I'msorry, like I shouldn't have been like trying to prove that I was betterthan everyone, like I appreciate all of you. It's very short, butthen after she's done, George and Allen come up on the stage and startsinging for something. I don't know what...

...that was, but they like cutit off and we see amy packing. HMM, she's packing to leave forAfrica, and her mom like cuddles that bear and it was very weird,and then her dad does too, and WHO Yikes? And then the girlfrom the bathroom, hope, shows up outside her door and molly's freaking out. Amy just goes down to see her hope. Hope and amy are reallyawkwardly talking and then Molly's in the window just freaking out and it was justawkward. But then molly goes to drop amy on the airport to leave forBatsjuanna, but it was a super like awkward goodbye, like yeah, she'sjust like Ka, seen your year. It kind of reminds me of ourgoodbyes, though we have awkward goodbyes. Yeah, wait, do you knowthose tick tocks out are like that are about best friends who never like hug. I feel like that's uh, I don't want to send that. Belike this is us, because I was like maybe we like have hug.We never hug. I hug you probably once a year. Yeah, it'svery weird. When we hug it's so later. I hate it. Wereally never hug. Never. I only hug you when it's been a longtime since I've seen you, or like I can then it's just like aformality. I could, I can like picture like the very few times we'vehugged, and like the two that are clearly in my mind are the picturesfrom uh, I know what you're gonna say. BACCAWARE, like you're Bor where I'm sobbing and I look like your child, and then like graduationthe next day. Yeah, I think it's because when you hug me,like you're not that much shorter than me, but your head like falls like righton my chest and I feel like I'm your mom. Yeah, that'swhy I don't like hugging some of my shorter friends. But like what?We've known each other for thirty, thirteen years maybe? Yeah, and Icould maybe say like we hugged five or six time. No, we huggedmore than that, not that I'm like. Not, like it's at least doubledigits, like twelve maybe, like one for every year, one forevery year. But yeah, it's a super syd good bye, quite likeours are not because we don't have but anyway, when molly goes to driveaway, amy jumps in front of our car and it's like let's go getpancakes, and that's it. And I was like, I don't, didI miss something? was like pancakes, like a thing that ending sucked andlike there's no way she put her bags in the car, so her bagswere just left at the airport. But yeah, that was the end.And I didn't know that Olivia wild directed this until the first credit played.That's why Jason Todayvis isn't it? Oh Yeah, that was book smart.Oh, I forgot to think of a question for you. I'm disappointed.Um, oh well, I have a good question. Yeah, okay,my question for you is, what star sign do you think amy and Mollyare? Oh Hmm, I'm not like an expert on all of them?HMM, I don't I don't think either of them are Scorpios or aries orGemini or Leo's definitely not. I don't know anything about like an Aquarius orlike a pisces. I think amy might be a libra. Dude, Iwas gonna say that Amyas a libra God. So, so good. Um,yeah, I think amy's a libra. Uh Huh. Okay, let methink about molly, though. I hope that you say the same thingas me. Okay, I'm like thinking. For some reason my mind's going tovirgo. I'm thinking virgo kind of because they like to have plans,they like to have like organization. I don't think she's a cancer. CanI tell you what I think? Yes, what do you think? I thinkshe could be like a rising virgo, but I also think that she mighthave Sagittarius in her. Okay, that was extense, because we're bothkind of we both have Sagittarius. HMM. I just think she's really outgoing andshe's outgoing but also smart, M and obnoxious. But I think shecould have I didn't think of Virgo before, but I think she could be virgo. thinking like maybe rising virgo, because that's how she kind of appearsat first. Was that a bad question... ask? No, because weboth got amy right away. Yeah, you're right. Yeah. So,all in all, would you say that you are glad that you've seen thisnow? I am glad. I watched it for jared. Loved Him.I think that the movie was Super Progressive, which is cool. I Like Ihad my problems with it. It's like something is just totally didn't makesense, and I have like my qualms with like high school movies that aren'ttotally relatable, because I think coming of age movies like this should be,because they're there for the youth of that time. I liked it, notmy favorite. Probably won't watch it again, but I would if it was theonly time I could see jared again. But I'll very much like for that. Good. What about you? I kind of wish that I couldjust sit back and enjoy this film, because it's not the type of moviethat you want to think analytically about. It's kind of one that you justwant to watch and turn your brain off. But I don't think that they're Ithink that this was a good movie and the sense that there aren't alot of movies that are funny for high school girls that Star High School Groupwhile they're not in high school. I don't think there's a lot of moviesfor high school girls that have that representation and also have diversity and it actuallytouches upon real issues that girls in high school have to face and does thatin a funny way and in an end, in a way that's not screaming inyour face. Yeah, I think they're definitely could have been more peopleof Color repart. Oh, represent they're always could be. And I hatedhow they made Miss Fine, the teacher that was supposed to be cool,kind of a Predator almost. Teacher should never be represented as predators, likeyeah, like, maybe, maybe, like a teacher be league, Iwant you to enjoy yourself. I don't want you to go off the railsin college, like have this this fun time with your friends, but thewhole could have just ended there, like why did you have to go inside? That was weird. Yeah, it's setting an awful example and it's alsokind of, I don't know, it's teaching. It's diminishing the positive rolethat she had on their wives, I think. Yeah, and also thereare a lot of stories that come out about guys, boys in high schoolthat were sexually assaulted by their teachers, and like a lot of people reactto those stories by saying, Oh, like, isn't that like every guy'sdream? Yeah, yeah, like to hook up with the hot teacher,and like they shouldn't be perpetuating that. It's at hole. I just Ithink I really don't understand why they found that to be necessary in anyway.But overall, pretty good movie, but I also agree that it's something thatI could watch and just like not take notes on. Probably, like Iwould have enjoyed it more in that way. But I think that's all for now. Yeah, if you want to be a part of our guests andmovie of the week, make sure to follow us over on Instagram at howhave we never podcast, and also like us on facebook at how have wenever seen this before? And well, see you next week. Yeah,yes, all right, you. Why did I say it? Like Ineed to leave. All right, we're going, bye bye. I likehow we said it is sane. Hey, congratulations, you've made it to theend of our podcast. We hope you enjoyed listening. How have wenever seen this before? Is produced by is B Barone, the music isby Scott Holmes, the podcast art is by Michael Beaumont over at monitor comics, and our social media is run by Lauren Cola. Thanks for listening.

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