How Have We Never Seen This Before?
How Have We Never Seen This Before?

Season 2, Episode 7 · 1 year ago

Emily in Paris: "C'est La Vie!"


In Season 2 Episode 7, Isabel and Lauren discuss the controversial show, Emily in Paris.

Join us as we discuss how Emily dresses like a 2000s sitcom character, how everything comes easy to her, and how she is a terrible influencer.

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Hi Everyone, welcome back to howhave we never seen this before? This week we discussed emily in Paris.Stay tuned to hear US talk about how emily dresses exactly like a twomom sitcomcharacter, how everything comes easy to her and how she is a terrible,terrible influencer. This is a podcast where two best friends talk about movies they'venever seen before. I'm Isabelle and I'm Lauren, and this is how havewe never seen this before? Joe, one of me, Sava, theCOM Secumsong, Jima Pell is about Jamapelle. Lauren, New Song podcast hosts inbecause you didn't know and we haven't said it enough. Lauren, Itook friends. I don't remember any of it, except for, like whatI just said, but I'm pretty much only remember like basic phrases and howto introduce myself. It wasn't a good time and I had some war flashpots so much. I had a great time learning French, but I can'tsay that I ended up being very good at it. I had an anxietyattack every time I went to French class second semester because I was so scared. Like it's ridiculous how bad I was for like how hard I actually tried. Did you try hard? Yeah, no, I did do a lingoand I like I did everything. I couldn't get it. You were hauntedby the due lingo owl for like six months, using the middle of mydreams goes whoo. But anyway, yeah, we watched emily in Paris. Wetook a week off because I'm in school now and it's overwhelming, likethere's nothing to do, but it's all over whom. So sometimes you justneed a mid season break. Yeah, like it was good. We neededit, you know. Yeah, I feel like it's like good we dolike twelve episodes. That kind of we did last season. None of thiswas intentional. It's kind of fault where Bay and own. It just fallsright into place every time. Yeah, and like I don't know how we'regoing to find like five more shows, but I think we should do aChristmas special. I was thinking Halloween for next week would be good too,and then maybe, I guess will end towards Christmas, so could work.Yeah, well, now you know how we plan everything. It's just likeon the spot. If literally the day before. Hey, what showed youin a lot, although this week I was I finished it all on Monday. Today is Wednesday. It's Wednesday morning and I finished it by three PMon Monday. Oh, good for you know. This is growth. Yeah, it's so, it's study. We've been here for what six months,and then we're friendly getting on track. All right. So, emily inParis, I know there was like oddly controversial surrounding this. I tried not, like, I didn't like read any of it because I knew you weredoing it, because I didn't want to like get spoilers or have my opinionsorright. Yeah, so I don't like. No, it's had about that,because I just didn't want to get it mixed in. I did thesame thing as you because I wanted to go into it. I'm biased.But then, after I finished watching the show, I thought it would beokay to look up some French people's opinions the show, and my assumptions werecorrect. They hate it. Yeah, for for a good reason. Yeah, I like I didn't think it was like awful. The show, likeI enjoyed, like I wouldn't watch it again, but it was just like, yeah, I mean I hated this show, but while I watch seasontwo. Yes, yeah, I like I don't know. We'll talk aboutit. I don't want to get too too much into it in the firstyeah, but basically, all you should...

...know about the show before we starttalking about the characters. It's about this girl who has to move to Parisfor a year for her job, and the only issue is that she doesn'tspeak French. So that's basically the the plot of the whole thing. Maybethat's where my career will go. That's gonna be you. Well, Imean I I don't beginner French, and they're like, okay, go ahead, I'm sure, but yeah, okay. So basically, Um, the maincharacters. Emily, she's okay. She reminds me a lot, alot of Rachel Barry because, because everything comes easy to her, nothing goeswrong and when things go wrong, they immediately go right again. Rachel Barry'son my mind because we yesterday. We just finished Lee final. Okay,I do not think this is an accurate comparison at all. Not like she'snot like as obnoxious and annoying, but everything stuck comes so easy to her. It's just like like there's no like struggle of moving to France, likeit doesn't matter what she does. She always gets her way. I guessit's awesome. Rachel Barry Works hard, but she also gets everything into heryeah, Mercedes Jones should have gotten every sole of your day. So justas for Mercedes deserves more anyway. The way, that a different show.But yeah, anyway, she she goes to Paris because, well, herboss is pregnant. We find that out, and the first like two minutes andtakes her place. And basically it's her journey trying to work with thisFrench marketing firm that her bigger marketing firm acquired, and there's love and heartbreakinglove. Bla Paris. Yeah, yeah, who should we talk about next?I mean we also meet Mindy Oka, who's her best friend, sort of. So mini is some random girl that she met in the park andit turns out that Mindy is the daughter of a very rich zipper tycoon fromChina, but she is disowned because she doesn't want to take over family businessand she's working as a nanny it for some French family. Basic I don'tlike her outfits and she eventually ends up quitting that job to become an MCand a dry club, and that's kind of anything that ever happened to her. They also like a bastroom at party in there. But yeah, mostof these characters are very two dimensional, to be quite honest. But youdo have sylvie. I'd say she's the only character with some real depth here. It Sylvia is her her new French boss. She's supposed to be kindof like a miranda priestly type, if you've ever seen devil wars product.Yeah, she's very business she's the French and a winter yeah, and shewants her brands to remain exclusive and high end. So she's reluctant to takeemily in because emily is so social media oriented, and so that's a hugepoint of contention. And she also just doesn't respect emily. I mean,who respect emily? You're on and yeah, so she has some depth. Sheshe has some moments where she's nice and you see that she's she's notjust like a mean boss. But yeah, she's also having an affair with thisone of her clients and that's a plot point in the show as well. Yeah, yes, so then you have emily's neighbor, Gabrielle, andhe is basically this sexy neighbor whose door she keeps accidentally knocking on because shedoesn't understand how door she doesn't understand how floors work in Europe. Like she'sso dumb. Like after the first like I get it the first time,like by yourself, you're like Oh, oops, like my bad, butmore than once really. Yeah, that's something that you learn in French oneone when you're studying the vacation unit. But yeah, he is very flirtywith her, even though he has a girlfriend who's really, really nice andher name is Kimmy. She's super cool. She her family owns like Champagne Urie. I don't know what the the term is, but like they onlyhave their vineyard. Is it a vineyard?...

There's the grapes that grow. It'sa vineyard. Okay, I guess I don't vineyard, but they justmake champagne there. They have their own label and she wants to have eventually, like she wants to have emily put their champagne on her marketing firms likelist of brands. I guess she's Super Nice. She like helps her getflowers because she can't say French and basically Gabriel doesn't tell or anything, andshe's like best friends of Emily. Despite all the things she does see herboyfriend behind her back. Yeah, honestly, Camie deserves more. Yeah, oh, her her mom also tries to fun Gabriel's restaurant when he tries tolike buy it from his boss and he doesn't want her help. Oh,yeah, I forgot to mention that he's a chef. Yeah, I'd saythat. Like. The last two important characters are her to co workers,Luke and Julianne. Julian is my favorite. He is the Sassy French coworker whodoesn't put up with Emily Shit. But they they end up like playfighting a lot and they become good friends. He's son, the crazy hairry.No, he's the he's a Sassy one. And then I thought theywere both very pretty. I never got their names. I think Luke iscreepy. I don't like him. Yeah, he's a little crazy. He's verysexual. Yeah, everything, everything is sexual. Yes, they paintthis show to be to like to make French men seem so overly sexual andcreepy. That was a huge problem that like, French people have with it, and I agree. Like they made Frenchmen look so bad in this yeah, and not like and even like everything everyone said. There was just likesome sexual innuendo like underneath it. It was like what, like, canyou not for like two minutes? It's weird. How. So, wedidn't say this, but emily is played by Lily Collins and Lily Collins wasa major producer of this show. Yeah, I saw that. Wouldn't expect thisfrom her because I feel like she's so used to playing such serious rolesrecently, like she's in the the Ted Bundy thing, she was in theone, the eating disorder one. I have no yeah, no, Iknow you're talking about. I like saw a couple minutes of that and everwatch the whole thing. Yeah, but I wouldn't expect this from her.But this is this is also an MTV show that like paired with Netflix,partnered with Netflix. I can see this from MTV. Yeah, but yeah, it's kind of all the characters. I mean, so basically four episodes. One and two it's emily arriving in Paris. She's kind of just giventhis job because her boss is pregnant and can't handle the French perfume. Shehas absolutely no understanding of French culture. She can't speak French. So it'sjust like a disaster when she gets through the the music is really cool,though. I like like the French music that they play consistently. Yeah,it's cool. Anyway. I actually wrote that down. The only thing savingthe show is the soundtrack. The one thing I did like kind of thinkwas interesting was like their commentary on like French culture versus American like work cultureand how like when the first day emily arrives at like thirty in the morningat this marketing firm and like she's just like or you on a holiday,like what's going on? And I guess it's Julian who? Yeah, okay, Julian like shows up and he's like now we don't even open until thirty, and like they take really long launches and that's like, I don't know. Everything's just like much more relaxed, and I understand that from like beingin other countries. Apparently the whole thirty am thing is a lie. Iwas like reading like a French person's review of this and she's like I goto work at thirty every morning. Sometimes I work until seven PM. Theshow is not accurate in that sense. Well, like emily never works.So that's like one thing like that I don't believe, but like I believethat they take more time for themselves. They do have long launches. Yeah, and basically they like try and get her to leave. They're like tryingto push her out, like Sol Bey's trying to be like extra mean toher. And when they're means, she makes her friend Mandy, and shewhat she does is like she creates this instagram called Emily in Paris and shetakes a lot of pictures and has the...

...worst captions in the world and somehowgrows her platform from like twenty six followers to five hundred in like a night. Like that is not how it works at all. And like they're theworst captions in the world and it's just like a Selfie of her every singletime, like tilting her head back and she's like face. Anyway, basically, an episode two, she trying to finally tries to like get immerse inthe culture and takes French class. She's not great and she only goes onceand she keeps gaining followers. It's like this weird like underlying thing that doesn'tmake any sense. The one thing about this episode was that this is kindof when like another guy was introduced one of the clients that's actually the affair, the guy that's having an affair with Stil Bee and I. The onething that I did like read about this show was that like they were likewhy to all these guys like like her, like every single guy that's introduced likelikes her, which is annoying. But also like when we went abroad, like they were like obsessed with like American girls. Yeah, it waskind of weird. Yeah, it's like it's a little weird, but likeit wouldn't be like every single guy you ever met, but it yeah,someone remember that one time that random guy came up to us in the streetand was like you guys look American. Were like okay, and then tryto like talk to us and flirt with us. We're like, I'm cominghome from class, can you leave me alone? Yeah, it's just likevery weird how obsessed they like other countries aren't with American girls. Like itthat I was like I kind of understood it, but also it's like it'snot like every guy's going to want to date you by you we dree wheneverthey're just like trying to like trying to talk to you. Oh, Idon't like either of her styles. I think they're awful. Dude. Whydoes Emily Dress like a randomized sim it's like every two thousand show for kids. I wrote that down. It's like, I don't know where this came from. She dresses like Hannah Montana did in like two thousand and six yes, and then Mindy's lily and it's like what are you doing? It's soawful. And why does she wear a beret everywhere? Yeah, every singletime. She just doesn't know how to. She just thinks that putting pattern onpattern on pattern is going to work. And they know we always, alwayswearing hats and it's not just like a beret, it's like a buckethat. It's like a like a weird it's structured bucket hat, like Idon't know, it's not good. I also think she might have been wearinga wake for like a lot of this, because there's some scenes where you cantell like that she's wearing like her actual hair and like a few extensions, but then there are other scenes where, like it looks like she's wearing afull on wig and I looked it up and there's nothing on it.But when I was typing it into Google, it auto filled. So a lotof people must have thought that. Maybe I don't know, but yeah, their style sucks and I like didn't write any the plowing because I don'tthink it's important. But also everyone's very forward with their feelings, which issomething like I've noticed from being abroad as well. So that part, likeI was like, oh, that's probably like normal, and Americans just likeas is weird. And she also has a boyfriend. Him we didn't mention, but her boyfriend like was totally fine with everything in the first episode andnow in the second episode he's like I can't do this anymore and is likeby I'm not coming we I thought that was so funny. Yeah, because, okay, so she like randomly sprung it on him. She was likewe're going to have a longdistance relationship here. All The Times you can come visitme, like Blah, blah, blah blah, and he's like okay, and then he was like I guess I'll go along with this, andthen he didn't want to. Like they had one like small fight and thenjust broke up. Yeah, like if you're have here in a longdistance relationshipship, you're gonna get into quite a few fights. Like it's going tohappen, Um, but it was just annoying that he was like painted tobe the bad guy, but like she was the one that moved away fromhim, like he's out there pursuing his own dreams and they don't involve heranymore. So, yeah, as someone who's been in a weird, longdistance really ship just just break up, I just like didn't even see thepoint of that relationship being in there if he's just gonna like dip after thesecond episode. Um, actually, like she could have just like been like, I don't want to date anyone right when I get here, and theywouldn't have to worry about that boyfriend thing, but or just nonclude him at all. Yeah, that's that's what I...

...mean, like like cut that partout and just be like, she's just moved to French, doesn't want todate anybody right away. Yeah, she's so into her work, allegedly,even though she does no work. Yeah, Um, yeah, so great.Love that. And also she, at least for the first two episodes, every time she tries to speak French to somebody, she just hyped intoGoogle. It's wrong, and that was me doing my friend Ummer that.Yeah, it's just every time she likes posts on social media, I justcringe. It was like a one of them. It's like for a laterepisode, but she's like Ha, Chang, Champagne and champagne there, whatever,and this or thanks. Oh. Another thing too, is that inone of these episodes, she she like randomly had to go to a partyand she just pulled a ball gown out of her suitcase just like that withUS Duds Thailand and we're like what is gonna like bring a promptress? Andthen my last comment about this was she's like complaining about how small her apartmentis and Paris and how it was like a maid's chamber whatever. But that'sactually really Nice Parisian apartment. A lot of apartments in Paris don't even havea bathroom in them. Did you ever have to like look up like Parisianapartments and like look into like what like living in Paris was like in Frenchclass? No, but I had a tick tock come up today of someoneliving in one of those apartments and they showed me, they personally show know, like it's show me like how like small it was. But then alsohow they had a bathroom outside of it. Yeah, the bathroom, like ifshe was in that type of living where she lived in the Sham,Sham, I can't, I'm getting embarrass myself. But the maids chamber.Okay, I'm using your probably like Shauno demd Devon. Okay, whatever,I'm so bad a pronouncing things in French. But Um, those are specifically forlike students usually, and so the bathrooms are usually communal and the kitchensare so, so, so small. So whatever she's living in is quitea quite nice apartment and it's got to be like Roabza. Yeah, madebut yeah, there wasn't, like, honestly, there wasn't anything special aboutany of the episodes, but I feel like that's kind of the just oneand two. She doesn't understand anything about friends, and that's the whole season. There you go. We're done. Yeah, we can move on tocaned for okay, three and four. Oh, okay, so episode,Oh, episode, this is kind of a okay. Episode three kind ofstarts off with emily is at a commercial shoot for we should start calling himby his name because he's kind of a big character Anton. It's on.He's I don't know why I spelled his name wrong in my notes. Antoinethe same. He's the client that Sylvie's having an affair with and he ownsthe this perfume brand and there's a commercial shoot for it and the woman inthe commercial has to walk across the bridge for him. Of Bridge it is, it's some really famous bridge. She basically has to walk across it naked. All fully clothed men are gazing at her and no one seems to havea problem with this except emily, and emilee talks about the male gaze andfeminism and then all the people that she's with start Um making fun of theme to movement, which like once again, is painting French people to be horrible. Yeah, and now she also her shower broke, so now shehas to use Gabrielle's shower. In the end of the episode she ends upmaking the commercial a political statement and some really famous people like retweet the commercialand it blows up. The commercials awful, though, like just the production valueon the commercial, like they could have couldn't have tried harder. It'slike really bad. It's awful and also, like I feel like in perfume adseveryone's naked. Yeah, like that's how it usually is. Yeah,it's just like, I don't know. Yeah, so that was that episode, and then an episode for we. So she's still using Gabrielle shower andshe runs into this girl Kenmy Um, and does not realize right off thebat that she is Gabrielle's boyfriend girlfriend.

Okay at all. Turned around,and she owns an art gallery and when they first meet they kiss on thelips by accident, and I honestly thought they were going to go someplace withthis. So did I, because communes like very flirty with her. Yeah, I respected Emily so much more once I found out that there's a chancethat she's bisexual. However, that it does. They ever came of them, which is annoying. Yeah, so there is like a weird sexual tensionbetween Gabrielle, Commie and Emily. I don't know why someone would want tohave sexual tension with emily. Be So cringey. And Gabrielle starts cooking forEmily and makes her an Omelet that's really not a French omelet and I wasso offended to look at that. And anything else important. Nothing. Oh, the one thing is that in this episode she starts to sell the ideaof a hotel fragrance. She like just pulls this idea out of nowhere becauseshe's like, Oh, I'm going to this art gallery and because I broughtthis idea up to this guy. She's never met this guy in your light, but it's a big hotel like tycoon guy. But the one thing Idid like was that idea is actually very smart. A lot of hotel chainsdo that. They have their own like signature scent that's like just like pumpedthrough the air because whenever you go somewhere you'll be reminded of that scent andthen you can also buy it, which is really smart. So I likethat they have it in there. That was a good idea. She doesn'tback up anything that she does with research, though. Yeah, she just kindof like, Oh, why do we try this? And then it'slike, Oh yeah, what a great idea and everything. Like loves herideas and doesn't question them at all, and it's kind of annoying. HMM, like I'm stillsie doesn't. So he's just like let's it happen. HMM. Like they infest so much money into her ideas without any sort of research, like statistics, like budget. NOPE, it's like I get that's I getthat that's not like exciting to put on a show, but at thesame time, like show, we're working occasionally, like she never works,and you're like how does anything happen? You know? Do you know thatUm like the the video from camp rock of the girl playing the keyboard andshe like yes, Ky's and and everyone's like or and Demi Levados, likeshe is really good. I feel like that's emily. She like this,takes a picture, like types like three words in a caption. Everyone's likeshe's really good. Yeah, yeah, so some thing I like really alsofound annoying about specifically episode form was that she just like randomly me eats thenicest people on the street, like she meets community on the street and thenthey like invite her places and she's like yeah, I'll go, like noquestions, like she just like she met Minnie randomly on the street. Shemeets me randomly in the tree. Is just like why, like I don'tknow. It bothered me a lot. I guess that also ties in,though, with the fact that she only sees the good in people, likethat's one of her character traits, I guess, like she specifically said that. Yeah, yeah, but, UM, one of my like favorite quotes fromthis is when she like was really angry and she's like I'm going tolunt to a long lunch with wine and Julian goes it's eleven am and shegoes, well, say lave. Yeah, she says that a lot she says. Say would be like all the time. I know when you knowone phrase in friend. Oh, I forgot to mention this. I'm sorryeveryone. I also forgot to mention the Um Emily smooches Gabriel Gabrielle at theend of episode for before finding out that, right, he is dating coming.Yeah, I think it's like that's like also like really on him,though, for not telling her at the beginning. Yes, because, liketheir flot they for like all the time. She showered in his home. ButI don't understand is how she couldn't hear, if she can hear everysound, that that's happening in the apartment right why, Um, she canonly start hearing them have sex like the day after she finds out that they'redating. Yeah, that was weird. It was like so she wasn't aroundfor like the first two weeks of her living there. Like that doesn't seemlikely. HMM, Yep. And it were like he never called, likeyou definitely be able to hear all that. Also, he's just so flirty andinappropriate with her. Yeah, it's...

...just like, I feel like,but that's how like all them are. They are like let's go to dinner, and looks like at one point, Um and Antoine, he buys herlaenderie and like is like no, that's not like for you to wear forme, it's for you to wear for you, like but like that's likeis like super weird and an appropriate, just like creepy and unprofessional. Yeah, like I don't like care, like if they're trying to like, evenif like French culture is different, like that's just like this person, likeyou gotta understand that, like Americans like don't have the same culture of Frenchpeople. Like they like people wouldn't like just be like, Oh, letme do this. Yeah, do you think anyone would like actually do that? I don't know, I don't think so. I think they would bemore aware of like real like slightly aware of cultural norms for Americans if they'rejust like coming to work there. Yeah, good grief, good old and theshow also paints French people to be really lazy too, and one ofthese episodes she was sitting down with Luke and talking about how Americans live towork, but French people work to live. And Yeah, I guess American they'revery focused on their careers and their jobs. I think it depends onthe person, like I just think that's that's how some people live in eithercountry. Like some people are very focused on their job and some people likework hard, play hard, and and it just depends on what type ofperson you are. You can't generalize about an entire country of people, liketo entire countries of people. Yeah, but like I at the same timelike it's definitely like a huge American staterscype like and even like when we wentto rush, really just like we immediately notice how everything was slowed down,people walk swer, people are just like happier in general, like you do. Notice that I like can't say anything specific about like France, like Iwas. I'm only really visited there for a few days, but I likein most countries that I've been to there aren't do as everything is at leastslightly slower pace and people take more time for themselves. Yeah, but also, at the same time, people still care about their jobs. Like Oh, yeah, the show makes it seem like French people don't care about theirjobs and like people were so offended by that. Yeah, but I wishthat I could live in a country where thanks were slower and people actually tooktime out for themselves. And like I feel like in America people are alwaysbragging about how busy they are. Like they're like, Oh, I'm busy, I'm so busy with my life. Like MMM, just look at me, I'm so busy. But I'm like, why do you want to be busyall the time? Yeah, not, but like I'm also that, likeI'm like, I don't want to be busy at the time, butI feel like I'm being unproductive if I'm not busy all the time. Andlike then I like over work myself and I'm like, my life is stressfuland I almost like applied for a job yesterday, like why would I doit to myself? I really don't need to do that right now. Yeah, you have a lot on your fleet anyway. Okay, so episodes fiveand six so what I'm so bib. I'm like's like kind of trying tobe like fake friends with Cami because she's been missed, kind of messing aroundGambrael. She also somehow gets invited to an influencer event because she's an influenceor but like they're a company that used to work for. Are used tobe partnered with her marketing firm and then they left because things something happen,and there's like sexual attention between her and Gabrielle. And then there's also thisidea of bed marketing. So like this mattress, luxury mattress firm like wantsher or them to market them in a good way and she's like, well, why don't we put the beds in the most tauristy spots of France,which is like if they're luxury bed why would they want to be associated withTaurus? But anyway, also, this is the germ factory. Yeah,and they just like put a bed in the middle of a street, likea the most amazing street, in pairs, like a random street, open air, like what if it rains? It's just very weird. And thatends. And in episode six, Mindi's like having a hard time, shemights to go back to China. But...

...then they get this new client,KEDO. He's a frame famous French designer, and he calls her basic because shehas an Eiffel Tower charm on her bag. I'm sorry, you're inFrance and put an Eiffel Tower charming your bag. I hate like, areyou the biggest taurists in the world? Like, are you like a flashingrob me? What, Oh what? It honestly baffles me how she hasn'tgotten pick pocketed yet, like, I you serious? Ah. Anyway,as she meets another guy, hooked up with that guy and then Minnie cansing. She goes on double date with Gabriel and Comie with this other guy, a philosophy professor, super obnoxious. She also goes to the ballet andthen breaks up with the sky because she realizes how pretentious he is. Shealso was drinking starbucks in Paris. I wrote that down. He don't,don't mad like, come on, any any other place, like. Thereare hundreds of amazing cafes in Paris and you choose to go to starbucks,like the worst American ever. If you during starbucks in any other country.That the sides America. You deserve to get deported immediately. Goodbye. Yeah, it's just like no, there's like a cafe culture. HMM, it'sso important, it really is, and you go to starbucks. Sure,okay. And then so she lost a Kiddo account because she was basic,and then she just gets him back because she why not? Because everything comeseasy to her. Life is all rainbows and UNICORNS for emily. Pretty much. Yeah, that was five and six and honestly, I'm it again.I hate her hat. There's so dumb, like a ha can be cute,but not not. No, do you want to hear what was reallytriggering about episode six for me? Yeah, yeah, so she immediately meets thisguy, like the guy that the philosophy guy. His name is Toma, and I couldn't stop thinking about when we talk about Swan Lake, howmuch we hated Toma. He was so awful and creepy. Oh, yeah, yeah, and this guy was so awful and creepy and talking about BlackSwan. You said swel just so like Oh, Black Swan, sorry,and he was like talking about how he wanted to keep he didn't want toshower the day after they hooked up because he wanted her scent on him,which is weird. And then the ballet that they end up going to isSwan Lake. HMM, and his name is Toma. Oh my God,the coincidence is here. Yeah, so that was just I was triggered bythat whole thing. But, like, I just hate emily so much,like when they were like hooking up or whatever the sounds that she was making, she was like Oh, yes, uh, Huh, yeah, great, like stop, you're so annoying. Yeah, and her lingerie is sounknown. Going to honestly didn't even notice that. She even mismatches patterns inher lingerie. That's how you know it's bad. Okay, God, okay, we'll move on, like there's just like nothing happens, but everything happensand everything's bad, like it's just like it's just like a man show,like everything just like really like why did you do that? HMM. It'sbasically like every episode Emily messes up something and then by the end of iteverything solved. It doesn't matter, like everything's going to be fine in theend. Yes, and that happens again in episode seven. Yes, sonow we're moving on to episode seven and eight. Sylvia is planning on goingout of town with Antoine. It's weird because his wife is okay with themhaving an affair because allegedly that's part of French culture, which, you know, I don't think is quite true, but she still be basically leaves emilyto Babysit an American actress, Um who's supposed to be hosting this party,and she's very weird and rude, and so she has to the American actresshas to wear this one specific watch that's worth like two million dollars at theParty and they lose her and the watch and so they basically have to findout a way to get it back in.

Sylvie is kind of like a bossass bish and is like she fixes everything because emily couldn't. And Yeah, the one thing that I ab like really really hated about this was thatwhen they find Brooklyn Clark, Brooklyns the the actress, I'm when they findher, she's in her hotel room like with some random guy, but emilyjust decides to take a picture of this girl's nightstand, which has like drugsand stuff on it, and post it online. Is like wild night outor whatever, and it's like, what are you doing, like you havelike a legitimate job where your social media presence matters. I get like beinga wanting to like post whatever you want on your own social media, thatshouldn't affect your job, but when social media is your job and it worksout to she drunk pose like a picture dress and drugs and it like turnsout to be a hit. Like what? Um, no, no. Yeah, also, Gabrielle and Emily Kiss again at this club while they're lookingbefore they start looking for the movie star and Um, which is like messedup to begin with, and then Gabrielle is like drunk driving his moped.Yeah, I'm just annoying. There's such bad people. But yeah, soepisode eight, Camie and Gabriella having relationship problem. So comede decides to takeemily on a trip to her chateau to talk business with her mom, andSomehow Gabrielle ends up going and it's really awkward. And Mindy's friends from Chinaor visiting for a Bachelorette Party and they make her go up on stage andsing a song at this drag club and it's apparently a hit. I don'tknow. She Sings Chandelier, which is kind of hard song to nail,and I don't know if she nailed it. Honestly, yeah, this she's good. She's like yeah, yeah, and so, basically, Kemm,he's like one when you're at my chateau, like I want to introduce you tomy brother, you guys will hit it off. And so, youknow, they do hit it off. They end up sleeping together and thenext day it turns out that emily hooked up with the wrong brother because thebrother that she hooked up with was seventeen. Um. Why? She had Hickey'sall over her neck. This is a business meeting. Essentially, shehas hickeys all over her neck, hooks up with her friends, you know, younger brother and the thing is that it doesn't even go poorly for her, because they don't care. My Mom's like, is my son a goodlover? Her? What? What? That is just so wrong on somany levels, because emily is probably like what so say? She graduated,she was like twenty two. She had to work her way up to getpromoted so high. She's probably twenty four, twenty five, six. Hookie upwith a seventeen year old. That's not right. Like that's so likemaybe like consent laws are different in France, but like that's still like so wrong, especially when this is like marketed towards Americans. But like to likethis is being shown to American people generally right, and you're just like thereare no repercussions for this woman in her late twenties sleeping with a seventeen yearold. HMM, yeah, it was. I just think that the show shouldhonestly be centered around Cami, because she is the only thing that savesit. She's the only character that's not annoying and she deserves so much betterthan those two as her friends. That is true. And also, likeEmily's outfits just don't make sense. Like it is the middle of the nightand she couldn't sleep, so she's like in jeans and heels sitting by thepool. Yeah, what, I have no explanation. It's just so messedup, so awful. Justice for Cam Um. Yeah, an episode nine, we see like Emily's plan for their champagne and it's so stupid, likeshe really just like lowers the quality, like not like quality, but likeshe's like, okay, we're going to have one brand be spraying champagne andwould be drinking champagne, but it's like a French champagne that is high quality. You're going to like reduce it to a spring champagne, like even thoughit's like has a different name, it's still under the same company. That'swhat they're going to be associated with.

Stupid, stupid, stupid idea,and it works out great. Also, Cami tries to set emily up withsomeone at this thing. She also like meets this random of Southern American womanWHO's part of the Friends of the Louver and is like can you get Kiddoto donated dress for our auction? She's like yes, sure, of course, like that's so easy. It's like shouldn't be, but it is.And then the model was supposed to wear the dress at this fundraiser doesn't showup and emily has to wear the dress and these other to like designers,like buy the dress, but then they like cover and spray paint or likethe splatter paint on it as like a I don't know, social commentary orsomething, and then Kudos. So upset, he's like yeah, and then episodeten is like a wild ride. So emily like meets up with Kado'snephew, because he's like canceling the actual designers, like canceling his show forfashion week, which is this episode. And then emily gets fired because shesucks, which is like probably the only good thing to happen. But thenher to co workers are like you can't actually get fired in France, likejust like come in every once in a while, move things around in yourdesk and you it'll just like go away, like okay, and can me andGarrielle are fighting because he doesn't want her mother's help, and Gebra's likeI'm moving to Normandy, which is where he's from, to like start myown restaurant. And then, like emily is an inspiration for Cadoh and hecomes up with this new design. He's like I'm back, and mini movesin with emily and Kiddo takes over the fashion show of the people who ruinedhis dress, so he like ruins their show because they ruined his show.He makes all these really attack he dresses that are just like colorful tool andhe makes it seem like it's revolutionary, but we've seen those designs several timesfrom other, yeah, fashion houses, like it's nothing new, like thefat like that's that was also like they weren't good dresses, but they're alsojust like other people have done that anyway. Then Sylvie's like, you're not fired, and then she like gets Gabriel, but it's also kind of dating thisdating Kiddo's nephew, and they're going to go to an island for theweekend or whatever, but then Gabriel's like, Oh, I'm staying in Paris becauseAntouan is financing the restaurant, and everything works out in the end.They end up sleeping together to Yep, yeah, there's just so much goingon in the ten episode like fired, not fired, fashion's canceled, fashionback and then like get rid leaving Gabriel's back, like hmm, yeah,Um, the last episode did really make me want to go to Paris andfind love. Clearly everyone's gonna love you there and you're going to have somany people that are fighting over you. I doubt that. I just don'twant to be in America. Get me out of here. I hate ithere. Can you believe it's like two weeks lesson, two weeks the election. Get me up here. I'm like so scared. Everybody vote, please, please, please, vote for someone who's not Donald's drup. Actually,no, specifically vote for Joe Biden, because if you vote for someone who'snot Donald Trump, that's basically a trump vote. If it's all really hardto say that, I feel like we are. Why wouldn't we be allowedto say that? I don't know, I thought they are like rules aboutthat, but I guess that's like if you're like saying, like you'll givesomething if they vote for them. Yeah, you can talk about who you wantpeople to vote for. Okay, we have free speech. Yeah,you heard it here first everyone. Joe Biden has, how we never seenthis before, podcasts endorsement. Also, Joe Biden has an island on animalcrossing. Yeah, I don't know, I've never played it, but likeit was pretty cool, just like seeing someone tick that go around and lookat it. Yeah, they have like pulling stations and everything is great.You can get a sign, a Joe Biden like yard sign, and there'salso like sweaters and stuff. Yeah, yeah, but basically back to theshow. Um, yeah, so the show kind of is awful, butat the same time it's kind of like a train wreck, like I yeah, a car accident, if you will.

I hate it. It's awful.It is disturbing. However, I cannot stop watching it. Yeah,it's like it's kind of like the first debate. Yeah, there was justlike a dastard but like, so many things are happening. You had towatch it, yea, not to bring it back to the election, themost political episode yet. Yeah, like, I kind of I do want toknow what happened with Gabriel, like and if, like in the secondsee if they're if there is a second season, and if they like makeit to like she just keeps looking up with random guys and then, abit like in the last episode, they're finally together. I will be annoyedand I won't watch a third season. I know it's just so hard,like to keep up with all the men that she dates, because they're allthe same person. Yeah, that's what's like. Hard, like I don'tlike, I don't care if you like date a million people, but likein a showing it's all the same person and it's like a new person everyepisode. So it's like but almost like ten episodes of random new guys andyour just like, I can't remember the names of any of them and likehow are they different? Yeah, yeah, it also like annoys me. HowEmily is like, Oh, I'm such a good person, I see, I see like the I see the good in people, but then likewe'll just sleep with her one of her closest friends at this point, becauseit doesn't seem like she has any American friends. Well, yeah, likeChicago, she hooks up with her like closest friend's boyfriend several times and thenlies straight to her face about it. Yeah, it's pretty pretty awful.I hate her. Kind of sucks. I don't know, I don't liketo give anything else to say about the show. Um, all I haveto say is Jud detest emily. Yeah, say, loot be yeah, Imean, but like I'm kind of like thought I watched it just because, like it's been so you know, everyone's talking about it, so hehad to. We had to watch it. You know. If you would likemore, how have we never seen this before? Feel free to followus on instagram. It's how, if we never podcast, follow us ontwitter. It's how we never and find us on facebook. How have wenever seen this before? Yeah, yeah, hopefully we have a dynamic show withnot two dimensional characters next week. I don't know who to do.We haven't planned that far ahead, but we'll see. But we'll see younext week, right. Hey, congratulations, you've made it to the end ofour podcast. We hope you enjoyed listening. How have we never seenthis before? Is produced by is be barone. The music is by ScottHolmes. The podcast art is by Michael Beaumont, over at monitor comics,and our social media is run by Lauren Cola. Thanks for listening.

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