How Have We Never Seen This Before?
How Have We Never Seen This Before?

Season 3, Episode 5 · 1 year ago

Get to Know Your Hosts: Isabel and Lauren!


 In this special episode of Season 3, Isabel and Lauren discuss each other!

Join us as we talk about how we met, and the timeline of our friendship, our favorite travel destinations, and how we came up with our podcast name and logo!

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Five, four, three, two, then then did we? Are you watching our carly to know? Oh, I am, I'm Christ I'm currently rewatching Teen Wolf for the there were fourth. You've watch that show like double the amount that I have, and I feel like I've watched that show a lot. I love it. I think it's really great quality TV, quality television there. Yeah, but anyway, welcome to our celebration of one thousand followers. Get to know us. Yeah, I didn't ever think this day would come, where many people like, okay, it's on Instagram, but like still, as my friend and our podcast art crator Michael has said, instagrams like one of the hard one to grow on. Like. So we did it. We, we did it. Yes, we did something, we did some, it something, anything, we did. We did that. Yeah, I just like us, especially starting from absolutely nothing, like Isabel and I are no offense, but nobody's. I feel like, everyone trying to break into the podcasting industry is someone who is very well known in their field, or famous even, and so it just means a lot knowing that two people who are absolute nobuddies can gain followers and gain listeners. And Yeah, I just really appreciate anyone who listens or anyone who follows us. We said it a million times, but, like, the podcast community is super supportive and really cool and, just like other podcasts, are the people who ask those questions and who, like said where they they found us, which is really cool. So thank you for supporting us. We support you and all you think. Ever. Yeah, and let's get to tenzero. Oh my God, I you know we could do do it. So earlier this week, learn calculated how long it would take for us to earn a hundred dollars from our monetization and she calculated that it will take us at the current rate, we're going eighty three years. So if you want to like lower that by a couple months, like please listen to us. But Anyway, okay, so we have a little plan for you today. We're gonna give you some General Info about ourselves and then we're gonna answer your questions and stuff. This is kind of like a sorority recruitment if you if you will, light our sorority be named. What was our what was our pie department pied out? Yeah, when we were well, here's a quick little story for you. When we were living together in Australia, for a semester. We gave our apartment a a FRAT. So we became pied out the sixteen of us that loved there. We had sixteen roommates. It is a good time. I feel like we've cut out a lot of our stories, like just for a time's sake, because we ramble. So I don't know if, like, anyone even knows that we've been there. So I think we've mentioned it in every episode. So with our so I feel like we once a time. It's high two of stuff. Yeah, I don't know, it's maybe you know that and if you know, it's personally. I'm definitely sure you know that. Yeah, and we also we kind of like sprinkle... these stories throughout our episodes, kind of under the assumption that you guys already know. And so I feel like just talking about things like this, like right now, will help you kind of get like a timeline of our friendship and get to know us a little bit better so you can actually in joy the stories. But Anyway, who are you, Lauren, and tell me about yourself? Where you from? What's your major? What clubs are you in? Okay, this definitely feels like sorority recruitment and I'm a bit triggered, so I'll stop. Okay. So my name is Lauren. I was born in Royal Pa, which is where a lot of my perspective comes from. GROWING UP IN ROLE PA definitely was an interesting experience, to say the least, the very least. So I went to Syracuse University for College and during my time there I studied magazine journalism and Political Science, and then I also did this thing called the fashion and beauty communications milestone, so I took fashion classes. So that's where I'm coming from, and a lot of my movie review perspective, and that's how she judges all the clothes. I'm qualified. And some things that I like to do outside of podcasting. I don't know why I'm holding up my hands like this, but I love music. I play five instruments. One of them I play well, the rest I play. And so, yeah, what else do I like to do? Oh, I love to bake. I love to cook as well. I'm a vegetarian, so I love coming up with new recipes and finding some fun stuff to make. Yes, my name is Isabelle and I was also born in Rural Pa, Larn and I lived about like ten minutes apart for five, fifteen years. I don't know you were like because you've moved there. I moved there when I was three or four for okay, yeah, so like fifty. We didn't know each other the whole time, but I think it was like fifteen years, which is kind of crazy. But Anyway, I currently go to Lee High University, which is like a I don't know kind. It's smaller than Syracuse, so not everybody I'll know that. But I am studying global studies and anthropology and I just added a minor museum studies and I'm going to try and go to Grad School for Arts Administration. But please let me in. I just applied a couple weeks ago. Please let me in. Yeah, so that's kind of what I'm doing right now. I'm currently writing a paper for one of my classes. So I'm stressed. But Anyway, what else? I some hobbies. You got me there. No, I allso, I like I love music too. I used to play a lot of instruments. I don't like really play them right now. I tried to play the guitar ones was not good. I did play the bass one time for a show. Well, so Isabel and I were in a band, if you didn't know, but in that band I played the drums. I also put don't I also am did actually play the piano and the violin. I like to read. I also like outside of this, I do love to watch movies. It's like one of my favorite things for someone who loves movies. You really haven't seen a lot. I will. We're doing like a lot of new ones. I'm okay. I'm a...

...huge movie re watcher. I love re watching movies like I have my movies, and I will re watch them a million, million, million million times. Oh, I've recently started collecting squishmallows. Um, I love them. I guess this makes sense. You were a Webkins kind of girl. I was a Webkins girl. I was a club penguin kind of girl. I'm gonesome club Penguin. Yeah, but I feel like you. You went hiding over I didn't have a membership to club Penguin. Yeah, see, whatever. I would go on Christmas break. My mom would always buy me a club penguin membership for the month as my reward for surviving school. So I would always be decked out in the coolest year. I had the best puffle merch you know, you know how it is. I think I my puffles run away. It's getting into the oversharing territory here. I'm going to overshare. It's also something it's started off with. Why do I look naked? You gotta put like one behind your shoulder. Moving on, just hit my tooth on my shop. You do that every time. I have no sense of depth perception, like I will just walk into a wall. Here's a fun fact. Lauren and I are both like blind. Yeah, it's a bell's vision is worse than mine, but according to my eye doctor, mine is getting there. Have you ever been to the eye doctors and your prescription was like so off that they say to you, you're legally not allowed to operate a vehicle until you get this prescription changed? No, because, well, when I was little I would go so frequently that like one time I got my my prescription change three times in a year. Like yeah, that was like a financial burden on my parents, but anyway, Um, okay. So next I would love to tell you all where you found us. So the first one we have, you just said in stuff. Our next one, I think this is from like low quat low. Oh, our other podcast friend, lonely low quacious. Okay, that's what I couldn't I because like the they're user name is like low quate and that's it. Yeah, they pass about love island stuff. Yeah, but they said instagram recommendations. And then our next one, they actually found us on their explore page. Among my last one that I have is that they found US looking for other fandom podcasts and found us, which is like funny because we're I guess we're not technically a fandom podcast, but I feel like we've definitely like set it enough guess that we are. I think that account followed us after we posted our after review. Yeah, that would make sense. Yeah, Harry Styles, bringing people together, beautiful treating. Treat people with kindness. Tree, yeah, people with kind that's Um. I think good morning America's using that as like one of their songs or you know. But anyway, moving on to some of your fan questions. Yeah, so I'll start off. This one is from lonely loquacious. What is your favorite travel destination? I think the answer here is pretty obvious because I talked about it literally every episode. My favorite travel destination is Australia, if you didn't know, we spent about six months there. Somewhere in the Gold Coast would be my favorite travel destination because it's just really fun and the vibes are so chill and everyone there... so nice. And like that Pok bowl place we went to. Don't that place is so good. I don't know it's called, but it was so good. Yo, if anyone knows the POK bowl place by Mermaid beach in the Gold Coast of Australia, please let us though. Yeah, it's like three blocks from the beach. Yeah, it's so good. Your turn. Yeah, Oh, fun fact, though, Brisbane is going to Lauren knows this, but Brisbane is probably going to host the Olympics in two thousand and thirty two. So you might see us there. Come hang out. Yeah, no, we're gonna like win a gold medal and something. If anyone wants to host us. And so if you want to give us Green Card or something, if you want to marry me, I don't know. Like my favorite place. I think I had the most relaxing, like wonderful time and we went to Thailand. For some reason, UQ has like a month long break between the end of classes and then the beginning of finals vision. Yeah, like, why don't they have that here? It was really nice. But we decided to take a week and go to Thailand and like we went to an eleven sanctuary and we just like laid at the pool and which is really nice. Those are the days, man. I really miss it. Anyway, on to our next question. I'm sorry, I forget who this is from, but our next question is how did we come up with a name? SLA Our logo, I think, like Lauren did the logo and I came up with a name. So I mean, I guess I'll start back in March quarantine two thousand and twenty, I spent all my time, for some reason, listening to the Potter List podcast. I've never read the books. That's a why. I read the first one and I didn't like it for some reason. But what, this is the first time I'm hearing about this. Yeah, no, I've, I've really I've never read the books, except I like vaguely remember reading the first one and then when the last one came out, I read the epilog you call yourself a Harry Potter Fan, but, like now, I have read the books through the host of Potter list, because he just like goes over chapter by chapter and it was really entertaining and I loved it. And then he started going over the movies and stuff because he had never read them, and that's how we started the podcast and I was just like this seems like a really fun idea where we can hang out because we can see each other and just like watch movies and do something fun and hang out for like an hour or two once a week. I forget. Honestly, I don't know how I came up with the name. I Know Lauren, at first thought it was why we never seen this before and like created a whole facebook page and then we had to make a new one. Let's talk about my mistakes here. But that was that was it, I think. Well, also like the concept that you came up with kind of stems back from okay, so we were people who claim to be interested in popular culture. However, we have not seen that many movies or shows, mainly because, like, I do not watch movies or TV shows that much. I like, I don't know, in quarantine, I have been, but before that I honestly did not, and then Isabel likest rewash things. So we honestly haven't seen that many and I feel like the concept, the little seed that we planted for this show, idea was back January last year, January seventh of two thousand and twenty. Yes, Isabel and ours talking about the movie The blind inside and I honestly have never seen it before and I still have not seen it, and...

I'm like, Oh, we were talking about something and I was like that kind of reminds me of the movie The blind side, and she was like what. Like what do you think the blind side is about? And I said what's about? This football player who finds out that he's going blind and he has to learn how to cope with that over time and Sandra bullock has to help him learn how to play football as a blind person. And I thought that it was a weird concept for a movie because it seemed a little unrealistic. And then Isabel was like what. Like, no, that's not what the blind side is about. It's based off a true story. And I was like, wait, so this this actually happened. She's like no, it's about something completely different. Yeah, if you haven't seen the blind side, it's about this this boy who was who was homeless, and Sandra bullock character, who who is a real person. I don't like. I don't think everything in the the movie is like completely accurate, but like she invites mentor home and then like helps him get into a better I think it's like he wasn't going to their school is a better school and he becomes a really famous football player eventually. His name is Michael Or. He played for the Ravens. So yeah, yeah, so I thought it was about someone who a football player who goes blind over time and has to learn how to play and that's why they call the blind side and I thought it was a clever plan on words, but apparently that's what it's about, and I honestly will steal that idea and you know, maybe one day I'll make my own movie called the blind side and have it be about that instead. Maybe, maybe, maybe I just will. But anyway, how did you come up with our logo? Um, I came up with our logo and this fun program I call in design, and so does everyone else who's in design, and I was like, Hmm, I kind of want to make it like a little like movie theater vibe, if you will, and so I started with like a dark red background. I was like let's throw in some stars, a fun font and a little marker for, you know, movies. It's really basic, but I think it's cute. Yeah, and then that kind of from then my friend Michael, he he's at monitor comics. Unlike all those platforms, he's already talented. He's very top yeah, so if we want, if you let if we can make a logo for us, and he gave us like all these different design options and we really like the if you couldn't tell, it's very compossible esque. So Michael's made us a different podcast cover art for every season that we've had and we never asked them to. He just was like like of course, I'm going to make you one and it's really sweet. So he's amazing. shoutows Michael, your real one. Yeah, but yeah, so that's our logo name story. But now moving on to my favorite question, and I want to know like what your answer to this is to and again, I'm sorry I don't remember who asked this, but how did we meet? What what do you think are our meat? Meat? Cute is hate that word. So basically, Isabel's family used to always host these like parties at the beginning of the school year for the fifth and sixth grade classes. Yes, we grew up in a town so small and went to a school that was so small that our fifth and sixth grade classes were combined, and that's why we're friends. But we met at our siblings are the same age, and so we met at their...

...sixth Grade Party and I was in fourth grade and she was in third grade, which means that we've known each other for thirteen years almost. Yeah, and so I think we met at that like party, barbecue situation. I was wearing a really ugly dress, which you probably remember because it was so ugly. But yes, okay, so it was a navy it like had it was blue and I think there was red. There was red. Yes, so I remembers very clearly it was this Sixth Grade Party thing and I remember exactly where I met you and I remember your blue dress. I didn't, I don't think. I don't think I thought it was ugly. I honestly remembers probably something awful too, and I specifically remember that we played capture the flag that day. But yeah, and I also like remember where we hid are, like my team hit the thing. I don't know why I remember that day so clearly, but I did because obviously it was an important moment it. Yeah, yeah, I think it's crazy to me that I remember that. Well, I like remember small details of the party, but it involves people that I feel like we shouldn't talk about. Yeah, probably. Yeah, but I feel like it would be fun to give like a little timeline of our friendship to okay, like we knew each other at that party, but we didn't become friends until our own like fifth and sixth Grade Party. Yeah, like three, two years later. Yeah, and so we became friends when Isabel was in fifth grade and when I was in sixth grade, since we were in the same class. Yeah, so we went to middle school together and then, like, I feel like nothing really stands out on our middle school. We played basketball together. Oh, and then we did um this that same so we did basketball together and that same year we also did this like weird play and the play we did this outside of school and we did this play called the boy who wanted the Willie's. It was about this kid who wanted to be scared. Do you know that? My family still has that? It's on our like media center. I never want to see that ever. We watch it like once a year. I played like four different parts and Lauren was the narrator. Yeah, all I had to do is sit in a chair the whole time and talk. It was fine peak acting there. Yeah, and we thought that maybe I shouldn't say don't say that, but I know you're gonna say like, I have to say we could cut it out later, but do you remember how you're gonna die? We thought that our okay. So on the day of the show, our director made us go out to his car to pick up props and stuff. Yeah, show, and he selected just being Isabel, and so I was sprinted as about like I have nine, one one on speed dial. He tries anything. I remember that. It was like so scary, like why us? MMM? Why the girls? Yeah, it was weird. I guess he said Fuck Gender Rolls. Sure, yeah, that's what he said. Okay. I think next, like a big step in...

...our friendship was when we were we were separated because you were ninth grade and I was in eighth grade. So we had a falling out, didn't we? I feel like we just like grew apart and it was no, there wasn't one fight. It was like, yeah, it was a gradual thing. Yeah, just because, like we weren't in the same building anymore. It was a rough year, what can I say? It was sad. Everything got better when I graduated from eighth grade and we were reunited in the Upper School Lounge, the loud lounge and then the quiet we always yeah whatever, but no, we dominated that lounge. Our friend group took control of it. Is Weird. And then, I don't know, we like that year. We did the musical together. Oh, it was working. We did working terial musical. I had a solo, so you know, I was living. It took I don't know about you, but to me that was like the worst show. Oh, it was the worst, but I had a solo so I didn't care. It was so sad. The way it ended to was like, oh, there's so many other things I could have done with my life, and why didn't I do them? That is not the purpose of the musical, are you? That was the ending of the show. We like away from that was the last line of the show. was like all these things I could have done. No, but okay. I think the purpose of the show was to say, like these little people, you think that their jobs are insignificant, but see that building. That construction guy built that building and you wouldn't be working in it if it wasn't for him. And like it takes little jobs and like little people like that to create something big and beautiful like that building. I think that's true. Also, I have a solo so I don't care o good. And then the next year we boycotted. We boycotted the musical and we started a band. Let's get the band back together. Yeah, this is when we went through our emo phase. That's a good time. We loved emo music. If you, if you, if you were confused in our to all the boys I love before like that two thousand and thirteen tumbler phase. That's what this is. Yeah, it was not good. We listen to all of the warped tour bands, but I didn't like them all, like I liked. I like most of them, but I didn't like all of them and I suffered through it for while, just for the esthetic, for the esthetic, you know, you just got to do it. That's so shameful of us. But this was also when we were deef into our five sexes of summer and one direction phase. Yeah, well, actually that started. We both fell in love with one direction on the same exact day. It was before their first album even came out, but it was after they were on x factor, like somewhere in between there. Yeah, and a girl in our class illegally downloaded all of their music, like the the things that they had out already and like some of their like recordings, and she sent them to us, and so we would always listen to them on our phones. Good Times. This was before people had iphones and before like spotify or anything like that existed, and honestly, like the only way to really find new music for middle school girls was to go on Pandora and like listen to random radio stations. Yeah, good times and good times. But yeah, so we are in a weird cover band. That was not good at all. I'm my end. We like deleted all the videos. You cannot find them an air. We don't even have them, but I wish we had them. I have a video of two of our performances, but but like...

...the ones we put on Youtube, like I do not want to see them, if you couldn't tell based on our deletion of the entirety of that era in our lives. We had a falling out with the third member and said cut the cameras, it's time to time to get rid of this stuff. But Um wait, something else happened that year that was kind of monumental. Oh, Oh, oh, how could I forget? Huge part of my personality during that year was my one direction fan account that I had, but that like turn into five seconds of summer. Yeah, so it was towards the end it was mainly a five seconds of summer fan account, but it started off as direction one. But I feel like I was more popular in the five sauce fandom. Yeah, to the point where I was recognized at a concert wants because I was on the big screen. I like, I know that we have made it when we reach more followers than that account had. Yeah, I had a lot and then I yes them all when I stopped posting. Yeah, but I'm not going to say anything about my account other than that because I don't want anyone to ever recognize me from that because that's so embarrassing. And I had a scandal once. But Um, I remember the next the next year, a defining moment for me was when Zane left the band. I remember crying when I came home from school that day because but at the same time. On the same day, I also find out that my adviser was leaving school and my mom thought I was crying about that and I was like mom, Zane, I remember exactly where I was when I found out that Zay too. Oh, really so. Wait, I was in English class. You know how we had like our little ipads? Yeah, that we had to use in all of our classes. Well, we would just go on message messenger or, yeah, facebook messenger, and then like the message is APP and someone texted in our group chat that Zane left one direction and all the people who were in that group chat and in my class looked up at the same time. We all looked at each other like, but we couldn't say anything because we would have got any trouble. I remember when that happened. I'm so sad. How rude of Zane. I know, I know his solo career did really well and it's still doing really well, but how rude? Yeah, well, like, I don't know what's not because I feel like I feel like then you left, you went to college, and I feel like we also didn't talk much that year. Yeah, that was another transitional year. Yeah, but the next year was when I went to college and I remember the day that I starting to look at stetting abroad. It was the spring of my freshman year and I texted you, or you texted me, and you were like, let's go to Australia together, because we've been planning like that like for a long time, and I was like, Oh my God, like I literally just started looking up schools to go to and you're like, I want to go to Uq, and I was like, I'll go to Uq, they have a program for me and yeah, that like from that moment, like we just like plan it all out and then we went the next spring. Keep in mind that was our plan since like six or seventh grade to go to Australia together. We even so, I think it was like nine or ten grade when five, like one of the five last thems, was like only released in Australia, so I bought an Australian Gift Card on Ebay and then I had to make an Australian items account. So we picked a random house.

Hey, if anyone lives in Lennox Circuit in Oh, I forget what town, but New South Wales, let us know. It's your right outside of Sydney. So yeah, and it was actually an empty lot. Yep. So, like I'm maybe the house or now, but like I think it was like Potsville or something. But anyway, yeah, so we had like a house for like we got to go to like visit this like street and yeah, just so it is like some extra songs. We visited Sydney but we never visited that street. But that's okay. Well, I didn't go to Sydney anyway. So Oh, yeah, okay. Well, next time we're going to Sydney, because I feel like, okay, it wasn't my favorite place, but like, yeah, Bondai, I feel like you have to go to the icebergs and take one instagram and then leaves about when I traveled. We were we traveled to Australia together from Pennsylvania, like we went on this trip together. We were roommates for the almost the entire part of it started off like two days. Yeah, it started off we were on different floors, but then I switched over to be her roommate. So we lived in an open double together, and that was honestly, like the most fun experience I've ever had, like being your roommate, because it was so sick me. Okay, she may have coughed so loudly every night, but it was just really fun because, like, it's about and I like had sleepovers and stuff like that growing up like almost every weekend, but it was nice to like actually be able to like live with my best friend and every night. I'd hear long ago, there is one week where I had to write over thirtyzero words or something crazy like that. Yeah, it's typing. Of I felt like my brain was going to combust that week. It was such a fun time. Yeah, so we were roommates there and then we also went to Thailand together and we went on a trip there and it was just so much fun. It's like hard to believe it was two years ago now. I know it's so I didn't so depressed. I like look, I like my snapchat memories like it. We left on the thirteen of February and then we got there in the fifteen and we never experienced Valentine's Day year and I just like it's like hard like looking at the pictures because it's just like it was like a really fun time. I know I was like the happiest that I've literally ever been in my entire life when I was there, so great that I peeked so young. Yeah, okay, still chasing that high, but it's fine. Yeah, but I mean after that you've kind of all been on the journey. was with us for the last year. Yeah, but, yeah, I feel like that's like our timeline. You have life. What movie or show is your favorite that we've watched for the PODCAST so far? You can do movie an show, or like movie or show. I think honestly, after was my favorite just because, like it's so funny. It's so funny and it's not right. The parts where they're not trying to be funny are the funniest parts, like when he's running after the ans. I just cut the cameras. I can't. I feel like whenever, like I know, it's like whenever it's a good we always like end and really like that was a good one because we like we know, like we thought we were funny and like we were probably actually funny and like, no, I'm kidding, probably were, but like, I know,... for the Queen's game we were like that's a good one, and then like for after, like how could we not do after? How could we not? Yeah, what was your favorite. No, I think those who are my favorite. Oh, okay, what do you like best about our podcast? You now, I just like like that it's us. You know, I I like being able to just talk and like reminisce about things, but also, I don't get like I like it because it gave us a reason to keep talking to each other and hang out in the midst of everything that was going on, and it was just kind of not not normal, but a new normal. And I even though I couldn't see I could see you every week because I was I wondn't see anybody else. I we made you went on the walk with my mom and there are people out there, but that was it. Didn't answer you. Um, I think my favorite thing is also the fact that there's a time each week where you and I can just like sit down and talk and have fun, and I also think that there's a lot of movie review podcasts out there, but I think that we kind of like bring something new to the table with kind of incorporating like our jokes and our friendship. Like we have good chemistry, and I also like how we can like think critically about a movie but also like throw in some of our own experiences into it, and I don't know, I feel like that's what makes us like unique, and we're also like Gen z. So I feel like the space is dominated by millennials right now and I don't know, I feel like we're we're kind of Gen z trying to slide in there. Wen't want to be Gentz. You have to embrace it. Like we get millennials, we get Gen Z, but we're that sellennial perspective. Yeah, we get the best of both worlds here. We're Handa Montana. Yeah, that was a very genzy thing for me to say, but I mean, yeah, we're out of questions. If you have more, feel free to like DM with us. are like write among Youtube or whatever. Yeah, so, I mean, I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you for getting us to a thousand followers. Let's get to whatever's next. Let's get to K come on, guys, we could do this. I mean, like, who knows? I never thought we'd make it here. So but anyway, thank you so much for listening and we will see you in the next episode with a movie review. Thank guys. By Bun.

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