How Have We Never Seen This Before?
How Have We Never Seen This Before?

Season 2, Episode 2 · 2 years ago

Love in the Time of Corona: "You Can't Quarantine Love!"


In Season 2 Episode 2, Isabel and Lauren discuss the new mini-series, Love in the Time of Corona.

Join us as we talk about how old couples are cute and sad, how nothing like this show has ever been done before, and how it really missed the mark. 

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Hi Everyone, welcome back to how we never seen this before. This week we discussed love in the time of Corona. Stay tuned to hear US talk about how old couples are, sad and cute, how nothing like this show has ever been done before and how it also really missed the mark. This is a podcast where two best friends talk about movies they've never seen before. I'm Isabelle and I'm Lauren, and this is how have we never seen this before? The winner of this week's contest is one of my good friends, aiden. Congratulations, aiden, and if you want to be given a shadow at the beginning of one of our episodes, make sure to follow us on Instagram at how have we never podcast and check out our instagram story every week. Hi Everyone, and welcome back to how have we never seen this before? We are on episode two of season two and we're watching love in the time of Corona. There's a lot to be said, not a lot. We kind of come to the consensus that we didn't like our apologies to the creators. Oh m. before I begin, I'd like to say I thought this was a reality TV dating show. So did I. I was very disappointed. Oh my God, same and there's a lot of things that are wrong with this and I just couldn't get into it. And there's like something that Lauren thinks that I was thinking and I'm not sure if it's going to be a repeat offul last week where I got it. Probably opposite things, but we'll see when we get there. So, before we get into like how they recorded this show in a pandemic and why we don't like it. So basically this show, if you've ever seen this, is us. It's sort of like that. Lauren has it. Okay, so us won't work for everyone, but there are a lot of characters and they all have their own storyline and it jumps in between each storyline while they're all trying to maneuver being married or starting relationships or one of the the plot lines is an older woman and her husband's in a nursing home. So there's a lot of different story lines and they're like sort of all connected, but also not. And it was, I don't know, like it was like you you went like halfway there. Maybe you should have kept going or not done at at all. Yeah, I think they thought they were being clever or something by having them connect. Ever, so slightly. Yeah, it was just like you didn't really need to put that in there. HMM. The show is also on free form, so you know it's going to be very cheesy and very cringey, and it's also a limited series, so there were only four episodes and we decided to watch all of them and we really suffered doing that so much. Yeah, and when you told me that there were only four episodes, I was like, Oh, so this series is still going on, like they're only four episodes in. Yeah, but it's over. Yes, Um, I just felt like everything wrapped up too quickly. It was kind of like a half baked show, like yeah, no one, no character, got to develop and their problems began and ended so quickly. And, yeah, it all wrapped up so nicely at the end and it was kind of annoying. Yeah, it was just very strange. Okay, so I've been doing some research and reading some articles. I think I found this on a CNN article. They did an interview with the woman who created the show and basically, so for casting they found actors who were already quarantining together, like the people who play James, and said James is played by Leslie Odom Jr and they they're already married or they're already a couple. So they both acted in the show together since they were living together, which is I think is kind of cool. Like, once I found out how this show was filmed and put together, it kind of made me respect it just just a teeny tiny bit. And so after they figured out the casting people, who are who were already living together, they the crew sat in separate pod tents...

...outside the actors homes and they would give them robotic cameras and gimbals to set up and they would basically direct them virtually outside their house and set up sound and stuff like that outside their house and Mike them and the crew sat outside and then on the inside of the houses, the actors adjusted the cameras based on the feedback from the crew. And Yeah, so they film the whole thing in two weeks. HMM, it shows, but I think it's kind of crazy how they were able to get out a freeform show so fast and stream it, because it was filmed in like either march, April or May and it's out already. And so they filmed it in two weeks and they probably only had a few weeks to edit it as well and send it to post, which I think is kind of impressive, but also the writing's terrible. Everything about the show is terrible, but I think the production was kind of impressive, especially because no one's done something like that before. Yeah, that's like I agree, and makes me appreciate the show a little bit more knowing that. But it also makes sense. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I didn't. I didn't know any of that. I was waiting for your explanation on that. So, considering that they wrote it, or whenever they wrote it or filmed it, I couldn't figure out when this was set. I guess it was like April maybe. I think it was end of April into the beginning of May. Yeah, because the person's, the old couple's anniversary is like may fifteen or something, something around that date, and it ends on their anniversary. So I think it was April going into May. Yeah, it was just like they're like, yeah, I have this anniversary party and we didn't know when it was. Yeah. So, like where are we in this timeline? Some really important things that they were they should have mentioned in the very first episode, took so long to get to. Around episode three or four things started to make sense, like setting, like place and time, like all those things. Names, names exactly, Um, genders, even I like. Okay, so that was my thing. That's the thing that I was thinking of. Like am I an idiot, or did they never say their names? Because the entire first episode I was searching for names. I was like, I can't miss, I can't miss, I know there's going to be so many characters. And then I didn't get any names in the first episode, I got maybe one or two in the second and then I still didn't have all of them by the end. Yep, I had to look up everyone's name to like figure it out. I only remembered James, Oscar and GIG. I had James L, which is I didn't have Oscar, I had l which is his friend, and I knew GIG, but I didn't really count that person. And Adam, the neighbor. Adam, sorry, I'm on vine right now. Well, I guess we should talk about the characters and introduce them all. Okay, so the first people that you're introduced to is a man and his wife and they have a baby. So it's James, who's played by Leslie Dam Jr. His wife, who I don't know her name and they are baby Charlie of her hands. Her name is saide said. Okay, I never got that. So their first like real issue or like some trouble that they face is that James once another baby, but the wife, Sade, doesn't really want it right now, and it's really like back and forth about, oh we now that the wife is like talking about it to this friend. She's like, Oh, maybe I do want a baby, and then she's like yes, I want to baby, and then they start trying for a baby and then they add in the killing of a mad arbory and it like really shifts James Opinion About having another child. And then he he told her that he never wants another child at all, and it's and but she's like very unghosted and telling a lot of people about it. And there's also like a second plotline that James wasn't spending enough time at home before. So that's like now that he's home, she thought things would be better, but now it's like worse because he didn't want another baby and it's just like a big old...

...maths but and I think like his story also ties in. It's mostly like James Story and it ties in with his mother and then his younger, maybe maybe older brother, but that's like another storyline, kind of. Yeah, the storyline that they're kind of connected to because their family is you say her name Nanda. I didn't get her name. Okay, let's just call her grandma. Okay. So you have James's mom, I call her grandma, and she is very cute. Um, she is a very good chef. She's always cooking things and she is planning a lawn party or some sort of like anniversary party for her husband, Charlie, or Charles, Charles, who is currently in the hospital or like it looks like a Rehab Yeah, yes, so he has dementia and he is there planning on getting him home because they okay, all the characters in this show think that quarantine is going to end by the beginning of May, which is bizarre because all the way back in April, like the beginning of April, we knew that the stayathome order was pushed back until the end of May anyway, especially for California, because they were in like a really bad state. Yeah, exactly. So some of that doesn't line up with reality. Him, like they the only time we ever thought that coronavirus was just going to last like two weeks. was like at the beginning of March when the first stay at home order was put in place. We were like, Oh, we just need to quarantine for two weeks, then will be fine, it'll all be lifted, it'll be gone. And then things took a turn like a few days into those two weeks. We're like yeah, never mind. Yeah. So basically all of the characters, it kind of ties into their stories or under the assumption that they'll be getting on with their lives soon, when like that didn't actually happen, for for California especially. But so the day that he's supposed to get out of the Nursing Home Rehab Facility is the day that the stayathome order was supposedly supposed to be lifted. And so they they struggle with his dementia and then we get introduced to the strange Sun. His name is DDRICH. Dead, I can't drink. Yeah, I think it's drink DDRIK. Okay. So he was recently laid off from his job. Um, he has a guitar. I'm assuming it has something to do with music, and so he reaches out to the grandma and asks her to. He asked her to take him in and so she says yes, but she also wants him to reach out to the rest of the family to kind of reform their relationship. And so, yeah, that's kind of her the grandma's like storyline. She's working with her strange son to build their relationship back up again and she's trying to plan a party for her husband, who has dementia. Then you have nurse Maggie, who is a Charles is nurse. And then who else is in that storyline? Oh, we also have a Daya who is set on the video camera. Yeah, that's said sister. We never get her name, I'm pretty sure. Never. Okay, okay, Um. And so she recently moved in with her boyfriend that she just started virtually dating for cornss. Yeah, she has tick Tock bangs and she moved in with him so she could have sex with him and then she ends up getting coronas just so hard. It just there just like yeah, now she has it like that. Doesn't make any sense if she was doing exactly what she was supposed to be doing. She was quarantining and not leaving the house. So how does she get it? It was like it was just very all of a sudden she's like, Yep, I have it and we'll see. Yeah, we don't know she lives or she eyes, because she was like kind of sick when we last see her and she's like the doctor says it could take a turn on week two and then we never find out anything about her again. Yeah, that was so weird. Yeah, okay, you can talk about the next family. So like also they're kind of in the storyline. This is...

...where they like tried to connect them. So this kid, this girl, I thought she was a redhead. I don't know her name, but she like comes home from college and so it's like kind of Oh, like probably the people watching this show or like kids who came from college and or grumpy or whatever. She had come home from college to live with her parents and she was going to have her boyfriend like quarantine with them, but he breaks up with her in the day before Quarantine Tou goes to happen. And there's also this so this other storyline in their family that the dad and the mom are actually separated and they were going to tell her when she came home from college, but she came home because of quarantine and then her boyfriend broke up with her and it just didn't seem make the right time. So they've been trying to keep it secret this whole time. And the DAD also has a girlfriend who sucks. And the MOM is like, like I put my career on hold to raise our kid and like you were alive, like not like a lot. She was like she said that to him. She was like why weren't you this alive when we were together? So that was like kind of their separation story. But it's kind of a because Sade says the same thing to James. And so you have Sarah and Paul, like the two parents, having the same issues that James and saide have. Like can you? Can you just leave it to like one couple to have that issue? Yeah, and also so the their kid, the redhead girl, she's like her. One of her teachers in high school was the grandma. So they got an invitation to their their anniversary party. I okay, like that wasn't necessary. And like other plot lines within that family is like, I guess Paul is a dad. His girlfriend follows the girl on in Sophom that's her name. What is her name? Sophie? Sophie. Okay, so she followed gg follows sophie on Instagram and is like commenting on all her posts and like she sends so one of the Nights Sophie sneaks out for a party because she's trying to make her ex boyfriend jealous, and then someone post a picture of her on line and Gigi sends it to Paul and they're like all, my mom's got corona now and everything's ruined. And but then, since they haven't told Sophie that they're separated, she's like she scrolls through Gigi's account and is like, Oh my God, my dad having an affair and they're like no, like we're separated, but then they're like, we're just gonna get back together. That's so much to put your kid, Gigi. Yep, do we ever actually find out what happens with GIG and Paul? I think they break up in the DAD said, I want to stay with my family. Okay, that's going to lease. Can we just talk about how annoying so if he is, she sucks. She goes with Sarah Laurence. So like that's that's enough to know what her personality is. No offense to anyone who goes to Sarah Lawrence, but, you know, not my cup of tea. And she was like talking. She talked about how obnoxious it was for Jordan to be going out, and like not going out as in like partying, but just like leaving his house during quarantine, but then goes to a party to make him jealous, a corona theme Party, like, Oh my God, are you? Yeah, it's almost as if some boomer wrote the this, this whole entire script. Well, okay, I have. I have some thoughts on who wrote the script, but we'll get into that later. But First Sophie storyline. It seems like a boomer wrote the script and just like thinks that's how all, like all college students act. Just like, okay, yeah, a lot of them do that. But then there are most people, like in May, March through May, stayed quarantine, did not leave their house. Yeah, and then there's one other storyline. WHO ASK her out? Oh, I forgot about that. I was your Oh that's me. Okay, so you have Oscar and l. There are two best friends who are a little too close, in my opinion, definitely in some scenes. And so l plays the guitar, she is in... with Oscar, or at least she thinks, but then she kind of creepily likes her neighbor. Um, okay. The shower. They just like watch this man shower outside, like how do you think that's okay? First of all, that's predatory behavior and second of all, who what's shower naked outside when your neighbors have a balcony and can watch you and see you? I know. And he was like my like I flipping houses and my showers like the bathroom is being renovated, but like put some bathing suit shorts on, man, you have some swim trunks. I don't want to see that. Yeah. So Ella is also really annoying because she's kind of an elitist. She thinks that she's really unique because she reads books, like Wow, thank you, um. So I kind of hate her. There's Oscar. Their non binary and they start virtually dating this guy named Shawn. Oscar is a stylist and I like their makeup. That's all I have. Let me see, Um, oh, I all. Well, that's all I have. For Oscar, I have shown. Okay, well, for for Oscar and for l they like set up dates for each other. They find someone on tinder or whatever and swipe right and then they go on dates with the people that l pick for Oscar Oscar pick for L, and that's how they are. How Oscar Meets Sean. And the person that L set up with isn't great. H Yeah, the person that Oscar sets'll up with is super into DC comic, DC comics of all comics, to be intoot. I'm like, this is free form. You have to use marvel. Sorry. Well, I feel like they use DC because they made him seem like such a loser. Yeah, so like, why don't we give him DC comics to like? But Um, yeah, so the guy, we didn't catch his name, but the guy that Oscar sets l up with, super into DC comics. He also asks to see her boobs after the conversation go south, which is super weird and I don't think anyone would do that. But yeah, then you have sewn. Sean is the person that L sets Oscar up with, and he has a past of hooking up with a lot of people whom he speaks French. That's what that was one of my like favorite moments, just like one of the few. I was just like, oh, he speaks friend. Yeah, the only redeeming quality of the show is Oscar speaking or not? Oscar sewans French and he's also Canadian, so that also makes him just an elite human being. Yeah, he's dual citizenship, so he can escape whenever he wants, unlike the rest to us. Yeah, Oh, and then you have Adam, the neighbor that l falls for. So Adam, you first think that he's some sort of handy man who exclusively wears car heart. However, you soon find out that he can read. Oh, and he also so he flips houses for a living, but he is a writer, and so this is so annoying. I hate it. Once he like well, he starts to fall for l they start calling each other and stuff. She throws a book at him. He gives her normal people to read, and so he's an elitist to he writes, starts writing a book. Guess what the book is called. Love in the time of Corona. I've never wanted to punch someone more in my entire life. And if it's the same plot as the show, it's not going anyway. I really don't think it will be receiving a Poultzer Prize, unfortunately. So, oh, the only person that we don't we have? We missed two people so far. Yeah, yes, so we missed M Charlie, the baby, who we never get to see. Yeah, it's nothing. Exists. I guess. Um like they couldn't find a couple who had a... to act for the show, or they just didn't want to write a baby in, like give a baby any lines because Um, like filming with babies is really unpredictable, and so they only had two weeks. So they just never show always napping. They never show the kid, like, is he alive if he's always napping? That's what happens. It's a girl. Oh, Charlie's a girl. Okay, sorry, Charlie's a girl. Good Luck, Charlie. So, yeah, we never see Charlie. I how was I supposed to know she's a girl? Never seen, as they say, big sister. Okay, yeah, so sorry, I missed Ali man. You sorry from misgendering the baby in the show. But yes, so we never see Charlie. And then the only person we have left is sophie's friend, the girl that convinces her to go to the coronavirus party, the one with the Gucci Mass Yeah, her only quality is that she wears a Gucci Mask and doesn't take the virus seriously. Yeah, that's yeah, so that's the lovely cast that we have. So, like my next few notes are like I separated it so like I have my cringey moment section, my scenes and quotes that stood out, and then my good plot points, which is none. I like I have two lines, but they're not like plot points. It was just like, Oh, maybe I'll like this. Okay, so do you want to go to? I don't know, scenes that stood out and then cringey moments and then good plot points. So we high, low and then a high. Yeah, okay, I think that's a good idea. Yeah, I only had high points four. Episodes one and two are at least like the scenes that sit out. So all bread mine and then you read yours. Okay, okay. So for episode one, when we first meet Oscar and l they're like they just like do tick tock challenges, which I don't know. I was like that's like kind of Cringey, but I was also like no one else was doing anything else at that time either. So that one into my cringe section, unfortunately. And then so the other one is the very, very first scene of the show. It made me like have high hopes, but then it was downhill from this point on. But you see James and Sade and he's putting on gloves and a mask and like full on goggles just to go to the grocery store, and I could stop laughing because that's what my mom was like at the very beginning of all this. Oh my God, we couldn't, like no one has allowed to go to the grocery store but her. She went at seven in the morning on like a Thursday, a random day, so there would because many people, and then she would take all of our groceries put them out. We have this like outside building and she put them out there and then wiped all of them down and we couldn't touch them for three days. So shoot, that's like it was like, Oh, I don't want to relive my march through my that's kind of how my family was, except we instat carded everything, but we'd have to wipe it all off with disinfect and wipes and unfortunately we did buy stuff from Amazon. Um, I'm sorry, but whenever we like bought stuff from Amazon, we or any package, we left it in the garage for a few days because we really were. We're that passionate about staying safe, and we still ended up getting the virus. Yeah, casually snurvive coronavirus. But yeah, so my other like points for the show in episode two is when we find out that I just caught him. Thirteen reasons. Why? Guy, because I didn't know his name. Awesome. Who Does Oscar playing? Thirteen reasons? Why? I don't know, I don't remember. You. Sure, positive, absolutely positive. But I just wrote that the guy who's dating speaks French and I was like that's fun. When what we and then he also like lists off a bunch of like cheesy you pick up lines about like the virus, and then I just thought the first one he said was cute and it's Um, you can't spell virus about you, and I that was also in my cringe section. That's all I had, though. I was like I need something good for for me. Are you done? Yeah, it's making sure for me. The fact that Paul and Sarah kind of kept their separation from their child and like...

...lived with her and didn't tell her Um, that was kind of bizarre. However, it was even more bizarre because when she finds out all she has to say is my parents are Suss as hell. The why? Why is she talking like that? Um, yeah, so that happened. Oh what? Hmm, good, these are the good ones. These are the things that stood out. Yeah, that that really stood out. Okay, HMM. Oh, okay, Um, when Ellen Oscar hooked up, we forgot to mention that. Oh, I put that in cringe. Oh, yeah, that was that was cringey. But I feel like it really stood out to me because, first of all, it was so bizarre because they were reading their childhood diaries to each other and then they just started making out all of the sudden, and then they had sex, and then Oscar was like, I guess I'm leaving you, Sewan, because I'm supposed to be in love with L and then l was like no, no, don't worry about it, you should be with Shawan, and then they were both like okay, other story ends. But also I was Elsa to Adam. She was like yeah, I like I. Twenty minutes after they wake up next to each other, she's like yeah, so I guess Oscar and I are in a relationship now. Yeah, Huh, now that no, you don't drunkenly hook up with your roommate and then say that you're in a relationship now. They didn't even talk to each other yet. She just like, Yep, we're in a relationship. I was like no, no, no, you're not. That's why I hate l anyway, sorry, keeping I have a Paul and Sarah end up together at the end and I hate it because not everyone has a happy ending, which I'll get into and I have when I explained my problem with the plot points. Oh, everyone at the end ends up being with who they want to and then they also end up being friends, lovers and family again. Yeah, but not all three at the same time. Oh, moving on. Oh, there's also a dumb car anniversary party at the end outside of nursing home. That Charlie Stink Charles charld, not the baby Charles. Yeah, so there's a drive by party. That's what that's what they call it, right, a drive by party, I think so it sounds doesn't sound right when I say it, but Um, yeah, so, James Is there, said is there. The baby is not there. I don't know how they found a babysitter. Diedrich is there. Obviously grandma and GRANDPA are hosting the parties. Of there, there, James. Oh, I already said Ellen Oscar aren't there. Wait. Yeah, why are they going? Wait? But the only way that their story connects is that at the very end Oscar and Shaun are back together and Sean has a plane fly a massive banner through the sky. That's something about love doesn't stop because of Corona, something like that, and then the same banner flies over their party. Yeah, I wouldn't say that's so annoying. They're going to connect all of the storylines, except there's yeah, so mad. That's why I was like you, like really, like got halfway there and then really, HMM, whatever. Yeah, okay, so that's basically all I had. That was kind of a cluster fuck of information. I mean, we can move on to the cringey moments. Then, God, should we talk about plot points and then moments like cringey or bad plot points and or cringey moments? I just did cringey moments because the whole thing was cringey plot point to me. So can I talk about my issues with the plot? Yeah, okay, so I believe that a robot wrote the script. It's almost as if they tried to jam in as many buzz words as they could possibly come up with, like they created some sort of algorithm filled with every news headline from March until they yeah, and a robot wrote a script for that. Like they say mask virus, quarantine, social distancing, shelter. This sculpture has been sheltering in place like still. Why? Yeah,...

...that was like my thing. Like throughout all the episodes, it's like every thing that they talked about is like, Oh, this is what you're supposed to do in quarantine, and like this is, like, I didn't say it as eloquently as you just did, but as every like they just keep trying to be on trend this entire time. It's like, I don't know, it's like I'm over this. I don't want I don't want you to be on the quarantine trend. I want to be thinking about something else now. Yeah, like we, we have to endure like so much right now as a people, as people, people on the earth, have to endure so much right now and I don't want to be reminded of how awful this time has been. I want to immerse myself in something that makes me feel good and not anxious. Yeah, so it's like moments like when they say like Oh, this shelter has been this sculpture has been sheltering in place. Or like when they think that Sarah has the virus, they say, do you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath? Like it's just stuff like that that I really grinds my gears. It's kind of like when, Um, I write an article and I try to fit as many SEO terms as I can into it to gain views on my article. It's like they did that with this show. Yeah, yeah, they really did. Is that you're do a more plot points? Yeah, but I feel bad for hunting. I mean, how about I like say a few moments and then you like add in a plot point? Okay, like Adam a moment so we can break up the anger the anchor. Um. My other cringey moment in episode one was that Oscar and L we're watching Adam shower. Yep, just and it's not like kind of like sneaky. It's like we're gonna stand at the edge of our balcony and look over at him. It's gross. It's gross, like why would you add that in? There's other ways, like just like watch him working in the backyard. Yeah, don't watch him showering making yeah, what about one? Um Ellen Oscar are taking it bath together and Oscar is shaving l's legs. Yeah, and but else in a baby dude then. Yeah, and we don't know what Oscars wearing. We just like good, but why can't you put Adam in a bathing suit? Exactly. It's gross. And then in season or season two, I hope they season an, episode two, it's like very, very clear that the dad and the mom are gonna Hook Up. Oh yeah, like the way they're like looking at each other and talking. It's just like, Um, no thanks. And they also like do this dance party thing. So you're lappy. Oh please, know that doesn't share anybody. That makes me sad. Actually, that hurts my soul. I also, I guess it's also kind of a plot point, though. It really bothered me how L and Oscar had this massive like House apartment that they lived in, a la that they definitely could not afford. Oh Yeah, Oscar is a stylist, right, so they probably are not making any money because they can't style anyone at this moment. And then L is a singer songwriter who hasn't made anything that anyone has listened to ever. She wrote one jingle, which is not enough to live on. Like, yeah, jingles like it can bring in good money, but like that's not enough for you. Like one is not enough for you to live off of. Nope, really know, unless you're the person that says, what's one eight hundred empire today? Oh No, it's not a wait, it's it one. It's one eight hundred, five hundred and eighty eight, two three hundred empire today. I think everyone across the country's heard that one. Yeah, that's I hope that guy's probably a billionaire. Yeah, Jeff bezos is shaking in his boots. He's queaking. Um, my other, my one, other, like cringey. Thing four, episode two was when Sophie decided that it was a good idea to take a picture of her parents sleeping and then post it online with Hashtag relationship goals. Yeah, I had what I wrote that down to like her, first of...

...all, sleeping with her parents at the age of eighteen or nineteen is kind of weird to begin with, and then, Um, taking a picture of her parents sleeping taking she just like films the weirdest things, and it's kind of makes me feel a little weird her relationship with her parents. She also like made her mom move out of her spot and bed. She's like, I'm not sleeping in the middle, like you move over, but like what person, like are you like that selfish? Like that's your mom's bed, like she can stay in her spot exactly. It would have been weird, though, she slept between them, though. It's like the whole thing's weird. So either way, being like mom, move over. So that happened. Waits. I really speaking of online Um, when a l is like running upstairs to avoid Oscar says that she's going to check the CDC website to see if they have any other updates. Like tell me that a robot wrote that, like it was not a human robot. Yeah, yeah, it's like when you like force a Bot to watch like a thousand episodes or like read a thousand pages of something and then have them right a script. Exactly. It's like they did that with news headlines. I like the one where it's like an olive garden, like you watch all running commercial like understand infinite breadst I like the one where, Um, they watch like every musical, every musical script. Yeah, they're good, Um, but for episode three. I really didn't like write anything cringey down. I did. Okay, you take over that one. Is episode three, when Sean says he's not virtually seeing anyone else. I think so. Yeah, why did he have to say virtually? That's what I want to know. Seeing other people in persons, suking up with other people, he's dating around, but he's virtually not seeing the perfect way to get around cheating on your Bartner. Yeah. Oh, also, I think that's the episode where we see Gege's instagram and she has captions like Pie plus Latte's equals pilates. You're like, that doesn't make sense. First of all, I loved like whoever wrote this has never used instagram in their life. It was a robot of robot, a boomer robot. They boomers invented this robot to make this script and to attack Gen Z and millennials. Honestly, I think you're right. I'm convinced. So. Also, on this episode, said cries over burned biscuits and then says to James, I burnt my biscuits, but what if we're toast? wrote this. I hate it. He's like, did you burn that too? Yeah, like Noah, talks like that. Oh, and then the last thing I have about this one is Um, Oscar and l make fun of or no, maybe this is episode four, but it's somewhere around there. Oscar and LM Make Fun of Lesbians, which is just like not a good look for them. Maybe I don't. I don't think I picked up on that. I probably wouldn't paying yeah, they were like, oh, we're jumping into this relationship too quickly. What are we lesbians like? Why? That's such a tasteless joke. Like, why would you insert that? Yeah, it's awful. Yeah, especially that's episode for though. I felt sorry. That's great. Oh, it's it's especially annoying for like a free form show who tries so hard to be what they think is inclusive. Yeah, like four, episode four, though, I don't know. Like the cringerous thing is that you realize they slept together and that l thinks they're quote unquote together and like breaks up with Adam Because, oh, we're in a relationship now. God, that that was it. I think I have one. Paul and Sophie Imitate Italian accents and have that weird night in Venice for Sarah, and then I wrote Sophie Films the whole thing, which is so annoying.

Like I it's so like Sarah's supposed to like be going to Italy to write a travel article for conneas and it gets canceled and they like do this night in Venice for her, which is like sweet but also like what? Yeah, and tasteless. And Yeah, at the end, Sean Sends Oscar that really dumb plane confessing his love. Yeah, because they say I love you to each other at the end of it. Well, Oscar says I love you too, Sean, but Sewan doesn't say it back, which is like acceptable because, Um, I feel like they've only been dating for a few days, virtually dating. They haven't even met in real life. So, yeah, and then everything's connected at the very end and that's about it. Yep. Oh wait, I have a few more moments from episode one. Oh good. Um, so something that I've really fathered me was when, Um, they blatantly have product placement like the core. I don't know what kind of drink it is. It's like coconut water. They like have really annoying promust water. That's just water. Yeah, so that's annoying and very la and then when Sophie's lying in bed with the bag of lace. But that's also annoying, like I see right through that. I didn't pick up on any of that. So, like you really didn't get me there. Oh, sorry, getting yeah, so that was weird. Oh, and then l talking about Cactus pancakes that she ate one time went after hiking in La, because she's elitist. I hate her. Yeah, she was like when she was talking to that her first date on Myne they were like listing off all these places. There's like, okay, like name drop every place in La. Okay, no one else cares. One cares. Oh, and Sean talking about how he used to live in the meat packing district of New York. New York. Yeah, yeah, New York. And he's like they don't call it the meat packing disc drape for nothing. Then you're like why did you need to insert that? Please stop. Um, I'm on. The last thing I have is when l professes her love to Oscar, she says that she wants to have babies, like I want to. I want to be a person you have babies with, get married and why? That's so weird. Like yeah, and I mean like moving on to the really good plot points. The only thing I said, well only two things I said, was I think the old couple will be my favorite plot line, unless the man dies, then I'll cry. And at the very end they said I think Adam is my favorite character. Adams Great, I love him. Like see when you when I started this and then was like four episodes, I was like, okay, it'll keep going. There's a lot of like the old man could die. Yeah, that always gives me, just saying, are you a fan of the notebook? No, I kind of follows that plot line. Yeah, what I liked about the show? I appreciate how they were able to film this show and I like Oscars makeup. They have really nice makeup. I like how Sean can speak French. The GRANDPA is so cute. I want to try some of Nanda's cooking, the grandma her cooking, and I liked the part where the grandma explains her wedding day with the GRANDPA and I may have thought about perhaps crying, but then I remembered how bad the show is and that it's not worth my tears. Yeah, yeah, I think the like what we can take away from this is that old couples are cute and sad. It's about it. Maybe, maybe, like don't write shows about coronavirus in quarantine. That was the other thing I kind of wanted to like talk about. My problem the plot. Like jump in whenever like you want to say something. But this show isn't really about regular people dealing with the virus. It's kind of...

...about rich people who live in La and they're super like modern, open concept apartments and houses, who haven't been displaced or are in any sort of financial trouble. Like you kind of get that with de Drich, but his story isn't at the forefront of the show at all. Yeah, yeah, and like it doesn't follow any essential workers or any it kind of so it touches on the black people who are disproportionately affected by it, but only through sophie an, an annoying white girl, talking about how black people are disproportionately affected by the virus to her racist boyfriend and then going to a party. So, yeah, yeah, do you have anything to add to that? No, I don't. Do you agree? Disagree? I agree, I agree. Okay, I just I'm like disappointed in the show. Like I wanted to like I would not keep watching this. I wanted to stop after episode one, but I told learn that I would at least do episode two, when she was like, there's only four, keep going, so I did. Yeah, then I regretted it. Oh, I have another good thing about the show. Yeah, we, we can appreciate the fact that each episode is only thirty minutes. Yeah, no, well, honestly, they're really like twenty four because no commercials. I had ads, except for the last one. The last one was like almost forty minutes. Last one I had to skip through. Honestly, sorry, I didn't watch all of them in full. I had to. But yeah, this show made me feel so sad and like, if you're going to film a show during this time and you're going to do something so unique like the way that they film this, they could have made it have Um, like a more happier like plot than just like people living in the coronavirus, because they didn't do it right to begin with, and it the show doesn't okay, a lot of people are having a lot of trouble getting out of bed in the morning because quarantine has been so hard for them. People are homeless or unemployed. They can barely afford to feed their families. There are children who are not eating right now, and it doesn't show any of that. Like I don't care about your your modern farmhouse mansion in La. I don't care to see how you are doing. Like this doesn't show normal family struggling with the virus. It shows people who are privileged in La Right now and a very surface level, touches on black issues, which is annoying because if you're going to do it, you should go all in. And, Um, yeah, it makes me feel alone because it doesn't show that people are having a tough time mentally right now. Like if you're depressed right now, if you are struggling with your mental health right now, you seem alienated watching the show. Yeah, I'm like everything works out and even like saying sister, like she just like has someone she moves in, like like everything works out, like even though James wants his mom not to bring D Drinkin, like everything he comes and then everything good and it's like, I don't know. Yeah, like we reach six million cases this week, like the virus is not over, so the show can't be reflecting on the virus like it's over. Like we don't have a happy ending right now. The ending is still we're still in it. We're not at the end yet, but this show treats the virus like we're at the end and looking back on it. Yeah, yeah, and I also like, I do you know who the show was written for, like, who is meant to watch this, like their target? No idea, and I couldn't tell you, like, I don't know. Yeah, it doesn't, like I doesn't fit for anyone. No, I can't think of a group, some sort of demographic like age or like anything that this would fit into. Yeah, I've knowing you. It's very weird. It's a very weird show. Now, if it had been like a virtual dating show, could have gotten into that. Yeah, and I feel like I would have made more sense. Yeah, or like if they had made this a show that the virus wasn't the center of HM, like just to like show families like in their relationships. There's a lot of different ways this could go. That would do all be better. Yeah, would you keep watching this? Um, I think I'M gonna have to go with no here.

Yeah, well, that's rough that we didn't get a good one and not what we thought would be at all. But what a sad ending to this episode. I mean give it, give us something good for next week. Everybody like anything else? Wait, I'm gonna try to find a happy thing to to bring up for the end. The only thing I have is sean can speak French. Say lavy God. Yeah, I can't find anything. All right. Well, if you'd like happier episodes from us and more lovely content, you can follow us on instagram. How we never podcasts, and also like us on facebook. Oh, we have twitter. Now we have twitter. Note it's at. How we never at however, never podcast is too long. We're also getting all of our episodes up on Youtube if you prefer to listen through Youtube, and you can find us wherever you find your podcast. I guess just type in how we never seen this before podcast on Google and there's lots of options that come on something we didn't even know of. H so that's fun. This was a this was a show and a sad excuse for a show, and we'll see you next week. Bye. Bye. Hey, congratulations, you've made it to the end of our podcast. We hope you enjoyed listening. How have we never seen this before? Is produced by is B barone. The music is by Scott Holmes. The podcast art is by Michael Beaumont over at monitor comics, and our social media is run by Lauren Coola. Thanks for listening.

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