How Have We Never Seen This Before?
How Have We Never Seen This Before?

Season 1, Episode 1 · 1 year ago

Rocky: “Yo, Adrian!”


In Episode 1, Isabel and Lauren discuss the classic 1976 Philly movie Rocky, directed by John G. Avildsen.
Join us as we try to wrap our heads around Rocky and Adrian's relationship, some bad stage fighting, and the meat punching phenomenon. 

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Hi Everyone, and welcome to howhave we never seen this before? This is a podcast where two best friendsdiscuss iconic movies that nine the rest have ever seen before, although we probablyshould have seen them a long time ago. I'm Isabel and I'm Lauren and thisis how have we never seen this before? Hope you enjoy so,for the first film that we were going to discuss, one and I decidedon rocky, because both of us are from the Philly area, were kindof from the outskirts, and it just seemed appropriate that that would be thefirst episode. Larnen and I are both also Italian, but not as heavilyItalian as rocky is, and Lauren and I have also both been too pats, which they go to in the movie, and we also both run up theart museum stairs. And Yeah, so even though we've done all thosethings, it's still pretty embarrassing that we've never seen rocky. We get madefun of all the time and people always say, have you never seen rockybefore? So we decided to watch it and with that, let's get rightinto the podcast. You haven't talked about the movie with each other at all. We just did that. We've we've watched it and we left it atthat. So all of our reactions to each other's reactions to the movie wouldbe here for the first time. So the first thing I thought when thismovie started was, oh, right, that's the rocky themes. We playedthe rocky theme song and bands and we in high school, we did.We didn't? You Remember? Yeah, we did. Oh my God,yeah, and I didn't even real I just assumed it only played when heran up the steps. Me Too, and I was completely wrong. Itwas just like the start of the movie and then once, like towards theend. It wasn't like like in Harry Potter, where it like headwigs thingplays like all the time, but it wasn't. Okay, that was myfirst reaction to movie. And then so it goes into the first fight scene. Is just like rocky in the the boxing ring. I don't know whatthe building that he boxes in is called. There wasn't really any like defining featuresof it, except I saw that Jesus was hanging up on the wall. I thought it too, and it said Resurrection Ac and I thought likeOh, maybe I'm like picking up on something, but they heard nothing.Nothing happened was that it? Yeah, I thought there is going to besome sort of Motif that was like yeah, rocky is Jesus for comparing him toJesus, but then I never saw that again. Yeah, and Ialso had a huge problem with this opening scene because whoever rocky was fighting,it was very obvious that he wasn't hitting him. Oh it was. Thatwas my biggest problem. Actually, know, there's one problem that was bigger thanthat, but that was up there with one of my biggest problems throughoutthe whole film. Like it wasn't even just this scene, it was inthe final fight scene. They were just like are punching each other and theywere acting like he broke a powered creed's rib, and I was just likethat's not realistic. I had to ask if those were actual punches that weresupposed to be being thrown or if he was dodging them. That's what Iwas like. I didn't know which ones he was dodging and which ones hewas supposed to be getting hit with. Yeah, we really need to improveon their stage combat skills. I remember doing like fake sword fighting in theaterclass in high school and night and like fake slapping, and I kind ofthought I did a better job, but it's okay, okay. I thefirst thing I noticed when they started fighting. It's quarantine, you know. Haven'treally seen many people out and about. So the first thing I noticed washow mustily they were when they were fighting. was like who? Mynext note was about the way Sylvester stilone look, because it doesn't look likehim, like that's not the look that I associate with Sylvester slone at all. Yeah, I agree, he did. He has like a more square facenow, I feel like, and he's just so small. How oldwas he? Do you think he's supposed to be thirty in the movie?I don't know if he's thirty when this...

...was filmed. I guess I couldprobably look it up. Let's see. He does have a bit of ababy face. He does have a baby face. He's seventy three now.Wow. Oh, he was actually thirty when this was filmed. So orI guess when this came out. It came out in one thousand nine hundredand seventy six and he was born in nineteen forty six. He's a lotolder than I thought he was. Oh Wow. My next note was what'sup with the Fedora. He like wears and a leather like trench coat theentire movie and I didn't know how I felt about that. Yeah, Ialso thought it was interesting that everyone uses bum as an insult, such ahorrible thing to call someone. Then he like walks. There's like this petstore right across from the gym, right and as soon as he started likeplaying with a dog that I know, I was like, he's getting adog. There's no way he's not getting a dog by the end of thismovie. And then Adrian. This is the start of all my problems withthis movie. It's obvious he likes Adrean and she seems so uncomfortable by him. Every interaction she has with him she's like hiding behind a bird cage orshe's hiding behind the counter and I feel so bad for her because he justkeeps coming at her and there's nothing she can do. I feel bad forher at first Um because you can't tell if she's just shy or she's really, really uncomfortable, and he's when he harasses her. But it's her wraps, I know. I feel like it made me so uncomfortable at the beginningwhen they had all of their interactions, every interaction that they had, Iwanted to scream and, honestly, as soon as I saw that she hadglasses on, I was like, halfway through this movie, She's going totake her glasses off and he's going to think she's the most beautiful girl inthe world. And she did, and then she didn't wear her glasses theentire rest of the film once he took them off for the first time.How does she see? That's what I'd love to know. Like she didn'tjust get contacts? They don't show her going to the ice. Okay,and then we find out that rock he is a bully, at least that'show I describe it. He would go up, I guess it's technically calledlike a loan shark, like they mentioned loan sharks in the phone, andhe just like goes around almost beating people up for money, and I justlike thought about him as a bully stealing lunch money from people. Yeah,I guess. I don't know. You don't think that make a living andhe doesn't want to hurt anyone? I don't know if he doesn't want tohurt anyone. There's a million other jobs he could do where he could stillbe a boxer. Okay, but here's the thing that, if you listento what he says, I guess wasn't his someone in his life once toldhim that he doesn't have a brain, he just has a body and hehas to use that, and so I think he truly believes that and that'swhy he um is alone shark and also fights, because that's what he wastold. That all, that's what he was told he can do. Iguess I never heard that, like I never caught that. Um. Ialso have to say that when he was walking home after like going to thepeat store or whatever and he had the CIP of alcohol and he like tookit from on from someone, drank it and then put it back, itkind of triggered me because of the Times that we're living in right now.I was like, Oh my God. I later on I was like thereare so many health and safety problems in this and this wouldn't work right now, especially with the meat and everything, but we'll get to that. Sothen he he's walking back, it's the next day I think, and thenhe's walking back into the boxing ring and he talks to that. I guesshe's a maintenance man. I don't remember his name, but he's just outsidesweeping the steps and he's like talking to him and he's like are you deaf, and he goes no, I'm short. That sounds like I relate to that. I'm not that Short, but I feel short when I'm standing nextto you. And then I feel like this is like kind of his downwardpoint when he like walks in and he can't get into his locker. IGuess Mickey is his name. He moved all stuff out because he wasn't tryinghard enough. HMM, and I I had a problem with that as well, just like if you wanted him to...

...succeed, like why didn't like anytalks about it later. It's like why did you help him? And thenhe's like why did you ask for help? He's like, I did ask forhelp, and their whole relationship seems strange to me. I personally reallythought that nicky was really funny, especially when he called rocky. It tome, I just appreciate how he tells rocky what he needs to hear.Yeah, I think rock he's very full of himself and it's it's hard forme to listen to him talk because he never stops talking. Like all heall he does the entire movie just talk at people, like even when hewent on the date with Adrian, he was just like talking at her theentire time until they went into the ice skating rink and he just never stoppedtalking. Yeah, I actually wrote that down. I said, Oh myGod, please stop talking. Mine was, does he ever stop? I lovethat. And Oh, I said it again. laters like just talksat people. Oh my God. So then we see Adrian interact with herbrother and I could not believe that her brother talked to her the way thathe did all the time. He would just straight up call her a loserand like it seemed like it was trying to pawn or off to rocky toget her out of the house, like he doesn't want her around. Hekind of blames Adrian for all of his own shortcomings, like he blames herfor not being able to have a wife, which I thought was really mean.I really disliked polly. polly is a terrible person and I couldn't understandwhy Adrian didn't leave him earlier. I get that he's her brother, butit's such a terrible situation. I also thought that when rocky was in thepet shop and he was like talking at Adrian and talking about all of thecreepy guys, that like you're the creepy dude, you are the creeved andthen when he walked that girl home. I don't know who she's related toher, how he knew her, but she was when he she walks inthe house like this twelve year old girl. She's like, she calls me Creepo, and I was like, yes, you are absolutely right, he's aCREEPO. He should be leaving you alone, like thank you. Andthen when he tells girl, he says, Um, it's simple mathematics. Iwas thinking to myself that thing, though, that's like it's mathematics little. It's like the meme of like the British person. You don't know that? No, I have no idea. What, come on, okay,did you get it? I have never seen that. My God, ifanyone listening doesn't know this, it's along British woman with long neon gold nailsand snapchut photo and says it's math, mathematics. Well, it's a mathematiclove, math spelled amafe very British, very Brittive, very prettive. Okay, so next we meet Apollo creed. We don't like really meet him,but it's on. He's on the TV and I wasn't sure if this wasactually Apollo Creator if this was someone like speaking for a Polo creed, likehis manager. But he says he's gonna Crack the Liberty Bell again and thenhe's like, but you should all stay in school. Yeah, he says, be a thinker, not a stinker. I was like, wow, thankyou and slight I'll like you just said that you are such a goodfighter that you can crack the liberty bell again and then use tell her tostay in the school. Yeah, it was very as it was a verymixed message to me. I agree. Um, but then they go intoI don't know who this man is. He I guess he's a boxer promoter. Oh, I oh, George Jergon is the boxing promoter. He looksvery much like a mob boss, like Godfather. Yes, and then Ilove his manager, his managers, wearing Oh red and white checkered suit.Oh Yeah, and I think he looks great and like the shirt on buttonlike pretty far down. I love the look. But then they're his originalfighter partner drops out because he broke a rib. Was that what happened?I didn't understand why this guy dropped out, but he had to drop out forsome amazing then he says that this fight is going to be on America'sbirthday and I was so confused because they said that no one else wanted todo the fight because they only had five weeks to prepare. But earlier theyhad said that Thanksgiving was the next day.

And then he kept saying America's birthdayin like this American patriotic fight, and I was heavily confused because thatmeant that was on Christmas or New Year's if it was only five weeks away. And it turns out it's a New Year's Day fight, but the waythey talk the entire movie and all the patriotic myths of it, I couldhave sworn his on July fourth and I didn't understand why. Me Too,I was like no one to fight. I was so confused because they wouldalways talk about America's birthday and like how important it is that it's on thatday. But January first. I've never ever hurt anyone. Call New Year'sDay America's birthday. Because America's birthday is July for maybe there's a reason why, I'm not really sure, but it was very confusing because there was nodate on any of the posters, at least that I saw. And andthen he dresses up as George Washington later and I was like it's definitely Julyfourth and they didn't say it was new years until the end of the movie. Besides my confusion with the dates, we cut from this scene of themtalking about the fight and rocky is with his loan shark boss, and Isaid to say he's the nicest boss has ever seen. He just hands themfifty bucks for his date with Adrian. Is like here you go, don'tworry, happen, and I thought like maybe he's gonna like come back andask for the money, maybe there's like a problem with this job and he'slike he's gonna hurt him or something and he won't be able to fight.But then it's later, he gives him five hundred bucks. He's just liketake this and here you go. I really thought that that was going tobecome a bigger plot line. Yeah, I really do love how the bosswas such a gossip. He always the latest tea in town and he wouldsay, you don't think I hear things my favorite? Yeah, he Idon't. I've never seen a movie or like her, I've never heard ofa mob boss. But like, why is he so nice? Wait,I just couldn't wrap my head around it. You don't mean to tell me thatyou don't interact with mob bosses on the daily? No, it's sostrange, like it's a normal part of everyone, if like, but notmine. You know, I'm just missing out. And then I said,how do they make five more movies out of this? Halfway through the filmand I was just like, where's the fight? This movies two hours long. When do we get to the part that actually matters exactly? There's justso much build up. Yes, I think. I feel like it's soweird because they're only two fight scenes pretty much and they're very short. Andisn't the movie about a guy that likes to fight? Yeah, I like, I always thought this movie was like a Philly hero box or story andit could have been set anywhere. There's hardly any boxing and I would notclassify rocky as a hero. Honestly, maybe it's a good thing that theydidn't show a lot of boxing, because the scenes that did have the actualfighting were pretty awful. Yeah, and how do they make more movies wherethey can't box? If this is a box? Maybe they take stage combatlessons between each film. They definitely should, because it wasn't great. But thenthey're talking about rocky again and they call him south paw. So Ihad no idea what this meant and I would thought they were saying South Paul, like the name Bo's. Like what is this? I was so confusedand they said it's several times in that scene, so I finally understood.And then I was like, isn't that that movie with Jake Jillan home there? Maybe I just knew what that was because I'm lefthanded, but my God. But them ten minutes later, when when they're at the Ice Rink Rockyand Adrian, he's like yeah, south poll means lefthanded, and everything madesense. And then, okay, now it's thanksgiving. Oh, and somany problems happened at Thanksgiving. I love how agent mother sucks. Will true. Yeah, I love how when they first walk in the lights are off. I know that killed me if she's been cooking all day for Thanksgiving andit's dark out and you have all the lights off. You just in yourhouse in the dark cooking. I feel like that's such a typical, likeway to save money, quote unquote. Yeah, but it didn't. Therewere no lights in the house at all, like when they turn the light on, the light in the kitchen went on, because you would have beenable to see light from the kids. I don't know. I was like, why is she in the dark? And then her brother calls her aloser. And I thought when they were walking in and like walking down thestreet, I thought they were having Thanksgiving dinner together. And then he waslike no, rock he wants to take you out. I know. Iwas under the impression that he invited rocky over for Thanksgiving dinner. Yeah,that's the entire that's what I thought. And then he's like, Betty tookthe Turkey out of the oven and threw... in the yard or the alley. That was so mean. And she gets so upset she runs to herbedroom, she's crying, and then Paul, he's like why don't want you goask her out on a date? It's like you just called your sistera loser in front of the boy I guess she likes, even though sheshouldn't, and you're telling him ask her out on a date. Imagine livingwith your brother and having to do everything for him and you decide to makea nice thanksgiving Turkey for you and him and all of the sudden he stormsin, demands that you calls you a loser, demands that you go ona day with his creepy friend and then through rows the Turkey that you spentthe entire day working on out the window. I would be so mad, likeI'd be furious and I and he, just like rocky, goes and knockson her door and he's like hey, it's rocky here. No, likeno, Adrian, and I'm like why would you say yes? Butthen I was thinking maybe she hates her brother so much she just wants toleave, and I was like okay, it's like I can see that.But then rocky knows nothing about her. They're standing in the door waiting forher and he says to Pauli, he's like so, what did she liketo do? Like how long have you been in love with this girl?And you know absolutely nothing about her. You just know her brother and herfirst name. Well, it's because it's him talking at her all of thetime and self I just like he in my mind he's just like making upthis image of this girl and maybe so mad. And then they're playing thisromantic music as they walk out of the House and I just stop, likethis isn't a romantic moment. Her brother's awful. She's just trying to getaway from I. Okay, I kind of disagree with you there. Ithink that she really liked rocky all along, but she's just painfully shy because ofhow awful her brother is to her. I don't know, because it's justvery borderline. is she be that shy or is she very uncomfortable?Like I don't think there's a good way to tell, and I think thatshould be a hint to rocky to be like, okay, maybe I shouldback off, because maybe she's uncomfortable. Well, he doesn't understand social key. That's very clear problem. But also at the same time you can't tellit first whether or not she's uncomfortable or just really shy. But I thinktowards the end of the film when she starts coming out of her shell andshe really really seems to like rocky. You can tell that she was moreshy than uncomfortable during those scenes. Or is it just that she took herglasses off and now she's a brand new person? Oh wait, so muchbetter. Yeah, I don't know. I have problems with it later andI just don't like their whole relationship and I don't think it should happens.But then that wouldn't be a movie because that's the majority of the movie.Um. So then they go ice skating, and why does he not get iceskates? First of all, they go through all this trouble, shegets ice skates. He goes on the ice in his platform shoes, hisis, his boots, or whatever they they they're at least an inch anda half off the ground. Is He short like it? Did they likedo that to give him more height? I don't know. But then hejust casually walking on the ice. I guess you don't want to. Iguess he was nervous and you don't want to embarrass yourself on the first day. Actually, never mind. He really did embarrass himself throughout the whole time, like, even if he's batter ice skating, it's like it could becute, like when when I skating, we didn't like go the wall forthe first hour and a half. You're right. If he did, honestlyat you get it good. If, even if he hadn't skated since hewas eight years old, I don't I feel like he would still be ableto skate. I don't know. We could. I'm still skated. Ihave and I was just as bad as you. Yeah, I don't know. Maybe their ice was different or something like. He could just walk on. But I know this is where they explain that southball means lefthanded, andI was like wow, I was really dumb. And then so and thenthey kept bringing up the names of people that rocky was fighting, and Iwas like what, where did they come up with this? Like Apollo creedrock like Rocky Balboa. That's just like a strange name begin with. Andthen the last person he fought, their name was spider. I guess that'sall about intimidating the other person, but it seemed like these weren't like his. His fighting name is Italian stallion. Like, first all, that's notintimidating. True, and everyone called him rocky, and I'm assuming if theycalled Apollo Creed Apollo creed, like that's probably his name, and the SpiderGuy. He had a last thing too. I just don't remember what it was. I don't know. I just thought it was strange. Yeah,but I also don't understand boxing too well. Yeah, that's which I think oneof our short one seems that I...

...realized again this movie. I waslike, I know absolutely nothing about op thing are there? I thought therewere three rounds. Turns out they have fifteen in this match. But anyway, it's back to the date. Oh, and they're at rocky's apartment and hespends two and a half minutes of the film pressure her to go insideand she's like I need to leave, I need to go home. Thisis like my biggest problem with all this, because he just keeps saying like comeinside, like what's the big deal? She's like I have to leave.If he doesn't get it, I was so uncomfortable at this entire scene, like why would you go? He's not even like like he was verballypressing her, but wasn't like physically pressing her at that point, so shecould have just turned around and walked away. That's why I also think it wasbecause she was shy and she'd never done something like this before. Idon't know, because she could have just turned around and walked home. Mynext like four notes were, I don't like rocky, this needs this toplease let her leave. I wrote in all taps, Oh my God,I'm so uncomfortable, and then I wrote, I guess she's into it. QuestionMark. Yeah, and then he takes off his jackets's on his couchand he's like it's scary over there. Come sit with me. Yeah,rocky, maybe it's because you have knives in your walls holding thing. Maybeshe's scared of me, and it's just like he's like there's creeps out there, I don't want you to go home, and I was like, there's acreep right in front of her. And then when he physically blocks thedoor and tries to kiss her, that was that was when I really feltuncartably. They're not going to let this happen in this movie, but likethat's where I feel this is going. And then he takes off her glassesand he's like, he says, I always knew you were pretty. That'sa direct quote from the movie. I don't like that's such a terrible compliment, because that's not a compliment. If I were wearing a hat and glassesand someone took them off of me and said, Ah, I always knewyou were pretty, I would be so offended. I and then he's like, I'm gonna kiss you know you don't have to kiss me back, andI was like, that's not how this works, that that is not myfriend. Don't kiss him. This is awful. This needs to Wi bi. Why someone comfortable? I was cringing so much during thisscene and then all the way hold on. I also think that for traying likean interaction like this for young men who are watching this film might teachthem that that's perfectly acceptable way to treat a girl and because, I guess, because it worked out in the end for rocky and Adrian, they mightthink that even more, and I think that's really problematic. I know thewhole I'm it's just like teaching them that old girls were just given to anything, and it's like girls should know that they can say no, that theydon't have to do this. And I can't imagine this movie coming out now. It would have so much backlash for their entire relationship and it would justbe so bad. Yeah, they would have a lot of hate and thenthey're like he like kisses her and then they like sink to the floor,but on their knees, and then she's like laying sideways. I had somany problems with that. Yeah, I was very uncomfortable throughout the whole entirescene and I felt so bad for Adrian because this was the first time she'sever really gone on a date and that's how it goes, and it's likeit's portraying it as positive. That's not positive, that's not romantic. Iwould consider that a disaster for state situation. Worst case scenario. Honestly, theonly seven grace of the date would be the totals his. His turtlesnames are cuff and link, why I don't know, and then he's gota goldfish named mobi did yeah, there there's a true stars. Yeah,no, I agree. Everything surrounded that Turtle Food and how it had toomany malls and not enough flies. But anyway, then this is one mickeyyells at Rocky or rocky yells and Mickey First. That happens right after this, and then I was like, Oh, they're loan sharks. I'm dumb.That's when they finally bring it up. I'm like wow, I finally realizewhat's actually happening here. Are you? I didn't know. I don't know, but rocky was the neighborhood bully up until that point. Yeah,honestly, it was like he was doing lunch money from a kid. Ohmy God, he was like, I'm not going to break you some butI would, I don't know. But then they're they're fighting back and forthabout how he just like puts rocky down all the time and like he couldhave been a great fighter. At that point I really liked because he juststraight up till rocky that he didn't amount... anything, that it's kind ofhis fault. I I like that he really told him like it where Idefinitely think it's rocky's fault, but at the same time it's also like youcould have offered him a bit more help. The way it's portrayed, it's likehe never helped him at all. I mean maybe he did, butit's not shown that way, so I'm not a hundred percent sure. Mynext note is I hate their relationship, and I don't remember what that wasabout. I'm sure I was talking about Adrian and rocky. I think,yeah, you're right. He it's funny because whenever he calls her he alwaysgoes Yoan, and that is all the most romantic way to talk to yourpartner. Oh, okay, Yep, I know where we are now.And then they're watching rocky talking on TV with Apollo Creek. That's what's happeningright now. And then he was like yeah, did you like how Isaid Your name on the TV? And he was like, I mean,why do you do that? And then, as he's leaving her and her brother'shouse, he's like you know how I said that TV thing didn't botherme? She's like yeah, he was like it actually did, and thenhe left at yeah, that's why I feel like was not necessary. Alsowas like wow, you're really open, you're showing so much emotion. He'sjust like this Matcho guy who can't process everything else. Well, I guess. Also it goes back to what he was telling Adrian about how everyone hasalways told him that he can only use his body in life and not hismind. So I guess it's really hard for him to open up and kindof show emotion. Yeah, I guess if I have heard that part,part when it made a lot more sense. Okay, but now he's got all, he's got this deal for the fight, right, and all thesepeople are crawling out of the woodwork to try and work with him. Likethere's Mickey like crawling back and he's like I can train you, like Ican do this, and then Paul he's like no, I can do it. Come Punch me at the meat packing facility. And when Mickey comes likecrawling back to rocky, he's just rocky just shouts at him and is likeyou never help me, you never did anything for me, and he's likewhy do you ask for help, and it's like you never listen. Itreally seem like, Um, a dad and his son type of deal there. Yeah, but also like I don't understand why Mickey offered to train himafter that fight, after that like outbursts of him just yelling and punching awall. I don't know. It seemed kind of ridiculous to me, likeI would never after like him shouting all that at me, telling me I'ma terrible person. Why, I would you go back and stream him?I don't know. I think they both needed each other and they just neededto let out their aggression and get everything out on the open before they finallycame together. Yeah, I guess work together. Personally, I hold grudgesto too long and starting too quick. So yeah, I wouldn't never you. I wouldn't like any wrong way. Tim Weeks again, I love howwalk he was making fun of the way his apartment smelled, like saying thatit stinks but he doesn't clean. Maybe take the knobs out of what?I guess like this is the start where rock he's like, okay, letme try and like get ready for this fight, because Mickey like takes himon to train him. And then there's this whole part where the radio ison, and I'm assuming that whole thing was just like a philly reference andI didn't get it at all and I felt like a bad Pennsylvanian that livesnear ferry. I wasn't listening to that. I was too busy focusing on thefacts. Wrong, right, because that many eggs. I was Ithat was so gross. How that could help him in any way, becauseand he's gonna pee. Wanted Sol because he can't make it up the arty. See, I was so disappointed because I thought that was it. Andlike this. I thought that was the scene. Nowhere near as exciting asI thought it would be. He better run up these stairs again. Thatwas a disappointment and I don't know, I thought maybe from everything that I'veheard about it, there would be a lot more training to a lot moreprogress. He'd see him like go quarter way up the stairs and then halfwaymen finally he makes it all the way. It wasn't a great training scene likeI thought it would be. He honestly just looked like I do whenI walk up the stairs. Yeah, he was. He was. Iguess he's probably already run several miles, but I don't know it. Iwas just disappointed because I thought that was it. I know I really wrote. He better run up those stairs again because that was awful. And thenhe runs to paully and polly in the...

...meatpacking distroll and first off paully's justpushing the meat around and letting it hit rocky in the faith and I waslike that's so insanitary. You shouldn't be doing this. Maybe I have abigger problem with this because we're in quarantine, but we're there no food right relationsin the s were they just allowed to touch everything without gloves on theirhands. People could just come in and punch meat. People wanted to polly, or I guess it's rocky, says polly, offered me to come inand then his boss is like totally fine with it because I'm promoting them,because I'm in this fight. So the boss is okay with me coming intouching everything, not even with boxing gloves on. He's got tapeer on hishands and then his hands are covered in blood. Yeah, I'd have tosay as someone that's been a vegetarian for a four years, the scene wasreally off putting. I don't know how Lauren's going to watch it. Seemlike what did you think? Like this is all? Yeah, it was. It was not a good time for me. I was sitting on mycouch like all trying trying to watch it. It was just horrifying, honestly.Like I just wrote, Wash your hands, like I hope he washedhis hands after he's before and after he went into the feet pactor. washer hands after he beat someone's meat? Not Putting that okay, we'll see. You'll see. Maybe that's funny to think. Um, no, buthe doesn't wash tands. Until Adrian help him. Right, but was thatafter PUTT? Yeah, so he walks all the way home with men bloodyhands and then probably touches the door knob to enter his house. It wasjust not good. Yeah, that's disgusting. Anyway, moving on from that disgustingscene, he gets the dog. He gets the dog that was inthat tiny crate in the pet store, and that was probably the best momentin there an Adreane and rocky's relationship, where she got from a dog sohe wouldn't be lonely on his runs. Yep, and that's kind of that'san important scene, I think, because then you can truly see that Adrianreally cares for him. Yeah, and she's coming out of yeah, there'sdefinitely a shift there. But then they're like sitting in Adrian's house and herbrother walks up saying Christmas songs, but he's wasted, absolutely drunk. Comesin and then they're talking about how rocky doesn't think that paully should be hismanager or his trainer. I don't know how they didn't realize paully was rightbehind them. And all the lights are off again, because they never havelights on in their house or trying to save money. But then polly likewalks over the corner, grabs a bat and just starts hitting things and rockhe's like covering cature his head with his arms and like what the entire bodyand she runs to her room and, honestly, the way she was yellingat him, it was very like she was hysterically yelling. And that onefight seem, I guess, not a fight, because there's fights in them, there's the arguments, but like it just didn't seem very believable to mebecause I don't know. Oh, I guess that it's an emotional situation,but I think that it kind of shows Adrian's character development that she finally wasable to stand up to him and scream at him. Yeah, she's kindof prot out of the show. I wanted more angry screaming. It wasmore like that's kind of INTERFA. Yeah, and then she's like do you wanta roommate? And I I was shocked. I said, like thisshould not be the moment where you decide to live together. Like yeah,she needs to get out of there, but is this really the right timeto be like yes, we're at that stage in our relationship where we shouldbe living together in that disgusting apartment. They've only been dating for like twoweeks at this point. Yeah, the movies like not that long. Witha span of time like what? Like I don't even know if it's Christmasyet. So maybe Max it's like four weeks, thinking like from Thanksgiving toChristmas, depending on where Thanksgiving is that year. So maybe a month that. I don't know. That just seems like too little an amount of timebefore that big step. Like imagine the person that you're seeing for two weeksjust asks you want to room me.

I'll be like no, say no, I don't know. And then this is like the moment that everything turnsaround for rocky, I feel like, and it shouldn't be, but likeit is. So here we go. It's another training montage and I wasso ready for him to run up those stairs and he didn't right away andI was like, oh no, is he not going to run the stairs, because it was just him back in the the meat district and doing otherthings. And then finally you see him run up the stairs and honestly,that's still kind of how I look running up those stairs. It wasn't likea big triumphant moment for me really, it was just, yeah, Ithought that the way that scene was shot really captured how triumphant it was.I don't know, he just like finally made up the stairs and he itwasn't like, I don't know, I've in my mind, as I neversaw the movie, I had it an image in my mind of how itwould work. Like he finally makes up stairs and asses on that last step. Then he raises his arms and he's like jumping in the turn around.He kind of like stands there for a second, Hmm, and then helifts up his arms. M So I guess I had a different expectation.I don't know. I think that I in joyed that because the music,first of all, yeah, the crescendo at the end I really appreciated.I also really liked the time of day that it was filmed at. Andthen I also like how when he was running through the neighborhood, people weregiving him things and everyone knew who he was and he was kind of alreadythe hero without even having thought yet. And that, yeah, I reallyappreciated it and I thought it was such a turning point in the movie.I guess I just had I focus too much and there way to shift thatI couldn't see past how much I didn't like it. Maybe he is ahero and I'm just cynical, I think. I think it's a mixture of both. Okay. And then so it's been night before the show, soI guess this is technically New Year's Eve, and now that I think about that, it's a little weird that Adrians just like already asleep and they're notcelebrating New Year's Eve by I always thought that was a little bit more ofa big deal because it's America's birthday, obviously, and also there's me onsuch good terms in their relationship, but they seem to be sleeping in twodifferent beds, like he sleeps on the couch and she sleeps in the bed. I mean the bed is only a twin bed. True, he's abig guy. I don't know. You're right. But then he's at thethe I guess it's an arena or a ring, I don't know what youwould call it. But then he he sees that boxing promoter and he's likein a full suit. It must be like three in the morning. Idon't know what time it is. But it's definitely late. He's in afull suit, he's got red leather gloves on inside and he's smoking a cigar. He definitely just I don't know, someone. The gloves are red fromsomething's blood. He's up no good. Honestly, I just like this isa random like outfit, but you do you man got respect the drift.And then he makes it back to his his apartment and he wakes Adrian upand is like, I don't know if I can do this, and hekept saying like once he like finally got over that, he's like I cango the distance, and all I could think about was him bursting out intoHercules. Is I can DISTU I would. I thought would be very funny.I was just picturing the time that we had to sing that in choirin middle school. Yeah, that was the eighth grade graduation song. wasthat for you, or was that for the people figure above you? Ithink that was for me. Oh yeah, because we weren't a lot of sayingwaiting on the world to change really, but yeah, that's all. Wehad to change because it didn't send the right message. But anyway,that's that's for another time. And then finally it's the fight. This islike the last twenty minutes of the movie and I was like what was thatlast hour and forty minutes for? Like I get like some of it's abuilt up, but they were just too much. So then they're putting oil, or like Vasoline, all overhy them, and I why? I don't Idon't know. Is that like a fighting thing? I think it is. It was just like very weird because they put it under his eyes.I, like I can understand like putting it on their arms or like theirchest to make them flippery so it's like harder to, I don't know,grab them or something, but under his eyes, that was like very strangeto me. So do you know what the Basle did? Yeah, soI actually looked up why they put on Vassoline and I found out that beforethe fight, boxers will usually put vasaline...

...on the places where they're most likelyto get hit, especially the the face, because it makes the skin more elasticand less likely to tear. Okay, I can see that. Yeah,the more you know. Okay, and then right after that they startsniffing things and I don't know what it was. If you want to lookthat up to yes, I actually did so I found out that it's actuallysmelling salts that they used to use before matches, and the smelling salts releasein inhalation reflex that causes the muscles that control breathing to work faster, accordingto Wikipedia. Yeah, that definitely seems like it's illegal now. Yeah,I don't think they do that anymore. Not good for your brain either.Yeah, definitely not. And then we reach the pinnacle moment of the filmwhere Apollo creed is dressed up as George Washington, and I still didn't understandwhat date this was, because that made me again think it with July forbut it was not. It was not July for and then he changes outfits, changes patriotic outfits, and he is dressed up as Uncle Sam, whichI mean, yeah, really get the people going. I thought it wasinteresting at this point to an important that he was throwing money into the crowdbecause I guess it kind of creates a juxtaphysician between the rich pro boxer androcky, the Italian poor guy from Philly, and so I don't know, Ithought that was kind of important to the story. Yeah, the onlything, like, I didn't understand about that was when I heard the announcerssay he was throwing money, because I hadn't seen him throwing money up tothat point. I was like he must be throwing coins, because like quartersor something, because I don't see like big pieces of money floating around,so that's going to hurt. Yeah, want to be hit and head withthe quarter. And then I took note of how much time was left inthe film and they're and there were only twelve minutes left and the fight finallystarted. MMM, I oh, we forgot to talk about Adrian's killer outfit. Yeah, the Beret, the red bird, the pants suit, killingit. Yeah, she looks really good all because she never glasses on.Yeah, but then she loses the bret, but that's like that's sad but important. Yeah, but, yeah, there's only twelve minutes left in thefilm. The fight hasn't even started yet, but now it's about to. Exceptfor the fact that they're just throwing punches. I don't know if they'rejust are punches and they're dodging or if they're supposed to be hitting each other. That's what I was thinking too. I had to ask my dad whetheror not those were supposed to be real punches or if he was just dodgingthem. Yeah, I couldn't tell because I had already seen the the fightingin the the only other fighting scene of this also so strange that it wassuch it it prompted rocky to be angry that Apollo like held onto his handsbefore the fight, like they were holding hands. Yeah, and then they'rethey're fighting, quote unquote, and then rocky hit creed and he falls tothe ground, but it's very clear that he did not hit him at all. And then I was all cats. He didn't even hit him. Howwas this allowed in the film? I know and all my notes for they'renot even fighting each other. This isn't realiztic, like what's going on?Yep, and somehow they apollo like almost got knocked out and rockies like barelyaligned at this point and even eye open. That was disgusting. Like they Idon't even know what there wasn't a knife, it was like a hookor something. They just like scratched across his eye and then it's like what, how did that even help him see? I don't know, like what wouldthat do? Also, okay, what do you think was more gross? When he punched the meat when he drank all those eggs or when hecut his eye open. If I if I had to like rank them,it would definitely be the eggs first, and then the eye and then punchingthe meat really, because first he like went on a run after drinking fourraw eggs. I would immediately throw up once I started running, if Ihadn't already. Like I mean the blood, like yeah, that's really, reallygross, but I'm sure his face was already numb at that point sohe wouldn't feel it, and you can wash your hands after the meat.Like it's I think that's the least gross of the three, but I'm alsonot vegetarians. But then he's like bleeding all over the place, but he'salso bleeding out of his nose and I...

...they stuck something up his nose andit looked like a camp on, and I was like, is this she'sthe man? Is this? It probably was. I was like, isthis is where that came from, because but then it looks like there waslike a wooden stick, like I don't know if there's like cotton rapped around, wouldn't stick, but that happened and I was like, is this whereshe's the man got the idea, because genius, you know. And they'redoing that because rocky broke his nose for the first time and he asks Mickhow it looks and he says, Oh, it's an improvement. That's why Ilove more. Yeah, he's funny. Also, Mick or Mickey. Hesounds I don't know if you've ever seen a little rascals, the thes version. No, you always ask me that. I always say,all right, we're doing that movie later. But anyway, he sounds exactly likefroggy from the little rascals. If anyone seen that, your known exactlywhat I'm talking about. He sounds like froggy. I'll take your word forbut then there's also one of the parts of the this fight that I wasvery confused about was that it looked like there was like steam coming off oftheir bodies. I don't know if you notice that, but I was like, is it that cold or are they that hot? I think it's thathot. And then after that they started like showing the boxing girls. I'msure they have a name, I don't know what their name is, likethe the girls that walk around with the sign showing what number they're on,when they got to five, I was like that's weird, and then theywere at thirteen and I was like are I thought there were only three rounds. Yeah, I was under that impression too, but I know absolutely nothingabout boxing. Yeah, and I was like maybe I'm just being dumb andin that's like wrestling or something, that they can only go up to threeand boxing you can do as money as you want, unless someone gets knockedout. But that was all I kind of thought about. And then thefight ends and I don't know, I was like, I was disappointed.Did you think he was gonna win? I couldn't tell. I was like, did he win? Did did creed win? Did they tie? They'relike I don't want to rematch. So did they not tie? Because ifthey tied, the tie? Oh, but okay, the real winner inthe situation was rocky, because he achieved his goal of just hanging in there. Yeah, I don't know. I thought was that's ever happened? Iguess I thought there'd be this big moment where rocky is the underdog and he'swon everything, but I guess not. And then once this is over,he's just screams Adrian's name over and over again and I just didn't understand whyshe wasn't there in the first place. I don't know, like why didn'tshe watch? Why wasn't she with like near at least near the trainers orin the front row where Paulie was, like she's his girlfriend. Why wasn'tshe there? Why was she in the Locker Room? You're right, shewas waiting in the locker room until like halfway through the fight when she steppedout and then she couldn't. She was trying to make her way up towardsthe ring and she loses her beautiful Red Brat and it's tragic. It wasreally bad. I also think it's very um deserving that polly was trying toget in there to like say hi to rocky and kind of be there withhim and he was turned away. Then Adrian just pushes right past probably likelift up the the Oh, what is that called? The Rope? Yeah, yeah, he just lifts up the rope and she climbs under. SoI guess he kind of like helped her get there, but I like thathe wasn't next to rocky. Yeah, because he's sucks. Yeah, Paully'sone of the worst character yeah, and that's how it ends, right,and then that was it. They like she said, I love you,and then he's like, I love you and I'm that with it. HMM. So, wow, what a wild ride that we went on. Whata film that I really had expected something very different, hmm, but that'snot what ID at all. I kind of okay, I expected more fighting, but I also expected to either love it or hate it. I didn'texpect to have such mixed emotions about it. I I feel very indifferent because Ican't stand Adrian Rocky's relationship. I guess it makes a little bit moresense with that one key line. That and I mis but I like Mickeyand I like creed and I like creeds manager and his fun outfits. HMM, but I don't really like rocky. I hate polly ADREAN's okay, butI do love the loan shark man. I think he's great, even thoughhe's probably murdered like hundreds of people. Honestly, he doesn't seem that BAhe gives. He gives rocky almost six...

...hundred dollars, okay, but hehe yelled a rocky for not breaking a man's thumbs. Yeah, but hedidn't like do anything to rocky. He just like yelled at him. Hecould have done a lot worse and he chose yeah, because rocky could beathim up, but rocky wouldn't, I guess. I don't know. Ithink this movie was more of a love story than I thought it was goingto be. It don't I thought it would be a fighting movie and itwasn't a fighting movie in the last and I really did not like the relationshipbetween Adrian and rocky at first, but then when he describes it as fillingin the gaps, like she was always told that her brain matters more thanher body and he was always told that his body matters more than his brainand they kind of fit together in that way, then I kind of understoodit more and I don't know, at the end I kind of I likedit. Yeah, there relationship, not the movie. I don't know howI feel about the movie. It's death a lot to take him, Ithink. I don't it wasn't as as much as an easy watch as Ithought it would be. Yeah, but I understand why all American boys seemto love this movie, but I also think it might teach them lessons thatare not good for them and women's rights, yes, yes, but overall,I I would have been okay with not having seen it. This isthis is when I I don't even say how have I never seen this?Really, yeah, I'd like I don't. In my mind it wasn't that amazingor like culturally important. But I think, I think maybe if Ihad seen this when it came out, if I didn't grow up in thisera, I would view this movie very differently, or if I had seenit when I was a lot younger. HMM. Yeah, I think thatwatching it now, in two thousand and twenty, it's hard for me tosee pass that the toxic masculine the film kind of perpetuates. But I thinkthat if I had seen it when it came out, you know, inthe S, times were different and I probably would have appreciated it more.But I think that it's an important film to see just because we're from philly. I don't know. That's my final kind of I guess that's my conclusionabout how I feel about it. Yeah, I think it kind of shakes shapesevery philly and surrounding Philly area kid. When you go on a field tripto the art museum and then you run up the stairs. HMM,it's definitely important in that way. Yeah, I would say that I had Ihad philly pride at the end of it. Yeah, I had fillypride when he ran up the stairs, except his statutes at the bottom ofthe stairs and that doesn't really make sense. But yeah, so that was,I guess, our our take on rocky. I'm so sorry. IfRocky is your favorite film, I'm really sorry if we offended you. It'slike Adrian and rocky's relationship is your favorite. Yeah, that's all for now.Thanks for listening and see you next time. Hey, congratulations, you'vemade it to the end of our podcast. Thank you so much for listening.It is hosted by is Bell Burne and Lauren Cola and it is,I guess, produced by me. So produced by is Bell Burne, themusic is by Scott Holmes and the podcast art is by Lauren Coola. Thankyou all so much for listening and we'll see you next time. By.

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