How Have We Never Seen This Before?
How Have We Never Seen This Before?

Season 3, Episode 4 · 1 year ago

Soul: "It's My Reason For Living."


In Season 3, Episode 4, Lauren and Isabel discuss the new Pixar movie, Soul.

Join us as we talk about how this movie is oddly like Wonder Woman, how it made us ugly cry, AND stay tuned to see Lauren start to cry on camera. Also, we have a new quiz for you this week: Pixar Movie: or Paul Brothers Quote.

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Hi Everyone, welcome back to how we never seen this before. This week we discussed Disney, pixars soul. Join us as we talked about how this movie is oddly like wonder woman, how it made us both ugly cry and stay tuned to see Lauren start to cry on camera. Also, we have a new quiz for you this week. It is Pixar movie or Paul brothers quote. Howpe we never seen this before. Is a podcast where two best friends watch iconic films and trending TV shows that they've never seen before. Each week we discuss a different movie or show from a Zelennial perspective. Hi everyone and welcome back. This is episode three. This week we watched soul. It's about Yesz, you like you, like Jeff. Okay, was that just the B movie just does things to me. Yeah, so, I mean it's I don't like because I feel like it's a new movie. I don't want to give too much away right now. Of course we can wait the whole movie, but, like I'm right now, but I feel like it's kind of like a journey about like appreciating life. Yeah, essentially, if you want to have an existential crisis and then sob uncontrollably and just want to feel some deep emotions watch this movie. Yeah, everything that we didn't feel last week, or mean personally, I felt this week. I also, I'll say, I don't think I've ever cried so hard watching a movie before. I'm going to admit I also did cry. Not that's not the hardest I've ever cried, but I did cry, which is like what movie made you cry more when I saw Marley and me, Oh, I'm I can't watch that. I've never watched it. Rust and a dog's purpose. Oh, I refuse to watch that as well. So Sad. They just kept dying. Oh, it was awful. Yeah, okay, my yeah, my opinion on like shows that movies, my opinion on movies that have made me cry before. I guess it's slightly skewed because I haven't seen most dog movies, because the emotions I would feel. Yeah, no, I don't recommend. But so we're still kind of finding our groove for season three. So this time, instead of in the middle or at the end, we're gonna play our game now. Okay, yes, so take it away. Okay, so this week I came up with a game called Disney Pixar quote or Paul brothers quote. So you know see, you know Jake and Logan, Paul, motivational speakers. You know youtube extraordinaries, boxers. They boxers, now author, actor. You know the full package. I thought we would dissect some quotes and see if you can guess who said what. Okay, I mean, I have never watched them, so I don't know anything about them, but I am a big Disney Pixar Fan. HMM, I hope I haven't made this good memory. I feel like you. It's fifty, whether or not you'll get well, it's literally and fifty. But Um, I won't give you the point though on unless you can name the movie if it is Disney fixar. Okay, okay, Oh, not like if I just know that it's a Disney one, but I can't remember. Yeah, you have to place it with a movie. Okay. So the first quote, quote, nervous is I don't want to survive, I want to live. That's a Disney quote. Can you like tell me that and then like I can figure out the movie, like I don't get the point. Okay, no, sorry, I've never seen the good dinosaur. That's...

...a Disney Pixar movie? Okay, perfect, that's not I didn't is that a Disney fix our movie? Yeah, I've never heard of it. Is that from this movie? Are you can't keep you have to do a good's. I guess this movie. No, okay, unfortunately. Well, you are right in the sense that it was a Disney Pixar okay, so I'll give you half a point. How about that? That's fine. It was the captain from Wally Oh, so, I'll let me write down like five. Okay, next one. I know you're out there somewhere, far away. I want you back. That's a brothers quote. Yeah, bonus points for if you can guess who it is. Which one's the one that married Tanimojo? That's Jake. Okay, I'm gonna go jake. Unfortunately, it's Logan, but you still get the point for guessing that it is a Paul brother. Okay, do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? Is that this movie? That's my guess. So was that was Logan Fall? Oh Ye, love that for you. I don't lose any points, right, okay, you just lose some of my respect. Actually, I probably would get all these wrong too, so don't worry about it. It's really difficult. Okay, I never look back. It distracts me from the now. Would you do three Paul quotes in a row? Would I? I don't know. was I never look back. It distracts me from the now. Yeah, Huh, I'm not going through all the pics. Are Movies in my head and I'm can't think of a single one. Okay, I'm going to say Disney because I'm hoping you and do three Paul quotes and her. Okay, there's three, four toy stories, monsters, INC this one Nemo, Dory brave. Is it a Oh my God, is it a toy story movie? That's not from toy story, but I don't know. Is A toy story movie? Your final answer? No, I'll give you half a point because it is a Disney pixar quote. However, it's edna mode from the incredibles. Oh, I'm so dumb. That's okay. Isn't that exactly like something Jake Paul would say, though? Yeah, yeah, okay, one cannot deny who one is meant to be. Okay, that sounds to like philosophical for them. So like whom I supposed can I like look up the list of all the Pixar movies? Sure, because I'm blanking on every movie that ever existed. Yeah, you can look them up. I feel like I'm wrong then. Oh, oh, Ratitui. Is that your final answer? Yeah, Damn, UM, okay. Well, good thing that you're right about Disney. Picks are, though, because I know that like I can, like, I think I can pick those out. I believe that was Ernesto de la Cruz from cocoa. Okay, okay, so I haven't seen onward I, so if there's any from that, I won't know it. And the good dinosaur. Okay, well, I didn't even know that was a movie, so that's okay. Okay. Um, I thought this would be a little bit more challenging for you. So this last one is you might get it. You're only one video away from going viral. Well, I'd like to say this. Well, brother, bonus point for which one the other one? No, Jake, no, yeah, okay, yeah, that was yeah, okay, so there were six questions in total and you managed to get so...

...there are six points available for you besides the bonus one. So you got one, two, three, you got four and a half that's pretty good. That's good. You only got tripped off on one. Yay. I conclude my game. Well, that was fun. Maybe I should make one for you for next time. Okay, I don't have that like creative bone, but I'll try. You think what I did was create? Yeah, okay. So, so I also really appreciated that this movie was actually under an hour and thirty minutes. If you look at the Times it does say an hour and forty eight minutes. But yeah, the last like, being completely honest, the last twenty minutes are all credits. Oh, yeah, I was looking at that. I was like I still have an out, like thirty or like thirty five minutes, and I was like I saw over like an hour left, like damn, but then towards the end I was like, oh, it's over already. Yeah, so it was like, I don't know, I like last it was so long and movies so long and I just I don't understand why movies have to be two and a half hour. I don't even like two hours is really pushing it for me. I think movies are good at an hour and thirty. If I'm dedicating two and a half hours of my life to your movie. You better make it the best movie I've ever seen. Yeah, and like that doesn't that was solved, I said, and I also wanted to say that like when I when this like trailer first came out for this, I remember, I don't know, like I want to know if you knew this or like what you think it is. Like people were upset because they saw that like pics are finally had their first black main character, but then they were like, oh my gosh, now he's just going to be this blue blob thing for the entire movie, and people were really upset that they kind of took away like a black man having the weed. But I kind of like thought like after like watching the movie, it was mostly him being himself. So I don't know, like did you hear that one, that this trailer came out or yeah, think of like the space yeah, I remember. Like, okay, so I don't really think I have like the right to have an opinion on this. Yeah, no, no, no, but I remember when it came out and I was like, oh, that kind of sucks that he's just going to be like a blob. No, I slept. See, I thought the same thing and then, like watching I was like, oh, like, I guess maybe like they didn't do a good job representing the whole movie in the trailer. Yeah, yeah, but then like, yeah, when I actually saw the movie, it was mostly like him in his physical body and like it's it wasn't just like a blob like looking around for something. That's what I thought of one because I know I had no idea what this is gonna be. I was like reluctant to watch the movie because I was like, it doesn't like, I don't know, the trailer should have been better. Yeah, but anyway, there are characters for this movie. I think we have two main characters. Yeah, we've got Joe, who is a middle school band teacher, I guess, aspiring professional jazz musician and his whole life is jazz and he will get there like really soon. But he accidentally falls down a man hole and like is almost dead but becomes his like soul, pretty much like his entity, and it's kind of him just trying to find his way back to himself. Yeah, I'd say that's a good way to put it. He's also played by Jamie Fox. Yeah, he doesn't sound like it. I know he sounds a little different. Yeah, but maybe he's like he's trying to sound a little older. HMM. Yeah, but I love Jamie Fox. He's a great actor. So next we have twenty two. If you haven't seen the movie, as might be like kind of difficult to me conceptualize, but basically, like there's there's the great beyond, which is like their version of like heaven, something like that, and then there's the great before. Is that what they call... I thought it was the use seminar, they call it something, but then now they're trying to integrate like the U seminar into it. Okay, I just had that part. Okay. Well, it's called like the before. It's souls finding their way to Earth, almost, and you have to go through all of this like testing to make sure that you're ready, and you get like assigned a personality. You find what's known as like your spark. You don't really know what it is until the end. So I'll wait for that. I'm still confused as to what it is. So you, if you understand, you can explain. I think I do. Yeah, so two thousand and twenty two is this soul that's stuck in the U seminar. She's been well it's actually we don't know if it's a boy or girl. They just like a soul. Yeah, so they've been there for thousands of years and they cannot pass the spark test, which means that they can't go to Earth, and it's like they're just a baby blob. And she's like she. So I'm gonna go with she just because it's this blob. Is Played by Tina Fey. So she is literally the twenty two soul to ever have existed and they're on billions, like the billion number at this point. So like she's been there forever. HMM. She's also had like almost every like philosophical and to tea any famous person mentor her to try to get her into earth, but she has been kind of defiant because she doesn't want to go. Pretty cynical paints everything. So I guess, getting into the movie, I really love the beginning of this movie, just like how they would like. They always do the Disney Castle Song. You know, if you've ever seen a Disney movie, it's that Song when the fairy fine St Arch and it's like it's so bad because it's a middle school band playing the song and it just took me back so when we run Dan and it was like we sounded just as bad, if not worse. Yeah, they were actually better than us. And so we see, we don't really find out his name for a while, but his name is Joe, and we see him teaching this band and they're like all off bee all over the place, people are just like missing instruments. That was a common occurrence. And then there's this one girl who's really, really good and she plays the Trombo own and she gets really into it. She gets, quote unquote, in the zone, but then she stops. When her all the kids like are looking at her and start to laugh. But he's like no, no, like when I am going to tell you about when I first film that with jazz and he like plays a piano and it's just like a like a teaching moment and the principle comes to the band room and is like somehow they found the funding that he can be there full time music teacher at this school, and he's looks pretty defeated by it because his dream has been to be a professional jazz musician. So he's just like, I don't I don't know what to do. You like, do I accept this? Do I like have finance security, or do I follow my dream, which I think is like yeah, I get it, I get it, that's to just applying to Arts Administration Grad school today. I get it. Yeah, yeah, do you remember the days? That? So one time, aside from like our high school, van is, well and I were in like our own girl band, which talked about this before, but if you're just tuning in, yeah, we used to be in like a band and we play covers of songs and back when I was in high school and like as bells in high school, we used to talk about how we didn't want to go to college and we just wanted to tour our pain. We sucked. We sucked so bad, like Um. I like to say, though, that we have gotten I mean everything's gone, which is kind of unfortunate. Now, like I would watch those videos if we had them. We got over twozero views on our cover of Ali Shi keys. Wow, I'm forgetting the song. We are here, we are, we are here. I was like, we are the world, no, that's like shakure. We are here, and we got, yeah, over twozero views, which is like pretty good.

We I think we had like to be a fifty subscriber. Yeah, we had like fifty subscribers. We didn't post that much. I feel like that's pretty good, the older step in internet stardom. Well, okay, so I think that are. We are more popular on instagram. You, we'd say right, because like famous, like a fan accounts for like five seconds of summer would post our covers sometimes. Yeah, and so that's where we'd get our views. But one time this girl made a fan account of us. Yeah, I since you made a fan account of you and me, like a ship. Oh, and it like she made shirts of our faces on it. Yeah, Oh, funny. That was iconic. If you, I don't know who you are, but thank you. You brought as much joy. Yeah, that was the best thing ever. Okay, so then it cuts to joe going to his mom's Taylor shop. She owns a Taylor shop and it's it's kind of successful, I'd say, and she is so excited that he was offered the job and she wants him to accept it because he'll finally be independent, because Joe is like a middle aged man who still relies on his mom for everything, which sad. Like I have this fear that that's going to be me that's my fear too. And Yeah, so then he gets a call from a previous student of his inviting him to audition to perform with a famous jazz musician named Dorothea Williams, and so he goes to the jazz club to audition for her and she seems pretty unimpressed at first, but she like sees him because he's just like middle aged man, you know, who claims he could play the piano, but then he starts improving and completely kills it, and then he also like gets lost in the music, and when he gets lost, she gets super impressed and was like yeah, like come play with US tonight. And then he gets excited, starts walking through traffic not paying attention and nearly dies several times, and everyone's like watch out, watch out, like you're you're gonna and get hurt if you don't pay attention to your surroundings. And then he falls through a great and gets transported somewhere. Yeah, and that's when he turns into this little Blue Blob, and I think it's like super cute because he still wears he wears like a hat and it's like they're mostly their head with the tiny little body and it's so cute. The animation is just so insane for this movie. Like I know when they were panting on like Dorothea Williams, like with her saxophone, and you could see like the texture, the shine of the saxophone and like the shadow on her skin. Like I was looking lights. I was like, who's looking at Joe's mustach? Like they like draw individual hairs, which is crazy because he liked moves and stuff. You know, like amazing. Technology is amazing, you know. So when he falls down into this, I thought it was a man hold, like an open yeah, it was. I just didn't know of like does great fall under the manhole category? No, great would be like something else. Man Holes like can be removed. Great, we mean the grace can be too, but it's different. But that's not the point. So after he falls down into this man hole, you see that he's on this it's like an escalator to the sky, that's kind of what I called it, to a big white light and he kind of realizes that he's like dying. So he's running the opposite way and he runs into these cute little old lady blobs and she's like, I'm a I'm a hundred and six and they're just like kind of accept everyone else on this escalator has accepted that they've died. Yeah, they're so chill about it. I don't get it's very weird. And then this one guy's he's like why are you here? Why are you running? This one guy's like, oh, why are you running? But he's he's really scared because his, I guess his death is like incredibly sudden. He just kind of fell and is quote unquote dead. So what he does is he tries to like jump off his escalator and breaks through some kind of force field...

...and falls and is like traveling through different dimensions. What I'd call it, I don't really know what it is. It was so tricky. And he lands in this blue field and there's all these other little blobs running around. You don't really know what they are at this point. And this tall lie like that one line design, you know, like people like those one line drawings. Oh, like that's with drawing something without lifting your pain. Yeah, I thought that's that's what they look like. But they're just like all powerful beings. But they're all named Jerry and the other ones named Terry, but I don't know why. That's gonna be so confusing to explain. Yeah, so this one named Jerry is in charge kind of, and she used she they're kind of trying to direct these blobs to gain personality. She's just kind of explaining, like this is how souls at their personalities and where they are, which is the you seminar, and she to get the souls in line, she uses quiet coyote, which is like the thing you use with preschoolers to get them to focus. It's so cute. When I worked with kids like that, we didn't use that, but he's something else. It's like it's like a like a dog. Quite good. Yeah, my nails are so bad. If you do like a shadow puppet like of a dog, it's it's kind of like I think they do that, but anyway. So we also find out at the same time that there's this thing that looks to me like a rat, but his name Terry, that realizes there's a soul missing that didn't go through the great white light. Why does he have an Australian accent? I don't know. It's just a very weak I don't know where they came up with it. I kept calling him Ratatui because that's what I thought of when I first saw him real me, the redituill my trains Um. Yeah, Great Job, Adam Lambert, musical, oh, but so at that. We also find out that there's this earth portal that souls jump into once they have completed their little earth badge and they've become a complete personality. And as soon as JOE figures this out, he runs to this Earth Parle and keeps trying to jump down it to get back to his body, and he just keeps showing back up at this blue thing and he finds out that he can't go anywhere until he like because he doesn't have one of these badges. And eventually these allknown beings named Jerry think that he's a mentor, and the kind of find out what a mentor is them. Yeah, so Jerry takes him to a seminar for being a mentor and their job is to basically find a spark to help kids complete their personality, and they all get matched with one kid, and Joe it's matched with twenty two, who he explained earlier, and he does this because he pretends to be this psychologist who's also a mentor. But this was the one plot hole I found in the movie, like if they know for sure where everyone's soul is, how did they lose the guy that Joe is pretending to be? Yeah, I mean they they don't know. I think Terry sort of knows because he counts them all. Yeah, they don't know where they are, but I understand. I don't know how, like where is this other guy? Yeah, because he had to have died, like that's why he was a mentor. Yeah, Terry should know that. So I was confused about that. But basically he pretends to be this psychologist to help twenty two, because twenty two is like a problematic unborn soul who has been failed by all of these famous, successful people like mother, Teresa, Marie Antoinette Handy, like all those people. Yeah, so the kid is very problematic. Twenty two, Joe gets put to work and they begin in this museum sort of place where you can see highlights of people's lives, and twenty two sees Joe's life and...

Um, all the disappointing, like rejections that he's faced, and he's like wow, my life was meaningless at that's the first time I started crying watching it. I didn't cry, but that was just like wow, like I like I was think, like how many people just like we're's like Oh God, yeah, yeah, so, yeah. But they then decide to come up with some sort of idea where the kid can find their spark so they can give joe their earth pass and then the kid can go into the great beyond. So they hatch up some sort of scheme to do that. They just have to figure out how. So I think this parts like kind of cool and I wish this was real. But they got to like find twenty two spark. They go to this place called the hall of everything, where they can do literally everything in the world to try and find that one thing that is your spark, which like could be so cool. Just like you don't just have the ability to try everything once. I mean, like I you see anything, anything, but if someone found heroin in the hall of everything, Okay, I'm sure they do, but like that's their spark. Okay, anyway, I don't know. I think I'd be interesting, but she's very cynical and I don't know if it's that she doesn't like anything or she's just like so much that I don't want to do this. So I'm gonna say that I hate everything that I shut down. So instead they go into this box that is labeled this is just a box and thing to see here, and they travel through a sink, which like this is important, but I was just like, this is like a random path that they kind of made up, and they show up in this field where you can look into the sky and it's where everyone goes when they're in the zone. So every time you are, like Joe was like playing piano and just like really getting into it, that's kind of where he went. But there are also these things, I forget what they're called, but they're just like gray blobs that have become so obsessed with something in their lives and they've kind of just lost themselves in it. So while we're in there, we meet this Hippie Guy, the captain or something. He is on Wind, Moon Wind, okay, he captains this ship and they travel through this field every Tuesday at noon to save these gray blobs and kind of bring them back to life. And the one example that we see is this like hedge front guy who's just like typing away his computer forever and ever, and they kind of save him and you see him back in reality. And he like throws everything off his desk and is like I need to live. These people like meditate and enter this world to try to save others so they like know it exists. Yeah, Moonwight, I have a I have a question for you. Yeah, what is something that gets you in the zone? So I feel like I haven't been there in a while. You know, like I I used to be like whenever I would like read, I could read an entire book, like four hundred page book, in like three hours if I was in the zone, and like I would do that when I was younger and like it's like wow, that's your like thing, but I'll see your gifted kids, the gifted child and I don't know, I haven't been in the zone in a while. It's just like hard right now. I don't know, like when can you not focus on other things and like just be like there's so much in my mind all the time right now, I know. I feel like that's why you have to find something that will put you in the zone so your brain isn't going like a thousand miles an hour. Yeah, anyway, sorry, I was in the zone. No, I wasn't. So, basically, what they're going to try and do moon wind and there's also some other people there but they never show up against otheryre side characters, but we're moving on. They help him get back to his body and concentrate so they can get there. So they see him in a hospital bed and there's like this cat on him and he gets joe gets so excited that he is... I got to get there and he falls in and brings twenty two with him. So they wake up in the hospital and Joe is in the therapy cat and twenty two is in Joe's body. So it's a new dilemma where they have to switch back. Yeah, this will also be kind of difficult to explain. When we talk about Joe, I guess we're talking about the cat and we talked about twenty two. Were talking about Joe, Joe's body. Yeah, yeah, so Joe Wakes up from this comma, Joe's body is up from this comma, and the doctor comes in and they're trying to explain what's happening in like actual detail of what's happening in the doctors like Um, just get some rest because you seem crazy. We're going to evaluate you for three days. Yeah, then they decide that they need to find moon win so they can fix it, and they know exactly where he'll be because he's a sign spinner and said it explain like where he is, he did when they first met. Yeah, so they know, they know where he works. And so Joe, Aka twenty two, his body still in like the hospital gown, and they're trying to escape, and I thought that was pretty funny. But they eventually make it onto the crowded New York City streets and twenty two, you know as someone would react when they enter New York City, runs away. Twenty two has never been alive, like, yeah, never experienced anything, doesn't know how to walk and it's just like very overwhelmed. Yeah, plus twenty two is never felt any senses before. You know how we have like the five sets it senses. Twenty two is never felt any of our senses before, and so it's just like sensory overload at this point. And so, you know, twenty two runs away, obviously, and then Joe and the cat's body finally catches up to her and gives her a slice of Pizza, and twenty two experiences smell and taste for the first time, and that was kind of like the start of something clicking for her, being able to like experience sense. It's kind of like the first sign of like a spark appearing, which is exciting for her. We love that. So then they meet moon wind and he says that he's going to help them switch their souls, or at least get joe back into his own body, but they have to do it later in the day when the moon lines up with Gemini or whatever, which is at like six o'clock. So they're going to go to his apartment so he can get clothes and look like someone who isn't crazy. So twenty two goes to hail a cab and the cab the person who's in the cab before is actually Dorothea and his student who helped to get the job, and she gets really upset and eventually like kind of fires him from the job. We find that out a little bit, and so he goes back to his apartment and gets dressed, but one of his students shows up for lessons and it's the girl who's playing trombone before, and she is actually telling you that she wants to quit. So twenty two tries to start to relate to her as a human and could actually convinces her to keep playing, because it's something that she really loves and kind of understands that. That's her spark in a way. So twenty two really wants to now figure out what, like, what being a human is like, and maybe, maybe it's something that twenty two wants. And at the same time the rat terry figures out that. Well, he figures out who's missing now and is in route to go find him. So's then twenty two and Joe have to get ready for the GIG and for the swap, and you know, you just looks like a mess. So they do normal human things like showering, brushing your teeth, etc. which also is like another thing that creates plants, some sort of like seed of twenty two wanting to continue human life. And so joe then tries to cut his hair, but since he's a cat, he messes up like his hair, and so they have to go to the barber shop. At the Barber Shop, twenty two has managed to capture the attention of everyone there because of her vast knowledge, for like thousands of years of knowledge. She's very wise. So, for example, she he finds out that everyone had dreams when they were younger but they didn't... out and they found other passions, which is kind of like an underlying lesson in the movie. The Barber wanted to be a veterinarian, but his daughter got sick so he couldn't afford to go to school for it, so he became a barber instead and he thinks that his chairs like magical and a sense of like he gets people to open up and share their experiences and he would have never had that if he became a veterinarian. Or maybe he would have, but he just found passion in something that wasn't his original plan, which was cool. And you also kind of find out that twenty two has a passion for speaking to others and meanwhile joe does not, because Joe's kind of obsessed with jazz the point where he can't have normal relationships with people and like all of his friends think that like he's not interested in their lives because he just talks about jazz. At this point I was kind of thinking like this is like weirdly like wonder woman, where like hear me out with the like consent. Part of like twenty two being in Joe's body. Oh yeah, but joe being in a cat's body. Where does the line go? You know? Yeah, I mean like it's not the same, like I get it, but it is kind of the same, because it's like it was Steve Soul in this guy's body. The yeah, the cat is like on their way to heaven right now. Like the cats like dead, but then it's not at the end, but I'm a lot, but I'm dead. Yeah, it was. I don't know that. I was just thinking about that, but I don't know, like, yeah, that is kind of a similar situation. The Line Crosses, I think he crosses, when you like steal a plane and commit an act of terrorism. Yeah, maybe maybe they're um, but anyway, um. So Joe is actually pretty sad, by the way, that he's never had the ability to interact with people the way twenty two does, but he kind of tries to brush it off at this point and we see Terry going around New York City looking for Joe and we also seem at one point accidentally grabbing the wrong person and kind of traumatizing him for the rest of his life. But Joe's and twenty two is next kind of step is as they're experiencing things. Twenty two like squats down and rips Joe's pants and they're only option is to go to his mom for a new suit, and they try to come up with like a lie because the mom doesn't technically they don't think the mom knows about the GIG and on their way there we also see twenty two being inspired by this guy playing music in the subway and gives in half a BAGEL. When they go to his mom, she actually does know about the GIG, and there's this moment where Joe was trying to tell twenty two what to say to his mom to like get twenty two to act like he would, but then twenty two keeps talking and like saying things, even though Joe Doesn't want twenty two to say them. So eventually twenty two finally like spills out all these feelings that he's had forever about how he hates that his mom just like does not want to support his dream and it's it's really everything he's ever wanted. His Dad inspired him with it. And also, to add to that, I don't think we mention this, but twenty two can read Joe's memories because she's in his body. So she knows how he feels. Yeah, which is also like are you allowed to like see this other person's thought? Like yeah, yeah, I don't know. But eventually they make makeup and the mom just really wants the best for Joe and gives him his dad's old jazz club suit and they make it fit for him and it's a really nice moment. I cried second point where I cried, oh my gosh, but then it looks really good and then they head on their way to the jazz club moon when, because Moonman said he meet him there. Yeah, so then they finally make it to the jazz club where Joe will be performing, and twenty two sees starts like recognizing all the amazing things about feeling and living and starts kind of reconsidering going straight into the great beyond. And so twenty two kind of sees that they have passion and purpose and is so close to finding their spark, or so they think. And so after that, Moon wind meets them to bring them back, but twenty two isn't ready yet, and so obviously twenty two...

...runs away again and joe has to chase her, but then terry catches them and takes their souls away from their bodies. So now they're back at the youth seminar and they discover that twenty two finally got their past to go to Earth. But we don't know how, and we don't know how yet. The one thing. Yeah, and so she's about to jump off the edge. But Joe says that the only reason why twenty two found their spark is because of his spark and he thinks that spark equals purpose, which we find out later is not the case. And so twenty two gives joe their earth past, because Joe kind of says that twenty two doesn't have a purpose since really messed up. I know. Yeah, so after twenty two is like fine, like take it, Joe is told by Jerry that spark does not equal purpose and that your purpose is your meaning of life and kind of like your spark is something that like the little tiny, like unborn blobs see in the hall of everything that makes them interested in going to earth. It gives them like feeling, if that makes sense. Like your spark is like your peeked interest to go into earth. You have multiple sparks. It's just one. They find one, they can go in. That's how I interpreted it. Okay, say, like I saw pizza and I was like, Oh my God, like, I need to try that. I feel like that would be a spark. And so, okay, if you like think back on it, there are many times where twenty two found their spark. Yeah, okay. And just because, like you, you found something that you're interested in and that makes you feel a bunch of things, it doesn't mean it's your purpose necessarily. That's a good way to put it. It made more sense than what they said. Yeah, they didn't really. I feel like it was open to interpretation, but that's just how I like thought of it. Yeah, so joe does decide to go back to earth and gets back to his own body and he immediately runs to the Gig because that's what he still interprets his meaning, meaning for living. I guess this is a good way to put it. And we also see at the same time twenty two starting to get a little obsessive and like, with that, the fact that she doesn't have a purpose now that she's experienced life on earth, and by which Joe said. So she turns into a little gray blob now. But we also see that Joe also feels lost in his life back on earth, because he felt amazing at the Gig, but then he realized like he would be doing that same thing every day for the rest of his life and he's like what, like is that my meaning? Is that my spark? At least that's how I thought. So when he gets he gets back to his apartment after this GIG and he feels lost and he's kind of he take out of his pockets because it was twenty two. He has all these things that twenty two had been collecting and they were kind of all their spark. There was the other half of the BAGEL. There was a one of those I call them helicopters. I don't know what they're. Yeah, maybe they're like a little seed that falls to the ground and like a helicopter. What sort of yeah, and pizza crusts and and things that just remind him of how how much twenty two like found, like all these things that twenty two found on earth and like got a spark from. And he also starts to remember all the things that sparked or peak his interest when he was growing up and he uses that to get back in the zone, which is and that field where he saw everyone else in his own and wants to find twenty two. So he meets up with moon wind within that law area to catch twenty two, but twenty two is so obsessed with this idea that they destroy the ship and like run out into the normal or like the actual, you seminar area, and it's kind of like throwing little souls at Joe and we see that twenty two is trapped inside of this self doubt that has been built up from their mentors, like just tearing them down over and over again, saying that they don't have a purpose. So then you know how we talked about like that little helicopter seed from before? Joe Then decides to give her that seat and presented to her and like some sort of conceptual way, because he couldn't obviously bring it. Yeah, and so she realizes that that was hers...

...far things like that, things that make made her feel something, and she knows that she's ready for earth now, and he gives her back her earth pass, which means that she can live and that he's done. And I definite really cried at that point. This is where I could I was sobbing, I was yeah, I was ugly crying and so they jump together because she's scared and he's like all, go as far as it lets me, and so they're falling down and she lets go of his his little like blob arm, and she's now like alive and on earth and Joe is back on the conveyor belt for the great beyond. Before he's about to go in, all the Jerry's out there conspired and worked, work together to give Joe another chance at living because they were so inspired by like what he's what he's done for them. And I was ugly sobbing. And so joe gets another chance at life. Oh and the cat from before. We never clarified this, but the cat comes back into its body when they they switched the last time. Yeah, I don't know how that part worked. The cat's okay. Everyone don't cats. Fine, but I also like how they distracted Terry and like just like Hey, what's that over there, and switch the it's was it called? It's a a calculator, but like the old, the ancient calculator and can calculator. I don't know. It starts the Nay, I know that, but every liked and then it kind of ends with Joe Living His life to the fullest and really appreciating everything. Mm just like twenty two was, and I really liked it. Yeah, any movie that can make you feel such strong emotions like that. I've said this before, but any movie that can, that has the power to do that, is such a good movie. Yeah, now, I always think like Pixar does a really, really good job there for everyone, like I think everyone can learn from them, and they always have like a thing for adults, like a message for adults in a message for kids too. I think is really good. Yeah, we're getting deep here. Sometimes I get so worried about like what happens after we die that it like makes me so anxious that I can't live my life. And so like watching this movie like made me feel so many emotions and it was so good. Oh God, I'm tearing Im Tara Bank. See, I mean just even like thinking about like if a movie can like move me to tears just thinking about something like that, like, Goddamn it, it's a good movie. No, I think this one was was really good and and it was funny, like it wasn't just like yeah, some good comic relief. Yeah, no, I it was really good. I recommend this. Yeah, the next time I have an existential crisis where I've heard all what happens when we die, I'll watch this movie and feel better. Yeah, this is fun. Oh, I wanted to announce that we have made one penny. I didn't. I can't find it. I tried to look it up. I cannot find our penny. It's an harmonetize thing. I looked it's a zero dollars. It's your sense, it says, of all time. It says honestly. It's fine. I didn't think we'd be like making hundreds of dollars and I really kind of like hope we don't so I don't have to worry about like the taxes stuff. I'm like super scared. I don't want to get like targeted by the IRS or something. Imagine we go to jail for accidentally committing tax fraud. That's my biggest fear actually. I'd so scary, like I never want to have a problem with taxes, but anyway you can plow. But it's sire. How we never podcasts or on twitter at how we never or on facebook, how we never seen this before, as well as Youtube, where you can see our lovely faces and tick Tock did you say tick Tock. No, I didn't say tick tocket. We have a tick tock. Now I haven't posted anything, but maybe I'll foss when this, when this goes up. Hopefully we'll be something there. Yeah, thank you all for listening and we will see you in next week. Bye, bye,.

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