How Have We Never Seen This Before?
How Have We Never Seen This Before?

Season 3, Episode 3 · 11 months ago

To All The Boys, Always and Forever: "We Are a Terrible Rom-Com Couple."


In Season 3, Episode 3, Lauren and Isabel discuss the brand new release, To All The Boys: Always and Forever. Join us in this week's episode as we create a tier list of Noah Centineo tweets, talk about our own prom-posals, and how Dr. Covey is the hottest guy in the film.

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Hi Everyone, welcome back to havewe never seen this before? This week we discussed to all the boys P, always and forever, always and forever journeys in this week's episode, aswe create a tier list of Noah Sensinao's tweets, as we talked about ourown proposals and how Dr Cobby is the hottest guy in this whole film.We stand Dr Covey, we do, and stay tuned for a guest appearancefrom our brand new cohost, Archie. Yes, hope we never seen thisbefore. Is a podcast where two best friends watch iconic films and trending TVshows that they've never seen before. Each week we discuss a different movie orshow from a Zelennial perspective. We are live on a Saturday morning after awild night. No, my wild night included watching this movie, so Idon't watch this yesterday afternoon. But Anyway, welcome to episode three. Yeah,this week we watched to all the boys, always, I'm forever.That's that's the whole name. It's not like all the boys I love before, always and forever. Why do they have the most absurd names here,like like the toll? To all the boys I've loved before to all theboys. ps, I still love you. To all the boys, always haveforever, like, but like, there's not all the boys anymore.There's one boy. There's one boy. We've narrowed it down and went fromlike a billion to like, to now there's just one. Yeah, andlike, I don't so like. Why is it still to all the boys? I guess we have to take that up with the author of the book. Yeah, but anyway, we watched it. I think that throughout theduration of this podcast, you should only refer to me as Lauren Jean.Honestly, I couldn't even remember her name when the movie started. So really, you don't remember Laura Jean? That's such an iconic name. I justcould not remember it. When I it's first I just said she she wantsto go to Stanford. Yeah, I can remember name. I forgot prettymuch everyone's name except hers. Like I could not have told you what anyonesaying was. That's funny, because I knew everybody else is but hers.Wow, and she's to make character. Put us together and we'd really goplaces. We've got a full brain cell. But we're really on top of thingsthis week because this literally just came out yesterday, February twelve, andtoday's February thirteen, and this is coming to you on the fifteen, Ithink. So we're hopping on that trend really quick. Yeah, this betterget more lessons than our other stuff. Well Anyway. So, getting intogetting into the the meat and potatoes of this episode, I couldn't think ofanother Anur. Okay, getting into it, Um, if you didn't know,no, a sense toao is in this movie and icon, if youwill. Yeah, I mean, I was going to say quite the character, but he's super strange. That's not nice. Like, no, hearme out. When he was at I don't know if it was like thepeople's choice awards are like a nickelodeon awards, and he was just like before Igo, I just want to say it matters not what you've done,but what you have done that will be done for up or like. Idon't know. It made me think. I think it's it matters not whatyou've done, but what you do with what you've done for others. Like, what does that even mean? You know, no, it really onlyit takes some big brain energy to know what that means. I guess you'renot smar. Nope, I'm kidding. No one knows what it means.You. There is no sense when it comes to know a Sentenaeo, andbecause of that, we have decided our game for this episode is, Iguess, tearing, or like rating and putting in categories the tweets of MrNoah sentenaio. We're going to make a tier list for this, this man. It's cool, we've got we've got...

...some real fancy technology here. Everybody. Okay, so here we go. I'm so excited. Okay, sowe've created these categories just based on everything that these could fall into. Thefirst one is iconic, legendary, if you will, and I think thatthe ones that'll fall into this category are the ones that I can recite,that I automatically know our his doesn't need I don't need to know to seehis like twitter user name. I know it's his. Okay, so wewould have loved us during our two thousand and thirteen TUMBLR era. This isa an air that, just like, has a special place in my heart. Whether that's good or bad, I'm not sure yet, but this isa good category. Coming up on the third ranking and not his best work. You know, it's kind of middle of the road, doesn't really catchmy eye. If you will. Following this, we've got dear God.Please hire him a publicist for me. I think his quote from the wordshow would go there, but also in the red. So I think we'regoing to have some hard decisions. Like between those two, I agree.I agree. Hand sound yea. The next category would be I'm actually callingthe police, meaning that this tweet should be illegal straight off. And finally, this is a quote from one of Noah, since, a name ofsnapchats. So use that wild imagination if you will, and we will.Okay, here we go. Okay, so starting off, we have thisbeautiful tweet here. I'll read it. What is this? God? Nanever met the guy, but if I had to guess, I'd say she'sa soft pillow, a comfortable bed and a warm meal. Maybe some goodcompany in a bad time. Maybe they're the reason you were running late anddidn't have that car crash. IDK. Maybe you'R me. What does thateven mean? He could not tell you. Was He like? Was this aresponse to someone? Is it two people? Is it one person?Maybe his concept of God differs from yours. Who are you to judge someone ontheir religion. Oh, remember, it's about God. Okay, sorry, I would like, I like cut that part off. I don't thinkwe should try to figure out what he's saying. I think we just needto rank them. Can you like see the gears like going in my headtrying to understand what this is? I mean personally, I would say like, if it's not his best work, if you've seen, if you seeall the other tweets in here, this will be like, okay, Iwill, I will take your word for that one. Okay, and weyou know, we can always move them around. Yeah, learn, they'renot set there forever. Okay, it's on here. We're gonna bring thatforward. Her waves, me faints. To be completely honest, I wouldhave loved this during my two thousand and thirteen time Lara, that one waseasy. I'm glad we could agree, because I was thinking the same thing. That's honestly, why I created this category. Okay, next one.If you can get me out of my feels, then you'll have me inmy feels forever. Where does do you quote this a lot? No,okay, I feel like just from reading those other two, I would knowthis is him. HMM, but I don't know if it's legendary. Ithink I don't think we can rate it legendary. I I honestly would putthis in the we would have loved this during our twenty thirty two. Okay, great, we'll just slide her in there. There you go. Noah, you can rest right next to to no, no, no, thisone's a good one. Remember how fun and intimately intricate making out can be. I think there's no choice but to. I'm calling the police. I agree. I this should be illegal immediately.

No, no, no, no, okay. Next we have fuck flowers, I'll send you the floorstfuck florist, I'll show you the field. Fuck the field. Let's grow agarden. Fuck it all. I love you again. I don't.I don't know what you were thinking, but I would have loved this intwo thousand and fifteen. But the categories almost full. I mean, Idon't know, because I feel like it doesn't make enough sense for us tohave loved this. Like his poetry. These two at least like made alittle bit of sense, Um, but this one just like doesn't make senseto me. So not his best work for you. Yeah, maybe thator dear God, please hire him a publicist. Does he have a publicist? I probably, but I think they should be fired. I feel like, at the same time, all of these should also go in that category. Yeah, because they're all considering. Yeah, you're right, you're right, but that can that can be our first publicist. Publicist. Okay,will slide you right in there. Noah, no, you're probably lonely in thatcategory. That's okay. Oh my God, this one. Yes,okay. So next up we have this beautiful to eat. How long doesit take to fall in love? Depends how fast you jump. Those aresome wise words. This this is the first one I've ever seen from him, like back in two thousand and eighteen, and personally, I quote it allthe time. I would say it's iconic, legendary, I would Iwould definitely agree. Okay, okay, we'll slide you right in there.Okay, stupid. Okay. Next up we have this one. If youwant to take a turn to read that, okay, if you if can't tell, don't look at her story. Don't look at her story. Don'tlook at her story. Don't look at her story, don't look at herstory. Maybe just one. That was my traumatic reading. I in mymind that's like that Tumbler, like if you like emphasize different parts of thesentence, like it just. Yeah, yeah, if what is all this, I think I would call the police. Yeah, yeah, I was alsothinking, like what is on her story? Could we could use ourwild imagination? Yeah, that's where I was like, that's where I wasgoing. I think it can transcend book categories. So, though, yeah, I think we have our first use out wild imagination. I mean youhave to, yeah, you just have to. Next up we have thisone. I would like love to know who he's talking about. He saysfuck, you're so cute. Now is this who's he dating? Was Hername? Alex, was he? Alexis Real, Alex is wren. Yeah, I can't believe Alex's run put up with this, this garbage. Ithink it's a little weird to tweet about it, but like, I mean, someone saying that to you is like not like like someone random. Yes, that's bad, but like men you're with, it's like not bad.I don't know, because whenever anyone says that to me, I don't knowif it's just me personally, but I like cringe. Do people say thatto you a lot. I mean sometimes I think it's not his best work. Yeah, I feel like he could have gone for it a little bitmore here, but he kind of held back. So, yeah, therewas definitely some potential. They're hmm, sorry, Noah, that wasn't yourbest. Okay, I think this is our last one here this I forgotabout this one. What do you want to be when you get older?Closer to you, I love this tweet.

I don't. Why does he thinkhe's this like prolific writer, like he would? He wrote this.He was like, Oh, this is a good one, like they aregonna love this, and they do, but not for the same reason welove this. I mean I think it was successful, because if he didn'ttweet that like this kind of stuff, we wouldn't be talking about him.And No, I way. I agree. I think this was it seems likethis is one of the earlier ones and I think this is quite aniconic tweet. Yeah, Oh, I think I would agree with you onthat one. So should we? Wow, our tier list is complete. Ifeel like if like the things heaps he's said can go into our purplecategory. HMM, it's harder to for the tweets, you know. Yeah, yeah, I agree. I mean I'm proud of this. I thinkthat this is a work of art, just like his tweets. No,I agree, and I think it's hard because so many of them can gointo so many categories. HMM. Yeah, but, yeah, we all dida good job. Take take a look at this if you if youever want to do a cheer list, you can check out this flub site, cap wingcom. Yeah, and if you, if you do make yourown Noah sentennaio tweet tier list, please post and tag us, because welove most another your opinions or like, comment your order. Yeah, andlike, if you're on youtube, like, comment and the thing. And,yeah, I'd love to see it. Well, thank you. That wasfun. I thought that was that was a good one. I know. I love our little games. They're great. Um, but we're gonnalike try and work our way through the movie a bit faster this time,just because that game like just needed to be done. Definitely. We're gonnaassume that most of you have seen the last two movies. I know mymom has not. So shadowed to mom, you're going to be confused, butthat's okay, because I will explain it for you. Well, Imean, like, if you haven't seen this movie on Valentine Day weekend,right when it comes out, like what are you doing? You know thisis a fake fan. Yeah, but we've got Peter, we've got largene, they're together, then we've got kitty and Margo, lar Jean's sisters,and then we've got Chris, who is Laura Jean's best friend, and we'vealso got her dad and Trina, Dr Covy, Dr Cobby and Trina,who will be her stepmother. Spoiler alert. Sorry. Is there wrong that?I think that Dr Covey is the most attractive person in this film?No, no, okay, would you agree? Yeah, yeah, justthinking. Sure. Oh, we also have trevor and this trevor. SoTrevor is he's played by the guy from Riverdale and thirteen reasons. Why?Yeah, he like left River Nale to, I guess, do this or something, honestly, or just to save his career. Just just abandoned shipat that point. Yeah, he's like sort of Chris. He's on andoff boyfriend, I guess, and and also is Peter's best friend. Yeah, yeah, so, basically we start out in soul Korea, largen andher family went there for a trip for spring break at it's also her senioryear. If you were unclear. Can we please go to South Korea?Yeah, I want to go so badly to South Korea, Japan, backto Thailand. I know. Let's go on a trip Singapore. If wehad more time, I wish we could have learned. I went to Thailandwhen we were sending abroad in Australia together, and I just wish we could havelike spent time in the Singapore airport or like just like a Singapore ingeneral and traveled around East Asian Moore as well. The Singapore Airport is probablythe nicest building I've ever been in in my entire life. It's beautiful.There's an indoor waterfall, like indoor outer waterfall. You know that mean?That's like society. If we could blank...

...and it shows like that indoor waterfall. That's the Singapore airport. It's really amazing. I haven't seen that,but I hope most of you have, because or just google it, likehonestly Google it. But yes, so they're in Korea. We find outthat Dr Cobby wants to marry his girlfriend Trina, and it's going to proposeand they get home and we also find out that Peter is going to Stanfordon a Lacrosse scholarship and Laur is planning to go there with him, butshe has not yet been accepted. So there is our first conflict of thefilm. Can I tell you what problem I had with this part? What? He went on a campus tour and then they face timed about it andshe's like no, I don't want to see campus. It's bad luck tosee a college campus before you get in. Okay, that's the reason why you'renot getting into Stanford. Like they take note of who goes on toursto see WHO's actually interested. And if you don't go on any tours andit comes down to you and this other person who has the same exact kindof GPA, background, whatever, they're going to choose the person who's actuallybeen on a tour of campus. So that's really stupid of her. Yeah, and like if any of you are going into college, like obviously rightnow you can't really visit campus, but like sign up for those admissions zoomthings or like sign up for a virtual interview if it's somewhere you really wantto go. If not like whatever. But yeah, they like they haveit on record how many times you've toured and if you've actually seen campus.Yep. But yeah, so like Laura's just like worried that they're going tobreak up because of going to like colleges and longdistance and whatever. And theone thing that I thought was so like really cute about the whole soul tripwas the the locks on top of the soul tower. If you have everlike seen in Pais, they have that bridge with all the locks. Youlike write a wish or like write your name and then the lock it onthe bridge. It's the same same thing, but on the top of the soultower and they find the lock that their mom put on there, whichis super cool, and just like lock their's on with it, and Ithought it was so cute. Yeah, that was really cute. So nowshe's back in California. That's where she lives, right, California. Yeah, like saying, I feel like it's like outskirts of San Francisco or something. Okay, yeah, she lives in the nicest neighborhood ever. Like herdad is loaded. Well, our dad's at like a kind of college.Yeah, so she's back in California. She walks into her house and turnsout Peter Broke into her house and surprised her with flowers and a welcome homesign and she brought him back a bunch of treats, including this face maskthat, when he ripped it off he winced. Does that was weird,does he? They they did. It was just a sheet mask. Itwasn't like a like a peal mask, it was just like a sheet.I don't know. That was such a like stupid oversight for whoever was givinghim direction because like obviously, like Noah Sentennaio, it doesn't seem like hereally focuses on his you know, skincare not saying that he has bad skin, but he's just like a bro you know, until like he's not goingto know what a sheet mask does versus like appeal off mask. So thatwas maybe maybe it was just like stuck. I don't know. I just wantlittle things like that taking out of the movie and it follows me.But yeah, so they get talking about Rom coms and how they would bean awful rom calm couple. So this is kind of like a little bitof theme starting to to develop. Yeah, so then they watch. What movieis that with the guy who holds the radio? I don't know,I've never watched it either. By okay, this is maybe we should that.This is really embarrassing. Cut The cameras, Cup cameras. But yeah, lar gene is loaded and they seem to be watching this movie on herlaptop. Like you mean to tell me that Dr Cubby does not have ahuge flat screen TV in his living room? Yeah, they both share her arepods, like, I don't, I don't know why, like justwatch it on the TV. Yeah, like, how dumb. But thenthey lose track of time and Peter has to go home, and then hesays something really Cringey, such as I'm most looking forward to never having tosay good night. that. That's definitely... he like have that in theback of his mind. Is A tweet. And then it's like, oh mygosh, I have this great idea for this scene. Let me saythis. He definitely wrote some of his own lines, I think. Andright as he's leaving, largene sees that her dad is proposing to tree throughthe through her window because their neighbors. I don't know if we said that, but yeah, I thought it was cute. Yeah, like it wasCliche, but like him driving away and then you you see the dad proposingto her and it's my heart happy. Yeah, I think the way thatthis movie is shot, like the other movies as well, is like kindof like weird but also unique, and I kind of like it. Yeah, no, it's definitely different. I think you can just tell that theyactually care about what goes into every shot, unlike a lot of like compare thisto the kissing booth. You have like a lot of the same likeshot. I don't know, I feel like they play around more with likeclose ups, like changing the perspective, and I appreciate that a little bitmore. HMM. But also because you mentioned the kissing booth my when wewere just like starting to be watch this last night, no one was likingit and one of my roommates was like, I think I like the kissing boothbetter. Like I I love you all, but to my roommates,but no, I do not agree. I think the kissing is like moreentertaining just because it's like so stupid. But this one I would I wouldhave loved this in high school, and so I'm kind of look at thisfrom like the perspective of like a high school senior right now, and Iwould have loved that movie when I was in high school. I think thismovie it made me so sad, like if I were senior in high schoolright now, just like being like I can't have my prom, I can'tgo to my senior trip, not but we had a senior trip or anything, but just like missing all those things. It would make me sad. Yeah, I like I was looking at this a feeling so nostalgic, like, especially when they had like their prom, and I was like, Oh,that reminds me of like our prom, like it reminds me of our ourproms, but also it looks so much better. Yeah, but anyway. So it's a next day at school and we see people like getting askedto prom, so like the big part of it, and we find outthey're going in a senior trip to New York and they're still like trying toPeter and largen or still trying to decide on a song because they want asongs so they can be more like a ROM com couple. That night athome it's dinner time and largene gets her notification from Stanford and she opens itand she didn't get accepted. I wonder why should have gone on those tours. So she's all sad and whatever and she heart like everyone's like trying tocheer up. Her sister calls her and she kind of like goes off onher sister because her sister wanted her to look at m why you as aschool and not and like she's applied to different schools besides Stanford, which wasa good idea. And our our main, I say our main conflict, orone of the main complex comes when Peter Texts are asking if she gotin, because he knows that acceptances are out, but her sister, Margoalso text her at the same time asking if they're okay because of this fightearlier, because she got mad about having her apply to different schools, andaccidentally texts Peter of course I love you, instead of texting that to her sistersaying like saying yeah, of course you're okay. But Peter thinks shesaid of course I got in the Stanford, which she did not, Yie,and instead of fixing it right away, she just doesn't tell him forever.She could have just texted him right then. And they're being like sorry, that was one for Margo. No, that was that's all she had todo. I know, like he's gonna find out eventually. When youdon't, you go to the first class and they say that she's not aregistered student and then they call security on her. Oh my God. Yeah, yeah, so after that situation happens, she's trying to figure out how tosay that she didn't get in. I don't know why she's always sonervous to talk to Peter, like he takes everything like a little too well. Yeah, he's like very the chill about everything. So, like,why would you ever be like worried about how he's going to react to something? I just doesn't make sense to me.

But she's trying, she's debating onwhat to say to him and all of the sudden she sees that he'soutside with a speaker and a decorated car, just like the rum calm that theywatched that we don't know the thing. Tell anything. Could if you couldtell us, you can if you know it and say we're just twounfortunate souls. Never seen that movie. Please tells what it is. Sothis is her a big chance to finally admit that she didn't get into Stanford, but instead she is like, Oh okay, actually, let's let mego along with this. So he takes her to the diner from the beginningof the entire for franchise. Oh Yeah, yes, the series, and heorders pancakes. It does this like grand promposal thing with Strawberry Sarah,how are you proposed to Prom I was only proposed to go to prom once. So I went to Prom three times. I go three times. Oh myGod, I really should have only go once. It was this mysecond time going. My friend took me out to like lunch or something,and then we came back and my boyfriend at the time was at my house. Like my whole family knew about it. Wasn't like he broke into my houselike Noah senten I did, but he had this like if you're underor like if you're this tall, you can go like go to prom withwith me or something. But he didn't go. He'd so also, orso he I had that proposed promposal, and then he got kicked out ofschool. So like a week after my boyfriend, I kicked out of school. My friend. It was it was really this part was like super sweet. He Um and Lauren was in on it. Obviously we were at trackpractice together and he was just like Hay, so like, like what color isyour dress? Like I want to, I'd like to get a bow tiedto mat you because I like, I don't eat go to your seniorprom alone. It was so sweet. He couldn't find the exact color,which is totally fine, like it doesn't matter, but I think it waslike maybe or something. He got a boat tight a like sort of gowith my dress and we went together, which is really fun. That wascute. The way that I was proposed to prom was really lame because rememberbut, Um, basically this boy that I was friends with, he askedme in March. Prom was in May. He asked me a march. Ido not know why, but he basically it was a day before springbreak and he made his entire like phone. Oh what actually, this is kindof cute. It's I think it was like kind of key put alot of effort into. Yeah, he asked me twice as well, solike a I'll say the first time. In the second time. So thefirst time he made his like phone background like will you go to prom withme, and he like decorated each little like APP icon to be a differentletter with like a cool background, and so he asked me like using hisphone background, which was like very gen zy of and yeah, I saidyes, and then but I was like I kind of want like a traditionalpromposal. So then like a few months later, before prom I worked inthe writing center after school and so I would basically like sit alone in thisroom and have like people come in and like hang out with me or likeif they needed help with their papers, I would work on them with them. And he came in one day. We're just like hanging out and helike got down on one knee. Oh my God, like candid be likethese chocolate like flower things and he was like do you want to like actuallygo to problem with me? Like I realize that I didn't ask in thebest way before, and I was like yeah, sure, I thought wewere going, and so it was cute. That's cute. I feel like thatlike Peter also did this, but like the down on one knee islike kind of a lot and I'd be a little scared. WHOA WHO,you're down on one knee. This is a lot of coming. That's thatwas cute. Though. Yeah, promost fun it was. That was afun one. Oh wait, no, wasn't. I had an anxiety atteck. Yeah, we have fun after, though. Yeah, no, Iafterwards. It was fun. We all jumped in my pool and it wasonly fifty degrees out. Yeah, like fully clothes and everything. That's well, I was fully close. Can't say the same for everyone else, anyway. Okay, so they're going to prom together. Who who? But thenext day, so largene is so upset over not telling him that she didn'tget into Stanford. She doesn't go to..., but that day she actuallyfinds out that she got into UC Berkeley and she's like wow, everything's okaynow, like I can. I feel like I can tell him because onlybe an hour away. Yes, another character in a movie that we watchon this show is going to is going to Berkeley to mean? Yeah,but so now they're going to go on their senior trip and she still hasn'ttold him, but she tells Chris that they're going. She's going to tellhim once they get to New York. So they had they planned to likemeet up in the hotel lobby at like nine o'clock and then they go tothis cupcake shop and they're when they sit down, she finally tells Peter thatshe can get into Stanford, and I like I thought this was like likeyeah, he like totally chill whenever she like brings up some like news.I don't know where she's scared. He's he just says like are you okay? But I didn't like your lax bro Boyfriend being so nonchalant about things likethat. Would never happen. It wouldn't. But like I think it's really nice. Yeah, like just for going to be like like doesn't care aboutlike all that, like like are you okay? Like clearly like she hasn't. It's been a week at least, that she hasn't told him, likeshe's so overwhelmed by it. I know I thought that was nice. HMM. Yeah, a little heart. But while they're still in the cupcake shop, Peters just comes up with this new plan for them. He's like Oh, you can just transfer to Stanford after your freshman year, and she likeseems kind of okay with it, but I don't know, like you cansee like a little hesitation. She's like Oh, yeah, I never thoughtabout that. So we'll see if that happens. Yeah, so, yeah, the next day trevor promposes to Chrissy. Honestly, their stories seems to bea little bit more interesting than Peter and largen story. Like I wishthat they had their own movie, but I also don't want to give thecreators of this any ideas. Think we should leave it at three. Sothey get split off into groups during the day to do their tours of likeNew York, and so they do this like little selfie montage of them inthe most touristy spots of New York. We love a good montage. Welove a good montage, but they make New York look a lot nicer thanit actually is, like no one has gotten accosted yet, like that's it'snot how it goes. So Chrissy and largene see that Jen, the meangirl from the first one that they made amends with, is touring nmyu becauseshe got in and her tour guide invited them to a party, which wouldnever happen. A tour guide would never want to like party with high schoolseniors, like they could get an a so much trouble and be none incollege would want to do that. Also, she's a college senior. Yeah,and she's the girl. I found this last night. I couldn't playher. She's a girl from gossip girl that dates nate archibald when she's likethirteen or what, fifteen or whatever, because she wants to go to cotillionwith Nate Archibald. Oh, I've never seen gossip girls. Like, Ohmy God, please watch assip girl. Okay, sorry, I'm sorry.Yeah, so she's kind of like falling in love with New York and Nyuwhen she goes to this party and then she awkwardly records this band playing atthe party, and the band playing is the greeting committee, which is aband that I like, absolutely love. I don't know how they do this, but every soundtrack for this movie is so good. Like they had hippocampus on this, they had the greeting committee, like I love the soundtracksfor these movies. They also had black pink and another kpop Girl Group thatI forget, but my friend told me and I don't know. All Iknow is that they had some of my my favorite bands on here. AndYeah, so they take a pink couch home on the subway, which isweird, and I don't know how they got through like the metro barriers,like I don't think it would even fit through like the the one where youopen the door. It might fit if it's just like the turnstiles and theycarry over, true, but usually the turn styles like they have bars up. Yeah, and like when you leave. Sometimes it's that circular one. Idon't know. Depends where they're going, I guess. Yeah. So theyget back to the hotel and then peters being awkward, but that's it. Okay. So now she now the trips over it like they did thismovie in like section. So each like section had like its own like titlescreen, sort of. But anyway,...

...she's so they're back home and Trina'smoved in and she's like talking. Okay. So just to take a quick break, we have a brand new cohost. His name is archie and he isthirteen weeks old. I love him. Hi, Oh my God, he'sas sweetest little baby in the whole world. Can You? Can yousee something? He doesn't really make noise. Oh my goodness, we've not hearda bark yet. So well really, HMM, he's so well behaved.Heat drill boy. He's a little I just want to cuddle him.Forever. I know I'm going to steal him. I'll see if he goesto sleep. You might hear some chewing, but that's just our cohost in thebackground. He was he was making the rounds. He has some appearancesevery day someone else who wants to see him. He has more a cloudthan us. That's why he definitely does stop eating here for a short periodof time come back each week to see our she's but anyway, so backto the movie. Now that she's home, they, I think Peter and largeenehave like weekly dates that they plan, which is like kind of cute.So Laura's planning their's to go bowling and like makes him matching shirt andlike they have matching shoes and this like really cute picnic at the bowling alleyand while they're there, Peter's dad shows up because he wants to have dinnerwith Peter. I don't know, like I guess he was just like they'rebowling and saw him, but I think he was bowling with his new family. Yeah, so, if you don't know from the first couple movies,Peter's dad left him and his mom when they were young. What women?Peter was young and never contacted them in the just like kind of showed upagain with this brand new family, and Peter's really upset and just like doesn'twant to have dinner with his dad and just doesn't really want anything to dowith him. Laura is stress baking later that night but also getting the weddingcake ready for her dad's wedding. To Trin up and finds out that shegot into Nyu and she's really excited because while they were in New York youcould just like see how much she loved it. Okay, so my nextnote is I don't think I could deal with Noah sent to Noo as myboyfriend. Like I know I'm not his type, but oh my God,he's so I can't put my finger on it. Robotics, like he's justhe takes everything a little too well, like he doesn't show emotion. Hmm, he's just not he's just not your typical high school lacks bro. Iguess I think he's like trying to act like the perfect boy. HMM.Yeah, but yeah, it just like kind of makes it a little boringfor me. Yeah, that makes sense, like I need more drama here.I need someone needs to raise the stakes. But yeah, so atschool the next day, largene kind of continues to second guess going to Berkeleyand then she ends up finally telling Peter About New York and how she's goingthere. She decides like after a few scenes, but I just skipped throughthat. Yeah, and he thinks it's just going to be a year,but then she says no, I want to stay for the full four years. And then he's kind of sad, but he keeps saying that they're they'regood, and it just kind of annoys me how well he takes things.But he's like clearly distant though. Yeah, like he's got sad boy hours.Yeah, like he's a little upset, but it just she just keeps likethrowing him these curveballs and he's just like we're good. Yeah, howdo you feel about that? Like, I don't know. She never it'snever, like he never is like I feel blah, blah, blah.It's always how do you feel, which is that's not like a bad thing, like I know. But does largene not care how he feels? Yeah, asks him that. That is true. There's no like reciper, reciper,cool relationship to that. Like it's just hit asking I guess. Yeah. So, like the next section of the movie is prom and it's justlike looks like a great time Peters Crown Prom King and he like comes afterher after like pictures and that Prom King...

Queen dance and he's like like howdoes it feel to be with like the Prom King Room? She's like I'mlonely, and then he like takes her dance, but she's still like sad, and then they go home and she like tries to sleep with him forthe first time, but then he breaks up with her. He's like if, if it's not, like if I don't want to wait six months andthen break up, like we're just going to break up now. This isso unrealistic. But you know, you know that a high school lacks browho still hasn't gotten with his girlfriend. He's going to sleep with her andthen break up with her. You know, you know this already. He likehe's no, it's trying to make Peter like this angel, like holierthan Thou of all other boys. He would never reject her advances like that. That would just would not happen. Like he is. He's trying tobe the ideal, but it's not realistic in any way, in any way. But basically they're broken up and it's all sad. WHOO, who.Yeah, yeah, so it seems to be the next day and Peter didn'tanswer any of her text from that night, except he asked her if he shouldstill come to Dr Covey's wedding and she said No. So now it'stime for Chrissy to come and try and cheer her up with some scream.But she also like mentions that she's back together with trevor, which is reallylike not something you should say to you your that's your just kind of brokenoff with Joss. Got Broken off with like maybe save it for like tomorrow. Yeah, but yeah. So then Kitty comes in and tells largene thatshe chose not to tell her about Myu. Kitty, Kitty needs to stop withthat. KITTIES too much. Kitty is the villain of this entire series. She's the one who sent out the letters. Yes, I don't knowshe did in the second one, but she's the one who like started thishomeless she's evil. But so she comes in and tells largene that she choseto not tell her about nyu because she was scared of her leaving. Sowhatever, I guess largene forgives her. But it's now the day of thewedding and it's kind of bitter sweet for her because she's closing. She's likekind of closing a chapter on her dad being like single and she's getting likea new mother figure in her life. So she doesn't really know how tofeel and she's also processing this breakup. And we cut to Peter at thediner with his annoying dad and he kind of like blows up at him andthen we go back to the wedding. The weddings a lot of fun,it seems, but then you can see that largeen's like kind of sad justhanging out with her family, and then Kitty receives a text and tells largeneto go outside and it turns out that Peters there and he wrote in heryearbook the like conditions, their new conditions, calling back to the first movie wherethey had like their set of conditions when they were a fake couple,and I thought that was really cute, but I also know that first weekof college like he's definitely going to cheat on her, you know, andso then they sleep together finally, and then they go to graduation, havea good time and then that's the movie. I will say that this wedding seemedmade me want to have like a backyard wedding. Yeah, it wasso pretty and then like the tent afterwards, you know, just, yeah,seemed really fun. Yeah, it kind of reminds me of the weddingfrom the fosters to yeah, which is funny because Noah sense the real inthe fosters when they got rid of Jake t Austin, when he come wait, the funniest scene of like that I think I've ever seen is when theyget rid of Jake t Austin and they send him away to like wrestling camp, and then he comes back and it's Noah sentennaio and the mom is like, wow, you've really grown up. I don't even recognize you anymore.He's like three feet taller than he was before. He looks completely different fromJake t Austin as well. Like I mean, they did their best,but I just don't think they should have acknowledged it. Like yeah, yeah, I'm also like what did Jake t Austin do look after that? Likewhy did he leave? He was working...

...on something, but I don't knowwhat it was. Noah sent to it. That wasn't his debut, right.He was in was on Disney. I think he was on Disney.I thought that was like that was like his definitely like breakout role. HMM, but maybe it like wasn't his first one, like, but that's thefirst time I ever saw. Yeah, same, but yeah, that wasour our little breakdown of to all the boys. I've P PIA know thisis to all the boys, always in forever, to all of boys alwaysand forever. Keep listening to my mom's podcast. Do It if you wantmore of Archie and if you want more of our podcast. You can followus on Instagram, on twitter, on facebook, on Youtube. On Youtubeyou can see him. Maybe, maybe he'll be our new mascot. Youcan put we can post it on instagram. Anyway. Thanks for listening. We'llsee y'all next week. All right, bye, bye,.

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