How Have We Never Seen This Before?
How Have We Never Seen This Before?

Season 1, Episode 11 · 1 year ago

The Kissing Booth 2 Part 1: "I'm Going to Treat You Like My Own Personal Jungle Gym"


In Episode 11, Isabel and Lauren discuss the 2020 Rom-Com, The Kissing Booth 2, directed by Vince Marcello.

Join us as we talk about how awkward this must’ve been for Jacob Elordi, how this is not how college works at all, and how predictable this movie actually is.

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Hi Everyone, and welcome back to this week's episode of how we never seen this before. This week we watch the kissing booth. To stay tuned to hear US talk about how awkward this movie must have been for Jacob Oh Lordy, how this is not how college works at all, and how predictable this movie actually is. This is a podcast where two best friends talk about movies they've never seen before. I'm Isabelle and I'm Lauren, and this is how have we never seen this before? This week's winner of our guests the movie contest is one of Lauren's friends from up at Syracuse, Elise. So congrats elise, for being the first person to guess which movie we are watching this week. And if you want to shoutout at the beginning of one of our episodes, make sure to follow us on Instagram at how we never podcast. Hello, everybody, and welcome back to you. How we never seen this before. This is episode eleven the Kissing Booth too. When we saw that this movie came out on Netflix, we were disappointed. However, we knew what had to be done, that we needed to record this episode. Also, we're like on top of the trend right now, so more listeners. Maybe we'll have one listener. I like, I felt very I related to it for that one part. Wait, you're probably thinking a different part. Maybe. I don't know. I've related to it a lot too. Okay, many parts. All right. Well, it's a long movie, so we're going to get into it. Yeah, so I remember nothing about the first one really. So I was like, what's her name? What happened? I don't know what's going on. I've watched the first one like, unfortunately, more times than I'd like to admit, so I knew exactly what was happening. I love to hate it. I love to hate it. I love to hate that one, but this one I have to hate it. This one just made me angry and annoyed. Yeah, but we'll get into it. So it like starts and she's riding down the road on this giant motorcycle. Wait, also, before we get into it. Okay, we're going to be talking a lot about what the actors, Joey King and Jacob the Lordy, are doing throughout this, and keep in mind that their ex boyfriend and girlfriend at this point in time. So everything that they're doing they're doing with their ex in real life. Just letting you know that. I was like, how do you like do this with your ex? I don't know it, but you can tell that Jacob a Lordi looks so miserable throughout every scene. Yeah, I feel bad for him. It was just weird. So, yeah, she's on this motorcycle and then she's narrating how she spent the entire summer at the Flynn Beach House, which I was like, who's Flynn? But Flynn is the last name of Noah and Lee. To know what's her boyfriend, and Lee is her best friend. and Noah left for college. He goes to Harvard. I remember being like how, how could he have possibly gotten into Harvard? But she's like saying all the things she did over the summer. And you know how he got into Harvard. Let's be real, his his parents fought their way. Yet heard parents definitely bought his way in, but I forget like the justification the movie gave, like sports or something. No, not sports. He's allegedly super smart. But the one thing that I loved about this movie was that her and her best friend started a podcast. And they don't have any listeners. Don't...

...they have more than us. Also, apparently Lee got hot over the summer. He looks exactly the same. He looks exactly the same. And they were also like talking about they have rules, which is like a thing in the first movie, like best friend rules, and I think it's nineteen, which is go to the same school as your best friend, which we didn't do. Ever. Do that. Go to the school like you want to go to. Yeah, you'll just end up resenting your best friend if they like force you to go to the same schools them. So then it's like kind of confusing. I wasn't sure if they had broken up or they were just like being weird. Yet so they're they're still together. But now it cuts to a different scene and what's her name, oh l L, and Noah are still together, and you could tell because they're sending nudes to each other. But she says that she wants to give him space while he's at college. So they're together, but not really. They're exclusive still, but they're not. She doesn't want to seem like a clean girlfriend, so she texts him weird one word answers and that kind of stuff. Yeah, I was just like weird, and then she's like, but I also spent time by myself over the summer and she's sitting in front of the Hollywood sign and you can't do that. Well, that's where they had their moment in the last movie. I thought their moment was that the Gazebo. It's in a few places, but they had sex near the Hollywood sign. They Oh, right, you can't do that either. Well, I don't so, under rix, that's the one thing you have a problem with. Not like it bothered me because you just can't get there. It's so hard to get there. Okay, well, maybe helicopter drop them all on the side of the mountain. Well, that bother me. That was like one of the first things. Yes, so now they're starting senior year. El was getting ready for school. Her skirt seems just as short as the last one. I literally also, her skirt seems just as short as it did in the last movie, but now it's not a problem. It's literally the same length, except it's not as tight. So I I don't know. I don't know. Sex Sells, ladies and gents, that's show Biz. The thing is is that they even call back to that moment in the next scene because Lee comes and picks her up and he says he got her a quote unquote, gift and the gift is like a children's skirt. So just wondering. But anyway, so then after Lee picks her up, they go to pick up Rachel, who's Lee's girlfriend, who I totally forgot about and like her? Yeah, I don't. I don't like any of them. They're also unlikable, awful people. And when they get to Rachel's house, Lee's car, you have to there's only one door safe to like climb in the back and l gets out of the car and she lets Rachel in, but she makes Rachel sit in the back just because l was always sat in the front and this is the first time they're like picking her up, I guess, and I was like, I feel like this will be a problem. See, looks grumpy. HMM, it is a problem. Yep. Also, I is Rachel played by the same person, because I feel like she looks so different. Maybe maybe she doesn't, I don't know. I think it's the same person. Maybe she's just so forgettable. Yeah, I totally forgot about...

...her. So then they get to school and they hop out of the car and La notices that people are whispering about her and she finds out that people are saying that she and Noah had broken up over the summer because they're doing long distance and so they're essentially broken up. It's just like not true, but I think it's more like she was. I don't know if she says this later, but she's like we don't, don't post on social media or we're. Yeah, we're like low key on social media. I don't know. Yeah, okay, what, like who cares? Yeah, why do people care so much about them? Like, I didn't even think L was popular or anything in the first one. They go to a really small prep school, so I assume that no one's really like popular. Yeah, and yeah. So I think she's sitting in class or home room or something, and Lee and l find out that they have to make a presentation for the kissing booth to get it approved, and they like completely forgot about it. And then while that's happening, Noah tacks her. What's up? Now we're at lunch and now the OMG girls are back and they're talking about a boy named Marco like they're talking about her noah, and then they're like, oh, you like broke up. Must be so sad and but then she's like no, we didn't. But then they're talking about this new boy named Marco, and I was like, Oh, I guess she'll be getting with him, because that's how this movie's gonna go. I can predict it. So she's also ignoring Noah. He texts her again and she just doesn't respond. And she's in class. It was like a class or study hall or something. Yeah, something like that, and a teacher comes in, I guess, or a secretary comes in and says that L is needed in the front office or in the principal's office somewhere, and so she goes to the office and says that they're they say that there's a phone call for her and she answers it. It's supposed to be from her dad, but it's actually Noah, who called the school to talk to her. What that doesn't she doesn't respond to you for two hours and you call this school like and he knows she's in class, like that is toxic. Who Does that? No one does. That's your psycho. So he basically confronts her and he's like why are you ignoring me and sending me like one word answers and she's like, Oh, I'm trying to give you space and he's like no, don't give me any space. He's like I just want you. Yeah, yeah, so he's being super clean, but you could tell in this scene that he just does not want to be there. He like hate this movie. I I don't know how they're it's set up at the end for a third movie, but I don't know how they're gonna do that. Moving on, then it's the presentations for the club fundraisers. So since they'd forgotten do the presentation 'l just has these note cards and she's she reads maybe two sentences off of them and they are voting yes because it was such a big success last year. And it's like a panel of students, I guess, and they ask them who they have as a headliner, but they say like it's so weird, and they say that the list is a secret. But whoever these people are thinking of, they're definitely on the list, but they don't actually have anyone on the list, and so they're they're kissing. Booth is approved again and then she's it's that night, I guess, at home and she's facetiming with Noah. So Noah is basically implying that he's homesick and sad, and...

...he's asking l about the schools that she's applied to and l says that she only applied to one school. You see, Berkeley. I did that and go on school. Well, I know, I applied to to schools, but one was Ed, so it didn't really matter. So basically, where did we owe? Noah wants her to explore Boston and apply to some Boston schools, even if it's not Harvard, which he thinks that she has a chance of getting into, which, how she does. He shouldn't have gotten into Harvard, like no one should be getting into Harvard in this movie. But Oly Text Her, I believe, and says hey, what's up, but I don't understand. I think it's Lee. Why does every in text hey what's up? I feel like that's not how you start conversations these days. I would never just text me and be like Hey, what's up? I'd be like, Oh my God, that's happened, I need to tell you. Yeah, I never text anyone hey what's up, like there's no need to lead into the conversation. Just start where you need to start and keep going. You know, yeah, start with the start with the hook, honestly, but basically she's like thinking about rule number nineteen while this is happening, which is the go to college or your best friend, and somehow she decides that it's a great idea to not tell him because it could just be him getting upset over nothing, and whenever that happens you should tell them right away because they will be getting upset regardless of if you get in or not. Like yeah, so dumb. Also, how are you going to put all your eggs into one basket? Like you should be applying to several different schools, and if he doesn't understand that, then maybe he shouldn't be going to college because he's an idiot. Like I, like I basically knew where I was going, but I knew I should at least apply to other schools because, like, if for some reason I don't get in there, then I have a backup plan. And they weren't applying Ed. They were applying normal, and if you had applying Ed, make sense you can wait, but they weren't, so you can't wait. Also, they said in their applications at the end of summer. You usually can't do that unless you're applying early action or early decision. Another plot hole. I don't get it. I don't get it. And also, you're going to apply to UC Berkeley and Harvard but not have a safety school. I know, kidding me, I know, bra also, she like goes so after the she goes to her college advisor or whatever and like talking about like what she can do to get into these schools. And she's like, yeah, I have this podcast with my best friend. We have thirty seven subscribers, and he's like, Oh, three thousand seven hundred, we can work with that, and she was like, no, thirty seven, that's us, but less. And then and then he's like yeah, and your personal essay was super boring. Okay, some of Y'all may be mad at me when I say this, but her mom died. If she's not writing her personal essay about that, then she is wasting the opportunity. I'm serious. Yeah, I mean you know I'm right. Yeah, like, unfortunately, yes, you're right. Also, like all the Info that these college people give hers like garbage. Yeah, like, are you serious? Like you're living in a pipe dream, like that's not going to happen. Like give her some safety schools. To apply to, like even safety schools in Boston or schools near Berkeley...

Anyway. Anyway. Anyway. So, after this, you did about college. Maybe we should become college counselors. Honestly, that could be fun. Anyway, we're not qualified. So then, so, then they're at the arcade that they're always at and she's playing PAC man and they're talking about this new boy, Marco. Apparently he's really hot, and then they go over to the dancing game, like dance dance revolution, I think it has a different name. But they see that there's a new top score that isn't them. So they freak out and they just beat, beat the high score because they have to have the top one. HMM. Yes, so that scene ends and then they cut to l is at school again and a goth girl with piercings is showing her a video of Marco working out and she places her backpack down, but she places it down on the like the microphone button, button. Yeah, the calm. What does it calls for? That the speaker system within the school for like daily announcements. Yeah, so she places it down so she's on air. She starts gushing about Marco, completely objectifying him. Saying all the these things about him being really hot. It's kind of like creepy and uncomfortable. It was so weird and clearly we I don't think she like hangs out with this girl that much, does she just spew all these things to anyone who will listen. That's how it felt like that's what happens in this movie. She just like talks like that too random people. But also imagine if, instead this was a guy talking about a girl. I know, it's just it was just gross. It's gross either way. You just because she's a girl talking about a guy like that doesn't make it right or any less creepy. But while this is happening, Lee's as soon as he realizes he starts running through the campus trying to get to this room wherever they're broadcasting from. I don't know why. Their campus is so big, for probably less people than we had at our high school. And like he runs into this mascot who's carrying a birthday cake for the principle or something. And then we finally see Marco at one point while he's running, and I don't know, he wasn't like that cute to me, like he was okay I think. But Marcos cute. I don't know. I told you, abscare me, I see feel bad about myself. I thought Marco is hot, but Um, I think that he's the only person in this movie that's actually a good person. Yeah, it's a little bit of a good person. Yeah, I agree. And also, finally, like Lee runs into this room and l just now realize, is that this mic was on. Why? There was no one else in that room. Could she not hear herself? Yeah, the Intercom. There's so many things that should have happened to make her stop. Yep. The shouldn't have been a problem. Yep. But now we cut to the next scene and everyone's making fun of l in the hallways, like they should be, because she's an idiot, and Ella is still talking about Marco and how hot he is, and he's standing right behind her, and so they kind of meet and he that we find out that he carries around a guitar everywhere. Those are guys that you should watch out for, just letting you know, like the type of guys that will pull out their guitar and say like Hey, let me play you a song, baby girl, and then they start they start playing something... Dave Matthews Band. Big problem with a Dave Matthews Band, you're right. or they play wonder wool or free fallen. I'm a sucker for those songs, but not if someone else is playing it. I'd be like, Oh, hold on a second, what do you mean by someone else? Know, like if I love those songs when I hear it, but not like just like the actual recording, you know. Yeah, okay, anyway, moving on, we find we find out that Lee was nominated by Rachel for homecoming king, which is weird because so just one person and could submit something for homecoming king. And that's how smaller school is. You just need one person to nominate you. I mean I think everyone in my senior class got nominated. There's something. Yeah, but there are only a few people on the list. If you saw the list, it was just like a few names. Yeah, yes, so that was weird. That's how smaller school is to yeah, and then so elves at home and she gets a package and the way, she's not at her house, she's at the Flynn residence. Really, oh right, she's not a mom. Sorry, I forget so mused up. Honestly, I didn't realize until much farther into the movie when she was talking about her mom. She talks about her mom, I think, to her dad at one point, but that's it. I've totally forgot. But she gets a package, I guess, at the Flynn's house about if about. It's from Boston and inside is a harvard sweatshirt from Noah and at the bottom there's also a ticket to go to Boston. Okay, and it's Lex and then she just decides, like she calls him and then she decides that she is applying to schools in Boston. Yeah, and when she's calling him he's like naked on facetime. Just try it the feet. I feel like Jacob Lordy didn't have that screen time in this movie, and the screen time that he did have he was shirtless for a lot of them. Yeah, like there's no need for him to be shirtless in that scene. No, no, there really wasn't at all. Poor Jacob. I feel so bad for him struggling so hard in this movie. He's moved on to euphoria and he's like I got to get out of this, like Zendaya's calling me to sit at all. But Um, yeah, so, Noah, no, US friends run in and they're kind of Doorky, like Harvard kids. No offense tip. Actually, anyone listening to this definitely doesn't go to Harvard, because we're too dumb for that. But Um, then walks in this really hot British girl named chloe, and I would just like to say that this is not what college freshmen look like, not at all. Like these people look older than me and I just graduated college. I think they are all oder than you, probably, but yeah, I hate to break it to you, ladies and gems, but college freshmen look like twelve year olds. But yes, at this point I realized that this movie is so fast paced that, like, I already had like hundreds of lines of notes. I know I had so many, and that wasn't we are only like what, at this point, is like thirty minutes in. Yeah, this movie is over two hours long. HMM. But after this weird like after chloe walks in and he's like, I gotta go by, she gets all sad and as soon as she got sad, I wrote now she's going to hook up with Marco and it will be a disaster. I was kind of right. So now I keep wanting to call her joey king.

Now L is stalking chloe and she's like a literal supermodel. And she also looks up the price of Harvard. She just searches Harvard tuition and room expenses, something like that. It's really stupid. Yeah, so she basically comes to this conclusion that if she goes to school out of state it's going to cost too much. Meanwhile, let me just tell you she goes to a prep school in California. She lives near the beach in a really Nice House. And you mean to tell me that she can get financial aid? You mean to tell me that her dad cannot afford to send her to school? I know, and also, like, isn't UC Berkeley like an incredibly expensive in state tuition school? Anyway, yes, it's insane. It doesn't make any sense. Like, if your parents are paying for this really expensive prep school, you'd think that they would have they would have the money to send you to college, because why are you going to the college prep school if your parents didn't save up enough money for you to go to college? Some makes any sense. Yeah, and and she's not applying to any scholarships either. Yeah, it's it's like if you have like that much trouble. Then applied to scholarships, apply for grants, like student loans, like there is a way to do that. And she doesn't have a job, and he's like we're going to need your help, but she does not have a job. All she does is sit around, like playing video games all day. It's I don't get it and I don't understand how she could live in that Nice House and pay to go to that really expensive private school and still qualify for financial aid. Like don't take one look at how you're living and be like why are you applying for financial aid? Like the FAFTS is so rig like there's no way. I don't know. I don't know that it made me so annoyed how they made her out to be poor this whole movie. Meanwhile she she lives a luxurious life. Yeah, I don't I don't know. I don't know. I don't these are based off books. Are the books like this? Someone tell us, please tell me. They took a lot of liberties with this. I don't know. Like she makes it her house out to be like really small, but her house is really nice and it's by the beach. Yeah, I have absolutely no idea. No, idea. But back to the plot. Yeah, HMM. So it's senior field day the next day and somehow l and Marco, or the to team captain's pretty much and Marco Lake distracts her in the first race. He's like, oh, your shoes untied, and basically it's the whole field day and they're pretty much flirting the entire time and like during tug of war all the guys pull off their shirts to distract the girls. And then there's this climbing wall where Marco beats l up the climbing wall and then he like offers her his hand but she won't take it and then she falls into the mud and is grumpy. Um, and I think it's like after the whole thing Lee and l are talking about, they're like friendship rules, and Rachel's with them as well, and she gets really annoyed and jealous kind of and she's like, I don't feel well, I'm going home. Yeah, she definitely feels like she's third wheeling, which is funny because that's how we act. Like people get so uncomfortable hanging out with US sometimes because they feel like they're third wheeling. Yeah, I've had that happen hmmm. Anyway, then they I...

...guess it's like after Field Day. ORS that must be after that day, because they're in this square and Marco was playing his guitar and singing, and so I thought this was the same day because, Um, like Rachel last it's the same day. Oh, so Rachel, Rachel left and now it's just the two of them. Now they're at the square. Yeah, and he she brings up. She's like, is this what you do on a Friday or something? Yeah, so, like Weird Marco is. Marco seems to be singing what I like about you, but he's switching from English to Spanish and he just looks like like a douchebag. I I was like, I don't know, like I don't like Marco, like it gave me a weird vibe. See, I at first I thought Marco was a big Douche, like a jerk face. However, he never really did anything to prove that he was a jerk. Like he he went against the stereotype of that guy who plays the guitar and Sings Wonder Wall and what I like about you and Spanish, and he proved that looks are deceiving. Therefore, I have no choice but to stand. Yeah, and so while they're in the square marco, they turn to walk away, but Marco was like hold on, hold on, and he asks l for her opinion on his music, I guess, and she's like I don't need me. You wait. She's like you don't need me to tell you what I think because you already think you're good or something, which was weird. She's so mean to him. And then they go back to the arcade thing and they see that their score was beaten again on the dance machine, MVP, whenever that could be like, I knew it a as soon as they saw it the first time. Same so they played a bunch to finally get the new high score and while they're in the arcade they see or else he's this dance, dance mania poster with a for a contest where you can win a Fiftyzero prize, and she's like, Oh, I can use this money to go to school in Boston or anywhere. Let me, can I interrupt for a second? Of course, FIFTYZERO dollars. What you're getting the fifth if, assuming that you're getting the Fiftyzero, not splitting it in half with your partner. Um that would cover one semester of tuition, plus books, plus living, plus food. Also, that's pre tax. Yeah, some think about how much of that you're losing two taxes. So that's literally one semester, if that, of college or or two semesters of tuition, not including room and board and books and all that other stuff. Yeah, so, Oh, not even at some schools it's like Seventyzero. Yet depending on at Lee high it wouldn't cover it, but like, depending on where you go, it might cover it. Like probably, not Harvard. Probably, you see Berkeley. That's it. But you could already for that. So it's just it's beyond me. Yeah, and also you can complain enough about college. Okay, one last thing. This this tournament is Dance Dands Mania Tournament is sponsored by a college, and a college would never just give out FIFTYZERO dollars to some random dancers. Yeah, unless it was like maybe like if you go to their school or something. I don't know. Even then it's just doesn't it doesn't make sense. But so her and Lee decide to compete in this and they have nine weeks to train or something and then ills home again and she's working on her... essays. And the question is what do you want to be in five years? I don't know, that's like that's a that's a pretty normal college question, though they always suck. Yeah, okay. So she calls Noah. I can't remember exactly what they talked about, but all I have is noah is pulling away. I don't know what they talked about either, but it ends with her being like I can't wait to see you in two days because she's going to Boston. Yeah, so then they cut to the next scene and Lee and L are training for the competition and they see Marco and they asked Marco to be a kisser and he says no, and so then l challenges him to a dance off, or tries to trick him into a dance off to hopefully say yes. And so when they get to the dance stands mania machine, they find out that he is MVP. What, no way, I didn't see that coming. So Ellen Lee are both like, Oh my God, that's him, that's that's MVP. We're I'm going to lose, but then L ends up out dancing him, but like barely. She is higher accuracy than him, which allows her to win. And then after she wins, Lee realizes that he was supposed to be hanging out with Rachel tonight. So she's was like waiting for him outside of a movie theater and he never showed up. Yep. So he runs to go to her house because he forgot about her. Um So Rachel. Now now Lee and Rachel are talking and Rachel basically says that Lee doesn't think of their relationship as a priority because l is always hanging round, and Lee explains that it's because her boyfriend's gone, she's lonely. They've been best friends before they even started dating. So like sorry, honey, but you're the third wheel. He didn't say that, but that's what I think. And so Rachel basically gives him an ultimatum and is like, I'm going to break up with you if you don't start making time for me, which is like fair. There should be time when they can time that they can spend alone, but it's not ELA's fault that Lee always wants to spend time with her. Yeah, like he he's not. He's not setting boundaries or setting out specific time for each girl. He's just he's just letting everyone hang out and no one kind of no one realized that it was a problem because she didn't tell anyone. Yeah, no one in this movie communicates. It's obviously ridiculous. Yes, so annoying, but he says he will. Yeah, but then they do have like a some alone time, because L is now leaving for Boston and when she shows up Noah's, they're like waiting for her with a little sign with her name on it, and she like runs and jumps in his arms and they're making out. And that's what I wrote. This must be so awkward, since they broke out. They're literally X's. And also, why is she wearing a Canadian Tuxedo? I would love to know. She's wearing and all denim outfit and it's awful full. But of course he has a scooter to which is really annoying. Super Rich Boy, and they're there. It's basically just like a montage of them hanging around Boston. Imagine having to film some sort of like Lovey dovey montage with your ex. So Weird. It's so weird. And then she's like, yeah, I'm nervous for my interviews, while this is why. Like they're out at dinner and then she says something. Why? I just knock your microphone over because I was so put... by what she says. I don't I I did not write down exactly what she said because I did not want to repeat it. I wrote it down if we had to hear it. So do you go ahead? She says, HMM, I'm going to treat you like my own personal jungle Jim. Yeah, Oh, and she says it's in the middle of a restaurant, and then he starts choking, as anyone would, but then he's like check please. I'd be like I need like who. Okay, it's not romantic, but then it cuts in. No, the only scene we've been waiting for, the only reason why any of US watch this movie, was the sex scene between Joey King and Jacob Rdy to x's Jacob. Wait, but hold on. Also Jacob a Lord, he's like six seven or something and she's like four hundred and eleven. Yeah, yeah, well, how is he on top? I don't get it, like if he was on top, she'd be making eye contact with his nipples. But but basically, this was the most vanilla, underwhelming sex scene I've ever seen in my entire life. She's wearing like a full on like nighty, but it's longer than that and he's the only thing you kind of see is like teeny bit of his like, but but that's it. Well, I mean it is like a teen movie. I don't care, but I also don't understand. She's like, I'm going to use you as my own personal and jungle gym. Okay, I would like to see it. Would like see it. I don't want to see it looks like to seven year olds having sex. So disappointing, so underwhelming, and that is the only sex scene that we get. Like, what is the point of watching the rest of this movie? You might as well just freaking turn it off now. Um Sorry, my my main problem with this was how does he have a room that big? Is Room? I'm losing my shit. His Room is huge. It looks so nice. It looks like they're in the gryffindor common rooms, like the gryffindor whatever area, common area. You were right the first thing. It's insane how nice is room is. Sorry, seems to calm down. Maybe I should drink some water. Okay, I feel better. It was just ridiculous for a college freshman even to have an apartment like if he had an apartment, like I'm pretty sure most colleges have a student on campus living requirement, at least for freshman year. HMM. But I I'm pretty sure this was a dorm because his friends just walk in randomly and they do have a common area and I've a feeling that it's not an apartment, it's a college dorm. Well, he has a roommate. I wasn't. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know. It's insane. Yeah, and then you see the common room later and it's like, how is this? It doesn't look like a dorm common room. Doesn't look like a teenage, early twenties boys apartment either, like expensive, thousands of dollars, like leather couches, fancy rugs or nate bookshelves. That is I've never been to Harvard because you...

...know, I'm not intelligent enough for Harvard University, but I know it doesn't look like that. I've walked through there like square or whatever, but there's like a gate. I don't know. Sorry, sorry, then we will. Sorry that I lost my cool for a second, but not even halfway through my note. Oh my God, my God. Hi Everyone. You may have noticed that the title of this episode, Says Part One, and an effort to keep our episodes a little bit shorter and more digestible, we decided to make the kissing booth two episode into two separate episodes. So check back next week for part two of the kissing booth too. If you want to get a shot at the beginning of one of our episodes, make sure to follow us on Instagram at how have we never podcast and check us out on facebook at how have we never seen this before? Thanks for listening. Hey, congratulations, you've made it to the end of our podcast. We hope you enjoyed listening. How have we never seen this before? Is produced by is bamarone. The music is by Scott Holmes. The podcast art is by Michael Beaumont over at monitor comics, and our social media is run by Lauren Cola. Thanks for listening.

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