How Have We Never Seen This Before?
How Have We Never Seen This Before?

Season 1, Episode 12 · 1 year ago

The Kissing Booth 2 Part 2: "It's Always Been You"


In Episode 12, Isabel and Lauren discuss the 2020 Rom-Com, The Kissing Booth 2, directed by Vince Marcello.

Join us as we continue our discussion and talk about how awkward this must’ve been for Jacob Elordi, how this is not how college works at all, and how predictable this movie actually is.

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Hie everyone and welcome back to thisweeks episode of how we never seen this before this week. We are obviouslycontinuing with the kissing booth too, and we don't have any winners from thisweek because it's the same movie but before we began we'd like to announcethat this is the last episode of Season Wane, of how we never seen this beforeand will be taking e two week break before we come back for season two, allright, let's go through our little intro and then get right back into thediscussionthis is a coandcast where two best friends talk about movies they've,never seen before. I'm Isabel and I'm Lauren- and this is how have we neverseen this before Butnot, even halfway through my nose?Oh My oo, my God? Okay, so it cuts to you. The next night and UM everards ata bar L gets to meet all of Noah's friends and Sheis pretty content,because chloe has yet to show her face. However, she comes in right after shesays that and Um chloe knows ever t at the bar. She seems really cool Um. Shestarts talking about her adventures in life and she's, just a cool person yeah but was like the sucks and, like I gotta go. I have interviews tomorrow and I guess her interviews at Harvard, butafter the Interviewe the ladies, like you know, let me give you some advice.They wouldn't do this. She was like I felt like you wereanswering every question, youwere searching for the perfect answer. Wejust want to know you and while they may want to know you she'snot going to tell you that- and it's also like they've, see so manypeople a day. They don't care that much about what you're saying right, then'cause they have to go through your application to also. You would assume that, after hearingthis, that L has bombed the interview, no chance he's getting into Harvardthat. That's what I assumed, but no one seems to say that in the movie, becauseyou'll find out later, she does get in ridiculous. So and then it's another day and she'spacking to leave Jacob's apartment Jacob Noah can I just say that in this scene,her wig looked so bad she's wearing a wake throughout this whole movie,because Um she is filming what the Gypsy rose is that her nameyeah? I don't know if that's the name of the show or whatever, though yeah,so she she played the Gypsy rose character on a show, and so she had toshave her head for it, and so in this whole movie she's wearing a wig andit's so bad, especially in this scene. Okay, everything makes so much moresense. Now 'cause I as like her hair, looks so weird yeafake, but so, while she's packing MNoa's in the shower and she droppes something on the floor and then shesees an earring that I was like. Oh so this is probably chloe's earring andthen she also sees a text on his phone from her and there were all thesemessages, but I couldn't read: Hem 'cause, I'm blind, so I don't know t they said, but thenNoa comes out of the shower and he's like. What's wrong and she's like I gotto go by and then she goes to the airport yeah so, instead of talkingthrough the problems, communicating because if you look at the messages hedoesn't cheat on her thy're they're, just kindo like flirty playful messages,but it doesn't it's not like they've done. It doesn't prove anythingyeah but YEA, so she's on the plane. She sad flying in the first class, so you can afford to go to Harvard whoflis first C across the country. That's like so expensive, oh Yeahoh, expensive,Yep, Yep Anyway, sorry Iu! So when she gets back home, he callsher and she explains the issues sa well. No, she barely even touches on theissues that she has with chloe and Noah their relationship or whatever, and hesays that there's nothing going on between him and Chloue and she believeshim I'm using air quothes right now, but you can tell it deep down. Shestill has her doubts because she never brought up her issues, yeah yeah, soshe never brought up the the main problems that they're having so theconversation was really not useful at all. Yeah and right after they hang up,he puts a picture of them on his story... that, fixes everything and then immediately chloe calls and he lets herinto his apartment and she's like you've been boring since out left, andthen he says I think, you're good for me and then she's like I know in the wayhe says it's the way he says it, he it's like good for you, how mm they very muchlike flirt. It's. It's definitely like flirting straight up. Yeah Um and it's your own personal belief. Whether ornot you think flirting is cheating like emotional cheating or not, but it's definitely they're. Definitelyfluting yeah yeah. So at this point I thought the movie was almost over, butwe're only fifty minutes in and not even halfway through Yeh a ser, very, very long movie, soleand L, they're in the arcade they're practicing and leemesses up t their bigmove or whatever and lees asking about Noah and she's like nothing's, wrong.Everything's, fine and Lee tells her that him and Rachel arestill kind of an awkward place like when she left and then he falls off ofthe game and he hurt his ankle and I was like you did this on purpose: IFYP ye didand les like. You should do this with Marcohe's so good, and then it's like Leeg going around trying to convince Marcoand also commence l that they should do this together at first Marco Says No,but then he' changes his mind because I think it's because he said that lreally wanted him to mhm and then they and then present. He told L that Marcoreally wanted to yeah. Okay, so Um we get to their first practice and they'realready arguing m about like what they should be prioritizing, which is reallydumb like shouldn't. They just get the dance down. First Butit, that's what I was thinking Li,don't you need to learn to dance and then do the accuracy Yeh. You think I don't. How do you Knoit the other way around yeah? I I don't undknow and then yeah, so they they just argue most ofthe time and it's class the next day and Lee is missing at the very beginning, and then we seehe's actually in that morning, announcements, room or whatever and he's like talkingdirectly to Rachel and he's like. I, I love you, but since she can't really answer himhe's like send me a smiling face. If you love me too or semd me a Poopamoje,if you don't dumb and then, as he's like the principal comes in and he'slike, let's go and as he's being escorted out, he gets a SMILIN FACE: NA's, like she's an his miy face, and so you're going to tell tha girl thatyou love her for the first time, a very intimate thing, while she's already ina fight with you, um you're, going to say that you love her in front of yourwhole entire school that that seems like. That seems like the best way tomake up with someone Yep. Listen here, boys. That's not the wayto do it. Do not take any advice, I repeat, do not take any advice fromthis movie like that. Is such an intimate momentthat you should be having that. No one else needs to be involved in it. It'sjust just you two and he makes it into this huge romantic gesture, but it'snot even that romantic at all he's just saying I love you on the loudspeakeryeah, it's very weird, and then it's like thenext day, Orlater that day or something at Rachel's house, and he she's likedid you tell l about like hangin out less and he's like? Don't worry aboutit? I fixd everything. so He fell off the thing on purpose. Is he actuallyhurt, probably not and then we're at school again and the OMGgirls say to l like? Have you seen the photos of Noah's, new supermodel and Elgets all upset and she calls him and he's at the gym he's like? Can Icallulator Morsys shirtless too and she's like no? I really need totalk to you now and she says that she found the earing onhis floor. He says you can't think that I cheated on you like. I don't know howthat got there and again. She says I believe you nothing happened so shejust like. She doesn't really believe him like. There's always this like...

...hesitation, it's Wer Yeh. Well, becauseshe doesn't flat I'd say like I'm pretty sure this is clohe'slike let's be real here. She never does that. She never fullonets with him. It's just anoter and can't a girl and aguy ever just be friends. We've discussed this. That answer is no.Yes, hey can eventually, but not like no Ikeno, and you know why. Well we've had this discussion talking Um. So basically, then it cuts to ascene where L is practicing with Marco and he says that he is more interestedin having fun and does some Weir Back Lifts Wo, so fun like he doesn't have any ofthe accuracy, but he wants to make the dance super complicated. Also. I wasreally really really hoping for a Marcopolo joke somewhere in this movie.I think they do have one really I missed it. I think it was like. Maybeat Field Day. Oh okay, yeah, I mustave missed that, but I was like there'slike his name's Marco, come on anyway, so the next day at School, Lcs Leegetting out of his car without his crutches on and she's, like I caught you like whyyou do this he's like I thought, you'd have a better shot with Marco, likethat's his excuse, and then she says that she has a newidea for her ind Lhese Halloween costume, and we don't know what it is, but she basically just forgives himlike for straight up lying and like if you ever faked, an injury to get out ofspending time with me. I would be so upset. It would take me a long time tolike get over that emotionally, but she just doesn't care. Maybe she doesn'trealize why he did it, but it's like I don't know she like really believes hehad she. He had her best interests at heart. I guess yeah butthen it cuts toOhso. L is back at home and she's trying toget in touch with Noah. I don't know why I wrote his last name down for someof these and his friends answer his phone andthey're. Like Yeah Sorry Flynn went to a concert with chloe. I guess he left his phone hereand she's like kidding. They want to like he's ditching me for her, which isunderstandable because daily they set out like a certain time to face timeevery week, and so he just completely blew her off without even sayinganything. Also like I that's when I was like, I feel lik she's going to dosomething really stupid. I feel like in movies like this. That's always thepoint where the girl's like letme go screw this up even worse, even thoughnothing's actually happening yep M, and so she does. The next scene is her and Marcopracticing and theyre fighting and then they're having a moment and she's likelet's get something to eat so now they're eating on a faireswheel. Theylook like they're, Gooda, kids M and then she talks about how poor she is Um, and you know she does seem kind of likea hypocrite right now, because she is upset with her boyfriend because he'sspending time with a girl that he just met and it just became friends with.But yet she feels neat to talk about all of this deep stuff with her guy friend who she just met andthey're on a farous wheel. It Seemli, though both of them are emotionallycheating just the same and like she, she like says she admires him forwanting to be happy and and she's like Som, something the dance thing is her moon Shotli. Ithink it's like that shoot the moon game. I don't know if you've everplayed that yet yeah. So it was like to shoot the moon game and the dancecompensitions her moon, shot and they're like talking about their dreamsor whatever and th they don't kiss, but it really looks like they're going toyeah and he he starts romantically playing humming this song on the guitarand she staring at him with hard eyes. They're sitting on the BEEC ro, likethey moved to the beach ow they're, just sitting, watching the waves withthe amusement park behind them, and this movie makes it seem like it's okayfor her to do that. But it's not okay for no to be friends with chloe yeahlike if, if she were doing this with Lee, it would be a different story,because we we know theyre, like their friendship, like she's, there's,clearly something else going on m...

...and then he she asks him or no. He asksher if she thinks her and no are meant to be together but she's, like I don'tknow and he's like. If I were him, I wouldn't make you feel like this MHM likeshe's such a hypocrite and themovie doesn't make it seem like she's wrong, but she she absolutely one hundred percent- isalso in the wrong just as much as he is he's. Not The villain. They both are,in fact I mean, know she's, worse you're, right you'reright because ofwhat she does later you're right o. It just annoys me so much Umma, but sorryforgetting heated. Yet again, Sudennow we go to the next scene and UM NOA andeller talking and he apologizes for blowing her off and not bringing hisphone and she askeds who he went to a concert with, and he lies so basicallyhe she asks Noa who he want to the concert with, and he lies and says theGus and not Cloe, and you know big mistake there: Buddy Um, you probablyshould have just admitted that you went to a concert with her instead of lying,because then makes her think that you're cheating even more yeah. I don't understand the logic with that'cause, it happens. It's not just a movie thing. It's like just say it, because if you say it, you'resaving yourself. What's going to be even worse later, it's bad now, but itcould be worse if you just wait, yeah and if you don't say who you're hanging outwith it makes it seem like you have something to hide and if nothing'sgoing on then then just say it. You don't have tohide. You could just say yeah. I hung out with cloe like we're getting closelike we're friends. That's all you have to say like and he's never before, given her a reasonto doubt him, but now that he lied no now she has a reason to doubt himyeah, like he's, had a if he pass with girls, but he's sincebeing with her he's, hasn't done anything so there wasn't.There isn't like any reason to doubt him at this point I mean until now. Sothen it's maybe that weekend or something and L,tat, Lees House and they're carving, Pumpkins and thenRachel comes over with her own pumpkin and then she's like Oh, I thought, likeLei thought you and I were doing this together and he kind of avoid it he's like. Oh, wejust like got carried away and they're like Oh, let's go, do something andthen all three of them go to the beach and while they're there racals like Le,let's, let's go on a walk together, so they can get away from L. El brings herlaptop to the beach too, which is just weird like all the sand in yourcomputer. Oh, my God b, then this this guy named alicomes up to lumand. She all of a sudden startsinquiring about his relationship with this guy, which is kind of weird, ifsomeone's not out of the closet, yet to pry into their sexuality. A bit on'. Kn,like the whole thing, like I don't know like. I just felt weird about how thatall happened, and just like I I feel like I don't know how necessary it wasfor the movie either like. Why did JUSTI put it in there that she helpedget them together, but she DT really that much n okay, I'm all for, likeldbt q representation in movies, but this seemed like such an afterthought,and this movie was, it just seems like it was casually placed into the storyline, and this movie's already so long that adding this as an afterthought,not even incorporating it more into the story line was not not it not the right move, Yeahthee,I don't it just it. It felt like an afterthought. I agree like there wasn't Ifif that had like played into thestory I tol like. I totally want it there, but it's it was just there'cause they felt like. Oh, we should throw this in there. Yeah they're, likeoh every other couple in this movie, is straight like let's just throw in thisstory. You know I bad decision. So then it's so then it's Halloween night andthey're going to this Halloween party, and so their change in costumes turnsout to be theyv, become the ghost busters and so radial's, not there. It's so hadim compared to their otherCostto, so th Y, originally Theye were supposedto be like smors like Rachel was a marshmallow and they were the twocrackers and...

Le Just didn't tell Rachael about thechangeing costume and she comes as a marshmallow, which is so awful on Lee'spart like I don't get white like I hate that onelike like. WHY IS RACHEL GETTING MOT AT Lfor this? This was all Lee like He. He could havejust said no to changing the costume or he should have just told her. It's sodumb because in our society whenever like but like, whenever, like a guy,does something wrong with like another girl. It's always the other girl'sfault and they blame her a not the guy. It doesn't make sense like chloe l,hate chloe, but chloe's not doing anything wrong if, if like noahis, acting the same towards her like shedoesn't have any responsibility to tell him to stop because she doesn't knowabout their relationship like she doesn't know that Lis mad at her andlike same with Rachel nd l like. Why is she blaming l for everything when Leeis the one that's blind to both of them? Yeah? It's always the other girl'sfaull, not the guysfall in in our society, Whi son, yeah, so and whilethey're at the the haloween dance. I don't. I D On't Kow if I said it, butRachel comes dresses the marshal, because we rete teller but Marca, wasalso playing in the band. That's up on the stage like, of course, he's beenthere for two months now he's part of a band anyway and then it'. He like comesoff the stage and everyone's in a slow dance, and then he asked or e dance andthey're like the o m G. girls are talking about them, while they'redancing and then they're so close to each other. I wrote no room for GenJesus but like like that is straight up, cheating yeah.That is just w like. Why, like? How would you think that that is okay, andthen they also almost kiss too, when they're snug on up real close to each otheryeah t an what are you doing, but also on aperson on know? I wrote, I think it's movies like this, that make meoverthink when people like play, songs or something, because they've taught meto think that the lurics to the songs mean something in the moment. You know. I know I always look up Song lyarks Umwhen someone sends me songs, even though I know that L Ke, theydon't mean anything M. So, oh so there's a dance circlethat breaks out after m. They stopped ddancing together, slowly Um and Leeand l decide to get in the middle and start doing this, like crazy dance like pretty good honestly for an impromptudance off, and you see just Rachel the sad marshmallow in the corner, gettinghissed off and she like runs away and echases afterher she's like let me handle this, like. Maybe I C talk to her and Rachael, basically screams at l thatshe never lets them have any time. Le And Rachel haveany time alone together and says it's all elswall and its just raginglyjealous of l. It made me so upset like what does thisdo if she, if all still around, then clearly, we didn't tell her to givethem some spaces like. Why would you get mad atd Oll Yeah? It's yourrelationship! If you and your boyfriend aren't communicating that's no oneelse's fault, but your own yeah. I agree anyway. After she blows up, she runsaway and we goes to follow her and follows her back home. And then they kind o start to separate at thispoint and elstarts going to school by herself and Rachel goes with Lee andshe has to sit in the front seat and stuff, but Le seems kind of upset whenit's just Rachel H is like, if you know how you feel like, if she's pullingyour way from your best friend, when that's not something that you feelcomfortable with and that's a problem with your relationship. Exactly exactlyand also L is being superpassive aggressive to NOA. Instead of justsaying how she feels, and at this point her only friend is Margo yeah theyrethey're like hanging out more and more and they're practicing all the time andif they're, not bractising, shoes pretty much just alone and knowingchloe are hanging out and they were at a comedy club in one of the scenes andthe comic like tinks Eyre a couple and...

...then we'll see when Ellen markoarhanging out Marco printed out the dance steps to get better accuracy and she'slike. Oh that's cute and they as they hang out more and moretheir accuracy gets better and this whole montage thing ends with Noatexing ellen being like. We need to talk tonight, so why does l always haveher ringer on during class? An no also the way that she opens herphone makes. It seem like she deletes all her messages with Noah, becauseevery time she retecks her it comes up. As like a new conversation, I know I never delete my messages. Ihave messags from you that are probably eight years old, Yep Yep it', a youneed that information fortatn reason exactly what if you need to pull upsome receipts but yeah anyway, right after their their their text conversation, I guess Um.She starts to stalk chloe again and finds out that it is indeed her earringthat was under Noah's bed. She sees it in one of her instregram photos. She starts like having a fullonbreakdown in class and no one seems to notice or care, I guess maybe careYeahso. Then it cuts to they're back at dance, fohersols, Margo and L, andtomorrow is the big day. It's be DDM, dance off and Um Marco was being socringy being like just let go and then there's like a weird it don' seem likelike in eighties or nineties, music. Video like it was so weird. Thebackground was like M Ha. I forgot hat. There is a term for it, but thebackground is like opaque and there are images of the earring of like randomthings that she's thinking about, while she is gancing yeahit's Kinda, like thelast few months of her life that are playing in the background and howeverything went wrong. But it's also like this weird they're doing thisweird interpretede dance in front of the Montage Imaginseis at an arcade, so weird and then S I at one point:it's like she lets, go and she's getting into the dance and there's likeall these dips in the dance and it's like they're going to kiss and it's allthus build up to them kissing, but it never happens Yeh. It is like just doit because I know it's going to happen. No, when it happens, it needs to be thespecific moment that it happened. That, though, Yeah Yeah, I agree at the lastdip in the song they're right, real, close and she's, like op gotta, go and as she's like walking away he's likeyour shoes are untied, which was their thing from the field day and she shegives a little chuckle and t she leaves, and he says Moonshot. So that was his shoot for the moon. I guess it soundskind of sexual. He didn't do anything how's that your shot like I do. Youknow those things are like M. I can't believe this boy didn't read my signsand then it says like her signs and it's just her thinking about him.Lkeyemeoting my shot is imagining scenarios with a boy and I feel likethat', Morgo Syeah. So after the she leaves thearcade Um she talks Tonoa on the phone and Noah is like yeah we're having alot of issues, but I'm going to be home in two as winkwing two days, but Ithink that we should really hash this out in in person. L Ke, because,obviously we're not communicating well over the phone, which is which is good.That's a good thing to do good, good job Noah. So then she breathes and it is the dayof the dance competition. Next, it's at this giant Convention Center inCalifornia and Everyon. There is like a PR professional dancer and, of course,LE's. Not There her family's, not there, but you know who is there no O andMarco? Yes slike? Why isn't we there like put aside everything? This is a hugedeal for L as her best friend. I think e should bethere if, if possible, unless there' some big thing in his way and there's not dod all hedoes Lee is the worst friend thes sucks at wocostic. He just text her good luck and then youleft your bag in my car, and I was thinking that would be a problem withRichel, but it was a problem in thr...

...ways and like the stage for this, competition is huge,and you see all these different people performing and they're all amazing, somuch better than Ellan Marko, Oh yeah, sorry, but then they're up next, thenit's Ellen marostern yeah, and during that you find out that Um Lee finds herHarvard application stuff in the bagthat. She left in his car and, ofcourse, he's pissed, because God forbid, l does something independently like heignores her for so long and then gets mad when she applies to a school thatnot the same one Tlak he's applying to like. Are you kidding me, but also sheshould have told him like if a osomething that they've been planninglike just be like Hey, I'm plying I'm applying to other schools as a back upyeah, not a big deal. Why keep that a normal person would be mad, that theydidn't that their best friend didn't tell them? They were applying todifferent schools and assumed that they would assume that they would reacthorribly, but what Lee does is get mad that she actually applied to differentschools, which is ye blasphemy blast for me, because Heis the words like heignores her for so long and acts like an awful friend and like we like he like treats his girlfriend like he'smore important than their lifelong friendship and expects her to followhim to college after ignoring her and thet gets mad when she is Keev out notdoing that. Why do the Flin boys expect them per to follow both of them yeah?What, anyway, it's annoyind, yeah and so they're doing their danceor whatever and Lee Lee is watching it online because for some reason, he'snot there and in the middle of the dance l whispers to Marko like let'shave some fun and then they change up their entire routine and do flips andstuff. Like that's not going to happen, you had so much trouble trying tofigure out this dance for nine weeks and now you're like let's change italso. Wouldn't that mess up your accuracy too, yes, and somehow somehowthey get a hundred percent accuracy. You can also see that well like. I knowthat a lot of it is her dancing, but you can tell the parts that it's notbecause they won't show her face and like the big Lik lifts and stuff or nother, but you when she is dancing, you can see that she misses the buttonsevery time, every time she's not on the buttons. It's like, there's no way no ciont and when they finish everyone's caughing and they're, likeOh, my God, O my God and like they're in th, the dip or whatever and then they're staring at each other for alittle too long, and then no one realizes what's going to happen andthen they kiss- and it's just like noone's face lookdso funny when they Kishe's horrible. She cheated on him in front of theentire world right. She. She was so mad at him for hanging out with some othergirl. But it's seemingly okay for her to juststraight up smooch, some man infront of her boyfriend. Where does that happen? That happens a lot in somethingand is either after or it's like a movie TAT's, not after iave no idea, but this would neverhappen in real life, no one's that that of a person it'slike. As soon as something happens. They assume that no, it's definitelyafter Yep. She like thinks hairy, cheats onher and then she just goes and kisses Zane O at it Tyeah. So not only does she break herboyfriend, her loving boyfriend's heart who came to the show to see her butshe's, also breaking Marco's Hart, because she led him on this entire time.Andhe did not reject his kiss. She embraced it, but she also sees thatnose in the crowd watching this all go down an she tries to run off stage, butthey stop her and they say that she won the competition and hand her a Chiwooden yeah like how how she performs and they're like. That's it stop theshell everynthey want no deliberation. God it was. They weren't, even the bestones. There anyway, like how in Camp Rock the girlwho wants to sing ing competition, was nowhere near as good as the people whosang ostellof EASTA. I know both like camp rock totally rigged. Also, all theglee competitions, oh yeah, half of the time...

...three quarters of the time theyshouldn't on, but things Hou Wul pold onto helding onto the CAMPROFK thing. Soafter they win their money, l runs and is trying to find Noah, but marke wentafter and after her and she's like. I can't do this right now, like we can'tI'm sorry but you're, not the one or maybe she saysit later, soltly, you just say: You'R E. IT's like you've been leaning him onthis entire time. Please stop and like Noah won't answer her tax. We won'tanswer a TEX but they're still having Thanksgiving all together at the FlingBeach House and Rangels Oer, two O. Oh it's other in mormal house. Why would yyou're in California? Why did you have a beach house and a regular house justhave a regular house as your Beac House. They live like ten minutes away fromthe beach, and yet they have a beach house. That's so dumb how ris like whatdoesn't make any sense yeah. So l shows up to Thanksgiving with her family andthe flins Um and she sees a LE is avoiding her and she goes up to racialto ask what his deal is m and Rachel's like please Ust, don't speak to me,brushes her off too Um and then she hears nolah Um say that he's there andNoah walks in with Plowee, and I was like all buddy whyd you do that good, Lord! So like no one knows thatlsorry, my brains is mouthfunction there. No one knows that ll has aproblem with chloe. So why? Wouldn't he tell her that the're she's going tocome to Thanksgiving and just say, like Hey, look like I want you and Chloe tobe friends, so I'm bringing her Ito thanksgiving. It's all you had to Wite,just just a blind sihed. Someone like that. I, and also wouldn't wouldn't l, perhapssee the extra place setting on the table hear her hear her dad talkingabout it. Tear the mom talking about it, someone yeah, I I really don't know,there's there's no communication yeah anyway, then it's dinner, so all binners awkward and theneverything gets brought up. The Big Lik drop is that Lee never told l abouttelling her not to hang around anymore o like Rachel and Eller scewell. Ithink that's the first thereare many jaw dropping sentences spoken at dinner,but that was the first one yeah, so yeah. The first one is Lee, likeeveryone finding out that Lee never told l not to hang around as much so land Rachel are bow screaming at Lee because Rachel's, like you, told herlike tell her, you told her and I was like. I have no idea what you'retalking about, and basically it comes out that Le Never told her and Racheljust leaves there's this some flashback from the last movie about how, if l didn't like Rachel, hewould break up with her or something and Rachel thinks LE, doesn't reallycare about her. That much or something which was weird. The most jaw droppingthing that happens. Deck is M. l HOS out an earring. She plays that card.She just has it ready at the table, which is pretty savage and she's likeyeah. I found chloe's earing under your bed and the whole table is like shockedas anyone would be, and so l storms off and leaves ever n to sit there like,and she like, tells her dad she's like I'm going to go, save the onlyrelationship, that's worth saving and I was like Oh she's, going to find leakue,but no she goes to find Rachel Rachel sogs. What I know it's reallydumb so yeah. So she goes to find Rachel and UM. She starts talking toher and they make up because Rachel finally realizes that its aunt ll'sfault that Tulkd her long enough, yeah that she's having relationship problems,it's Lees's fault and she's. Basically like yeah, it's unsavable, but I knowit's not your fault, and so they make up. Thank God because finally, l mighthave a friend, again yeah and then Rachel says like, but don't worry aboutme right now. It's like rule number. Sixteen! When your best friend need youyou, you need to be there yeah so, but before she goes tolee we see no andchloe at a bar, and she says that her earing was at hisplace because she stayed there when he...

...was gone, some weakend. Where would hehave gone? That's what I will know yeah and like he says that she was lyingabout this. So this wouldn't happen like was lying about them hanging out.So this wouldn't happen in the first place, and so this partlike bothered mekind of she says I'm one of the few girls that is not persuaded by Yourcharm or whatever, and I was like. Are you trying to allude to the fact thatshe's gay or what are you trying to do? Because that's not how you do itmhmwhats they can L. I don't know I why Yep, I simply do not understandlike she should have just straight upsid like Mi'm gaz like maybe maybeshe should know that, because ialso implies that he tried to charm her it'sjust very, very weird yeah, but we find out that there was no physical cheatingbetween the two of them, but it still makes it out to seem like he's. Themovie makes it out to seem like he's the bad guy, and it seems to really tryto justify else cheating whicya. You can't justify what she did. I know itmakes no sense and ever left Missus Flyn to clean up the mess, which isjust awful too. I knowyeah Alek goes to their mom for advice and she's likethere was like a lot of talking there. You should start listening to eachother, which I honestly they should talkbecause they don't talk, Yehthey, don't talk or listen, I know, but l decides to bring something. We don'tknow exactly what it is yet when she talks to what's his name, utly Yeh. So then Leev's at the arcadethey're chatting they make up and they also break a whish bone. That's what Elbrought, because it's rule number five. How is that rule number five? I knowright like out of all your rules that came up at the beginning, like whatscenario got you and that one yeah it's very weird and he wishes that Rachelwill give him a second chance, but he gets t the short end of the stick orthe bone, and I was like I'm giving us forty eighthours to be sad and then we have to have the kissing booth or whatever and Marcotex her as they leave thearcade and that's as they need to talk, but shecompletely ignores itmhm and then it's the homecoming football game. Yeah weand L are sitting together and knowing chloe are sitting together and thensomehow somehow Lee becomes homecoming. King Shounsence, I don't see the pointof having that in the story. I know there's no point to that. Either youjust made the movie longer yeah. So then, Wi and Rachel makes some weird eyecontact from across the bleachers and she like runs away crying or whatever,Noah and chloe then are walking across the field, because the game's overUmand they're, I guess trying to leave and the Marco Cut Im gettinglike alljumbled UPF with Hese names. Marko comes up to well. He shouts at Noahfrom across the fieldand as congratulations and Um. Then they KINDOF. Have this weird standoff or they're like you didn't mean that the Gudo mean congratulations,you're, not congratulting, my brother and you think that they're going tofight because Noah clunches his fist at thet, Arthur fifth literally and Um, then Duroa Chloe, that's her name, chloekind of calms him down and they walk off and Marco goes to talk to L, butit's too late because she already ran Awayya Ann as a kissing booth, Yeh, kissinggood time and there's just like a lot of awkward Gross Kissing Between High Schoolers Yeah disgusting,Honestly II, rode at the beginning of the scene. How much do you want a betmiles and all youare going to smooch? Oh Yeah Tha. I didn't know their names,but I was like yeah they're going to kiss, but so we's doing the kissing booth andhe is his buyinfoot on them Y, LEA em up to the stage, but then Rachel's alsodoing the kissing mooth and they blindvolded her, and then they like got have them kiss each other and then they realize who they're, kissing andeverything's good again. There is a line in this that l reallybothered me he so after they make up.

He says that Rachel is the mostimportant person in his life yeah, but ig school girlfriend of what six monthsis the most noito year. It's a yearcsince, the last, but they werewere they dating at the last kissing booth. Yeah. Thank that's when theystarted. Okay. His high school girlfriend of a year is the mostimportant person in his life, not his mom, not anyone in his family, not lland also like he wouldn't tell l not to hang around because he wants her aroundall the time. So clearly, ll is more important yeah and that's not a badthing. I know like your high school girlfriend of one year, probablyshouldn't be the most important person in your life. Well, basically, theydon't talk at all and everything's fine. They don't hashout any of these issues.Yeah and elslike. I made the same wishes Lee I wish for them to get backtogether and everything worked out wo so then chloe and noahare at theairport, 'cause they're, flying back to Boston and Noas, like looking longglyat pictures of El and hymn when Ma hey laugh about this part, is that itsactual pictures of them when they were together as a couple, an a weird sokelongingly, looking at pictures of his at in real life when they were togetherand later after the credit when the credits start rolling, they cut to ablooper of this scene and Heis like looking through the pictures of themtogether and he's like y just Sa. Looking at these pictures really tryingto get in the mood like that's how Buche had to convincehimself to feel emotions during the scene but and basically the Coi likeyou have to do something just like go. Tell her. You love her and then there's like Ali right. Yep Ali comesup to the kissing boo stage, and this girl comes up to kiss him, but hefreaks out and then goes to fine miles in the crowd and then they kiss and it's great, but I don'tknow why they added it in allow all the jocks in the scene are like you bre and,like the really buff guys were like cheeringthem all, and I thought that was cute yeah and then so now it's El Turnd tobe the the kissing person, and I was like oh so it's either going Mnoa orMarco up on stage. I wrote that down and in Marco and mark was like. I hopemy ticket is worth at least a minute of your time and then they like talk aboutall their problems in front of everybody. Yeah they're airing outtheir dirty laundry in front of this huge crowd. Just watching this all godown. I I don't. I don't get it, but basically she's saying that, like Iguess, I did have feelings for you, but you're, not the one and and she's likepeace got to go, find Noa and I was like Ha. I was actually right from whatI said at the beginning of the movie like she does end up with Noah yeah,and she says she says uuncle. She wants to hear, hear Noah out as if he has asif he's the one. That did something completely wrong and she didn't cheaton him in front of him whyit's making. It seem like he's theone that needs to apologize. It's it's so ridiculous and then she kisses onhim on the TREEK. Like I hate people. Do that 'cause, it's just making itmore painful anyway, then she runs to go GE, Noa andshe makes it to the airport. But his flight is boarding and she sees chloewaiting for the plane and she's like where's. No one she's like Noo, left tolook for you. Yeah e only brought me home, so we could be friends and alsohow wis she able to get to the like. The Waiting Area for how is sheable to get to the gate if she didn't go through secure, no idea, she didn'tHun eside Te Wording Pass Hell. I don't get it and nos but noas likeafter kissing booth and he's like hes taxed her. He says, meet me at theplace. Who would know what that means if they have all these places, like yousaid, I would assume it's the Hollywood signhonestly yeah. So they go to this Gazibo fromlast time and then they run to each other and heas like I wanted. So Ibecame friends with Chloe, because I wanted to have a friendship with herlike you have with Lee and then he says he asks her. Do youlove Marco and she says no? No, it's always been you at that own. If, ifsomeone tells you, it's always been you word of advice, it's always been youplus, seven other girls who theyr or boys who they're talking to at themoment. I know this from personal experience that if someone says to youit's always been you, it's not you...'re, not the one run run for thehills. So then they kiss- and I was like how dothey do this? Their height difference is way too big and she doesn't Ologize for cheating on himeither. There's there's no communication againand so now she's looking at her collegeessay again and then she deletes the whole thing and starts over and it's graduation day. So we just skipped like six months, and she says that in five years it's notabout it. What I want to be it's about, who Iwant to be, and her essay is so bad, it's so bad, so informal you wouldn'tbe getting in sorry. She also is talking about like who she wants to bein reference to other people, ace the boys in her life and also like theywouldn't know they would be like what are you even talking about yet I hate to break it to you, but if youever sound like tha on your college essay, you should probably just not apply atall and save yourself, the fifty dollar application fee, and also it's since its graduation day.She askswe where he got in like you would have known this two months ago,but anyway, she's like I got into Berkley and they asked herand she's like. I got weightlisted everywhere, 'cause your essay socks andthen or so we thought. Oh, not, and then you see that Marka's like watching thisconversation go down and a friend says him she's like or he's like it's notworth it, but then as soon as that friend walks away. He says yes, she is so like sequel thing, but then, butthen they go on a motorcycle ride and Leeand Rachare driving and they're likeracing up a mountain, and they don't pay attention to the frigking road. Ithought they were honestly goingto get into an accident. So did I that wasgoing to be the plot of the third moving, but so the movie ends with her sittingin her room. She is two envelopes she opens them and she just got acceptedinto both UC Berkeley, Ann Harvard. No, no simply simply, anyway. What did you think about themovie? No as much as I absolutely deep into my core hatedthis movie, I unfortunately have to admit that I alsolove this movie at the same time, O ineed it any movie that makes you feelthe emotions that we were going through, whether or not it's anger, pure rage,sadness, disappointment it it's playing with your emotions and honestly like ifthat's the goal of the movie, like I don't know, I feel like any movie. Thatmakes me think that much and suffer through all those emotions. I love it.I guess I didn't love it. I stressed me out, but I'll probably watch the thirdone hate it, but probably watch the nextone. andprobably watch it again. I don't think I have. There are noquestions to ask at this point. Yeah. I think we've gone on for too long about this movie it' j. It was too long yeah too long. Two hours was way too much like thismovie definitely could have been at least an hour and a half probably anhour and twenty yeah. I wish they would have formatted it for a television,because then we wouldn't have to sit through well. This was a downgrade from lastweek, but hopefully we're taking a step forward. nextly yum, if you would like to if you want more war of how ave we on more of how we never seen thisbefore m, feel free to follow us on instegram a how have we never podcastand participate in our weekly guests, the movie challenges or Likeionfacebook m. They SBOOK is how have you never seen this before and Yeh? Let usOyo have any movie suggestions or any any comments on our discussion. Yeah. It would be fun to hear from Mo all yeah all one of you. I think it's like four Thouh, all fourof you. We love you. We love you.

I love my fans you're the most important people in ourlives. It's always been you. I no see later it c nx week,bycongratulations O man, it's the end of our pocast. We hope we enjoydlistening. How have we never seen this before is produced by Isabael Ron? Themusic is by Scott home. The poncast art is by Michael Beoumont over at Monitor,comics and our social media is won by law and Cola. Thanks for listening.

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